Link Love: The Future is Now the Past

For someone known for her love of vintage, my two most formative moments in cinema as a child were seeing Star Wars and then seeing Bladerunner. Bladerunner was set in the near-future 2019 with a slightly-retro, brutalistic architecture and 1940s-inspired fashion. But, as of this week, Bladerunner is now showing us what the past looks like. Austin Kleon provides a link to a wiki list of other stories now set in the past-future.

What do these stories tell us about what our past selves thought we could accomplish and haven’t? Or what we would destroy but didn’t?




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  1. Both movies are among my formative, too, though perhaps for different reasons. I still listen to the soundtracks for both often, and they are still my favorite soundtracks of all time. It’s kind of scary to think that the future (which seemed so far in the future back in the ’80s) is now the past. Yikes.

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