Eye Candy: Princeton Architectural Press Little Notes

Princeton Archtiectural Press Little Notes Batik

When Princeton Architectural Press sent me their newest Little Notes in African Batik  and Katazome (30 sheets and envelopes $16.95) a couple weeks ago, I thought to myself, “Well, these are cute but will people get much use out of them?” Then, the Covid-19 lockdowns started and I realized that these little notes are more relevant than ever. Not only are people taking this time of social distancing and reconnecting by mail but these little notes can also be used to leave messages to loved ones in your home.

Write a love letter or a haiku or anecdote or a promise of something you’ll do together once our forced separation/isolation is over.

Princeton Archtiectural Press Little Notes

Pop them in the mail or tuck them into a drawer or cupboard, stick them to the fridge or hide them under a pillow.

The paper is a little toothy but handled my fountain pen just fine as well as my typewriter.

For whatever reason, the little envelopes don’t fit sideways in the box. You would think they should but they are a little too wide. I suppose since the paper fits in the bottom and the envelopes are wider than the paper it makes sense but it annoys me.

Princeton Archtiectural Press Little Notes Batik

The only downside I see with these notes is a lack of space on the front to write an address. I made due with some label stickers I had floating around.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Princeton Architectural Press for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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