Guide Sheet Updates

Thanks to a comment by a reader, I took a look at the guide sheets and made some updates. If you’re not familiar with the guide sheets, these are free downloadable pages that can be slipped behind a blank page to provide guidelines for writing. I’ve provided them on a separate page in an array of sizes and configurations and, occasionally, I add sizes and formats when requested.

First, the initial request was for a version of the guide sheets in A5 with darker lines for heavier weight paper. Done. If anyone needs these in other sizes, let me know.

Then, I also created one great big PDF file with all the standard guide sheets so you only have to download one file and you get everything. In Adobe Acrobat, if you open the bookmarks tab on the lefthand side, it will reveal a series of bookmarks to the page/format you might need. Click on it and the document will jump to that page. Choose print and make sure print “current page” is selected. Then you don’t have to remember page numbers. The screenshot further down will show the box checked accordingly.

Guide Sheet Bookmarks

Also remember to set your print size to actual size or 100%.

Guide Sheet Print Window

Then trim the page to fit into your notebook.

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