Book for the Desk Set: Pencils You Should Know by Caroline Weaver

Pencils You Should Know

Oh, what a delight it was to find a new book from the inimitable Caroline Weaver of CW Pencil Enterprise fame. After the Pencil Perfect, I couldn’t imagine what other book she might publish but Pencils You Should Know: A History of the Ultimate Writing Utensil in 75 Anecdotes is a perfect follow-up. The book itself is designed as a tall, slender book with an exposed binding tape spine. Inside, the book features a life-size photo of each pencil on one side of the page and an essay on the merits and importance of the pencil on the facing page. It features pencils from around the world, both historical models still in production and newer pencils created to satisfy modern needs and tastes. I would hate to spoil the delight you will get from leafing through the book and reading Caroline’s opinions on pencils you may be familiar with as well as pencils you might not have seen. Of course, this will lead to making a list of pencils to purchase. Where better to get them than CW Pencil Enterprise, of course!?!

Pencil stash

Caroline was kind enough to include a bouquet of the pencils featured in the book for me to try including a few custom stamped pencils from the legendary custom pencil foil machine housed at CW Pencil Enterprise.

Pencil close-up

Not to be toochildlike but I think my favorite in the bouquet will be the “This pencil belongs to Ana” one. I mean who doesn’t love having their name on their pencil? Maybe just me?

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  1. How lovely – and if you sharpen it down (not to a mini stub) it’ll just end up with your name! So cool!

  2. Hey – let’s all be childlike! It’s better than childISH. I think it would be great to have my name on a pencil!

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