Link Love: Bakelite, Curidas and Abs?!?

platinum Curidas

I got to see a Platinum Curidas in person today. The nib is excellent and the retractable mechanism seems spot-on. The translucent plastic body looks a lot like the material used on the Prefounte.

platinum Curidas

Do you see the plastic nub in the bottom right hand photo above? That is just above the nib opening. It looks like a rollstop but since this pen also features a clip, it seems redundant and makes me wonder why it’s there, right by the nib so that it could affect your grip. WTH?

Opus 88 Omar - new colors

Also, I got to see the new Opus 88 Omar colors. The pink and purple colorway was put into my hand with a “Does this match your hair?” question. It does not. And the pen is HUGE. I know the business direction for Opus88 is to “go big or go home” but I am going to continue to cling to my Fantasia pen until they come to their senses and make some more small pens. We are not all giants.

Vanness Pen Shop

So, exactly where did I see all these wonderful treasures? Vanness Pen Shop, of course. I drove down on Tuesday to help load up the van and drive to the upcoming Baltimore/Washington Pen Show. That’s right, not only will Vanness Pen Shop be setting up a selection of inks and papers from the around the world but Ms. Jesi and I will also be at the show. I will be behind the ink towers at the Vanness table and Jesi will be manning a table of Esterbrook pens and a selection of other pens and such. Come by and say hi!

Vanness Pen Shop

Now, back to the Vanness Shop… if you have not had a chance to make the pilgrimage to Little Rock to check out the store, put it on your bucket list. The Arkansas Pen Show is just a few weeks away and one of the highlights of the weekend is the Open House held at Vanness Pen Shop on Friday night. You never know who might be behind the counter (Me? Gentleman Stationer? Cary from Kenro? You never know!) or standing on tables (That’s almost always Lisa Vanness!).

Vanness Pen Shop

So much good stuff to see at the shop.

I’m sure you’re ready for your weekly Link Love now though, right? This is a “pen week”. It’s kind of like when you go to the gym and have an “abs day” versus a “leg day”. This week, we are concentrating all our energy on pens. There’s two reviews for the new Wancher Bakelite. As a fan of vintage Bakelite bangles and assorted jewelry, the Wancher Bakelite pen didn’t capture how I think of Bakelite. Not that most people would want a vintage vibe as much as I would but why else would someone choose to make a pen out of a material that stains if not to have it imbued with the appeal of Bakelite jewelry?

Maybe next week will be a “notebooks week”?




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  1. I assumed the little nub on the bottom of the Curidas is because the pen clip was made to be removable so it provides a roll stop for those that go sans pen clip.

    1. The clip has to be removed with a tool that is included in the package. Still, putting the nub directly at the grip/nib is a little bit of an unusual design decision

  2. I have XL hands so perhaps the Omar is the pen for me. I’m not sold on those colors yet.

    I hope that the show goes well.

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