Link Love: Quintessentially Link Love

Whether this is the first time you’ve ever read Link Love (if it is, welcome!) or if you’ve been checking in every week for years (if so, thanks for coming back!), this week’s links are so quintessentially link love as to make me laugh a little. I think the only thing missing is a knitting link, a funny animal photo or cat, and me making fun of Brad from the Pen Addict. Wait… let me see if I can make that happen! Otherwise, we’ve got all the go-tos: ink. Check! Pens? Check! Pencils? Check! Star Wars? Yep. Something Barbie-related. Yes, that too. Calligraphy, NASA and watercolor? Yes, all accounted for. Postal link? I spared you the link about the postal general retiring but I did read it. But you want a funny Brad picture? I got you covered.




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