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This week has had some unusual ups and downs. In pen news, I broke my favorite Caran d’Ache 849 fountain pen. The plastic threads on the grip section cracked so the grip no longer connects to the pen barrel. I was able to reach out to Creative Art Materials, the US distributor for Caran d’Ache, and they are sending me a replacement nib unit. It lasted about three years with almost daily use and the rep at Creative Art Materials said that Cd’A was aware of the issue. Maybe that means that the replacement nib unit is made from slightly different plastic or material that is a little more durable? I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I HAD to get a new Caran d’Ache 849 to tide me over until I have a new nib. Luckily, I have access to an instant-gratification pen shop. I ran across the street at lunch and purchased a lime green 849 (this week’s featured photo) so that my life was not too disrupted. (Keep reading… you’ll understand why I needed one less disruption.)

In non-pen news, Bob and I finally updated our antiquated iPhone 6 phones — to clarify, these were five years old and could not be updated to the new ios13 operating system. My phone was no longer holding a charge and basically made me tech-less for the last month. Not only have I been tech-less, but my beloved car has been in the shop since December 30. I got a call today to say he is finally repaired and ready for pick-up!

Love, Ana

And finally, once my new iPhone was set up, I discovered that someone had hacked my Spotify account. What does this mean? They filled my library with garbage playlists and my listening history was horrifying! I was able to reach tech support at Spotify and they were able to back-up my playlist library to one week prior which removed the 50+ garbage playlists. Unfortunately, they could not do anything about my listening history so I have Spotify playing non-stop from my playlists for the next month to correct my listening history and, thus, my recommendations.




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  1. I can relate to antiquated iPhones. My situation was similar last year with an iPhone 5S. It had to be plugged in with the charger, or the iPhone lasted a minute or so before dying. I almost got used to leaving the house without it. My upgrade was only to an iPhone 7 because of Sprint’s Black Friday deals last year. Had to change carriers too.

    I’ve never used a CdA fountain pen, but have a ballpoint (I think it is). What do you especially like about their fountain pens?

    Glad you are getting your car back. I bet it’s a happy reunion.

    1. I love the Cd’A 849 fountain pen for FOUR reasons: snap cap, bright color so I can find it on my desk, holds two cartridges so I can swap out a cartridge in a meeting without looking like a crazy antiquated lady with her ink bottle and a hankie, and the nib is really nice.

  2. No phone, no car, no Cd’A 849? Might as well be on Gilligan’s Island! Though your new 849 partly makes up for it.

  3. Hi Ana, what ink do you have in your green 849? I forgot to ask you at pen club because I was amazed by the line variation I saw.

    I have a sample of Visconti Green that I used to syringe fill an empty J Herbin cartridge. First time I’ve used that green. I mostly see the line variation in downward loops in g and y, and I saw it in an h when I used your 849.

    I’m loving the shade of green in the 849. Once your pink (jet pens calls it purple), they will make a cute pair.

  4. The nib on my 849 was scratchy, and a very knowledgeable pen club member thought it could have a burr. I contacted the distributor, thanks to Ana putting their contact information in this Link Love post.

    I sent them my address on March 5, and the replacement nib/section arrived on March 9. The nib is much smoother. Great customer service from Creative Art Materials.

    I’d still like to know what ink our lovely blogger used in her green 849.

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