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Some weeks I realize that I earmark links for Link Love that I think will be interesting to specific people in my life. I’m sure you do this too… you have a friend or family member who loves something… like say soccer. So, anytime you find a blog post or newspaper article, maybe a book review or podcast episode, about soccer you forward it to that specific person (Madeline and Tasha, I’m looking at you!).

This week, Link Love has ended up being a lot of those links. There’s a link to a post about the colors inside golf balls (totally for Brad!), anything to do with Australia or space I save for Bob (nothing this week… sorry, Love!), the super juicy Pelikan review that Azizah posted I saved for Jesi, and “How to Tidy Up that Bind Off” is for all the filks in my Wednesday Night Knitty Committee.  For my colleagues at work, I saved the “How to Survive in Corporate Cultural.” I even found a link to the mannequin from the 1930s, Cynthia, who was featured on an episode of 99% Invisible recently. So, hey, Roman Mars, if you’re reading this, the Cynthia link is for you!

Sometimes, I just email or text the links to the people in my lives, but today, I decided to share some of these with you too. Maybe you’ll be interested in them too?

Then there are the links I think lots of people will enjoy like Inked Happiness’s “Worth the Paper…” piece and Gentleman Stationer’s Pen Show Prep and Philly Pen Show recap. For my artist-y friends, the “Pentel Touch & Sign Pen” review and “Sometime a Rollerball Beats a Fountain Pen” both take pen reviewing from a more creative/mixed media perspective. And of course, the “Letter from the Retro51 Team” will affect us all.

Do you forward links to friends and family? Do you think they see them as gifts?




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  1. Thank you for the Retro 51 link. I would have missed this information if not for you. I hope the brand survives. I was looking forward to more fountain pens available with the 1.1mm stub nib. Now I’d better get a spare 1.1mm nib unit while there is still time.

    I hope to see you at pen club this month.

  2. About the golf balls: I follow a young-ish wood carver on Instagram, and she occasionally peels half a golf ball and carves faces out of the colorful middle. Apparently this practice isn’t uncommon among wood carvers who work on small pieces. The material in the middle of the ball, while not exactly like balsa wood, has a workable texture that is good for practice.

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