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In honor of the impending holidays, Link is donning his pilgrim hat this week.

I included a link in “Other Interesting Things” about the koalas in the bush fires in Australia. This was brought to the media attention thanks to the heroics of one woman who rescued a koala from the blazes by wrapping him up in her shirt. My husband was an exchange student in Australia as a teenager so he has a personal connection to the country and as a child I had stuffed koala bears when other kids had teddy bears. Knowing that the bush fires, on top of overcrowding has greatly diminished their population.

There’s a handful of gift guides from Milligram over in Australia (some are great idea starters for some non-pen related gifts), some Number 9 Pencil reviews and don’t forget to pop over to Relay.FM and listen to this week’s Pen Addict for the annual Gift Guide episode. It’s the seventh year the guys have agreed to let me join in on the festivities and we talked for a long time!




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  1. Ana, Thanks for the koala link. What with the country-wide drought and fires, destruction of habitat, weed infestation, devastating impact of introduced species such as cats, our Aussie native flora and fauna are having a very hard time.
    The koala (not koala bear – they’re not bears) you mentioned, unfortunately didn’t make it. Despite the best efforts of the wonderful original rescuer and the koala hospital (yes, there is such a thing), Lewis, as he was named, succumbed to his injuries.
    It is so often the “ordinary” folk who do their best for the land, usually unacknowledged, while the others carry on with the terrible power games. I suppose it’s the same all over the world. I heard this morning that there’s an old bloke in the Netherlands who’s making special mittens for injured koalas and baby kangaroos. It’s very true that not all heroes wear capes.

    1. Thanks for the clarity. Koalas are marsupials, of course. My little primary school heart still thinks of them as a “bear” as that’s what my family always called my plush toys.

      And I’m so sorry to hear about Lewis. My heart breaks.

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