Eye Candy: Daiso Ink Sample Holder

Daiso toothbrush holder turned ink sample holder

This Daiso ceramic doodad (12 for $20.16) was not originally designed to hold ink sample vials but it’s absolutely perfect for it. It’s actually designed to hold a toothbrush.

Daiso toothbrush holder turned ink sample holder

Sample vials (5ml size) fit in this ceramic holder perfectly. It keeps me from tipping over a sample vial when I’m doing swatch samples or just playing around with the ink.

Daiso toothbrush holder

I left the sticker on the bottom so that I could share it with you and provide information as to what to ask for in the store. There are also elephant shaped holders and pig shaped holders (8 pieces for $13.44). There’s even a white ceramic model with a triangular base (16 for $26.88).

If you don’t have a Daiso near you, you could make something similar from air-dry clay or polymer clay. I think I might dig around in my art supplies and see if I have anything I could use to make a couple of my own.


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  1. Great idea! Polymer clay is on my list. I use a couple different Inky Dip holders… (wood)… Fun non-pours clay? Heck yeah, I dig it! I’m thinking a 3 sample triangle would be über stable on the desk as well…

    1. I would imagine so. It looks to be about the same size. If you have a daiso near you, let me know if they work!

      1. Thank you!! I don’t have one, but was hoping to see if they would sell it online. However, they only sell in multiple packages.

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