Pen Review: TWSBI ECO White Rosegold Fountain Pen

Review by Laura Cameron

I haven’t bought a new pen in a while, though I’ve been tempted by many of TWSBI’s recent offerings (I’m looking at you MINT BLUE). But when the ECO White Rosegold (Lemur Ink, $49.99) edition came up for sale, I didn’t really stop and think, just hit pre-order.


The ECO White Rosegold is basically exactly like the rest of the TWSBI ECOs, with the exception of the Rosegold plating on the nib, clip and rings. TWSBI shares that the plating process is a bit more intensive for the Rosegold editions, and so this run is a limited and a bit pricier than most runs of ECOs.

I do have a clear ECO to compare it to, so I’ve done so here.

I love my TWSBI ECO. The first one I bought was over 3 years ago, and it has served me well. My original ECO has a medium nib and is almost always full with Platinum Classic Lavender Black. Though I’ve been warned that iron gall inks can stain pens, my TWSBI seems to have escaped that fate. It’s a consistent writer and, even if I put it down for long periods of time, writes well as soon as I pick it up, rarely even needing water or priming to re-start.

My biggest dilemma when using the Rosegold ECO was what color ink to choose? I opted for bright pink (Diamine Hope Pink) thinking it would complement the Rosegold, but I also think a bright green would do it justice. What color would you use?

Overall, I like the finishing work on this ECO so even if it isn’t vastly different from the first one I own, I’m happy to have another TWSBI in my pen case, and one that sparkles a bit differently at that!

DISCLAIMER: All of the items included in this review were purchased with my own money for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I love mine. It hasn’t left my pocket since I got it. Looks amazing with Organics Studio Elements Copper Turquoise ink.

  2. I got one because I love rose gold. I’d never bought a TWSBI Eco before, though. I’m more familiar with their minis. So I had no idea it was such a large pen! Since I have very small hands, it’s a little big for my taste. But I’ll still use it now and then. It is a pretty pen.

  3. Is the Eco a screw on cap, or a snap on like the Metropolitan? Thinking of getting this as my second fountain pen to complement my Metro. Thanks

      1. Okay thanks! Would this be a good pen to complement the Metropolitan or would
        you suggest another? Metro is a Japanese Medium nib so looking for a western fine if that comes in the twsbi

        1. The TWSBI Eco is a good next step after a Metropolitan. And a fine nib would be similar to the Japanese Medium nib.

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