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Link Love

When our own personal worlds spin out of control, sometimes its nice to have the consistency and comfort of our familiar routines — the things that bring us joy. This week, that’s what Link Love is for me. There has been a slew of emotional upheavals this week among myself and my friends. Between my home and my closest friends, we’ve lost a combined three dogs and a cat in less than 10 days. At least we know that our pets have friends wherever the pet afterlife might be. There have also been a series of lay-offs that have left some of my closest friends unemployed and many at my company concerned that there may be more lay-offs to come. To say we all need comfort food, comfort tv and comfort links would be an understatement. I hope that however your week has gone that these links bring you a little joy. If you have pets, give them a good snuggle for me too.




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  1. Just wanted to write and say I am sorry for your losses and challenges. I think this is a season of them for a lot of people (including me). Be good to yourself. And thank you for being good to us by continuing with Link Love. It truly brightens my day when you publish it.

  2. I am so sorry! That’s too much in such a short time. Yes, please be kind and gentle with yourself and loved ones. Losing pets is just the most acute kind of hurt. xo

  3. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through right now. Wishing happier times for you soon and comfort for losses that can never be replaced. My four-legged companions will all get extra snuggles. I sometimes take them for granted, and you’ve reminded me that I shouldn’t.

  4. Ana, I’m so sorry I missed this when it was posted and didn’t know you lost your Django. Late in 2017 I lost my two twins, Merle and Angus, just a month apart. Merle greatly resembled Django; Angus was always a little rumpled. Both were big snugglers and I miss that. My remaining cats are fond of me, but nobody wants to sleep on my head to make sure I don’t float away while I’m asleep.

    1. My heart goes out to you. Our pets are our babies, our confidantes and our companions in ways that is so hard to explain to others. I hope that new furry friends find their way to you someday.

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