Fountain Pen Review: Opus88 Flow Fountain Pen

Opus 88 Flow Fountain Pen

The new Opus88 Flow fountain pen (€116) features solid resin colored cap (this model, in red) and a translucent, acrylic body with threads of color (this model features red, yellow and black threads). The Flow uses the same Japanese eyedropper filling system that all the Opus88 pens utilize.

The body of the pen is filled with ink and the twist mechanism on the end of the pen controls a shut-off valve that either allows or prohibits ink from reaching the nib. This system eliminates the burping issue that other eyedropper pens can suffer from. The series of rubber/silicone gaskets at each seal point also eliminates the need for silicone grease to keep ink from leaking at other points on the pen.

Opus 88 Flow Fountain Pen nib close-up

The nib is etched with a different logo than I’ve seen on other Opus88 pens. The Flow features a large #6 nib.

Opus 88 Flow Fountain Pen comparison

Yes, the Flow is a big pen. It measures 148mm (5-13/16″) capped and 137mm (5-3/8″) uncapped. I have two of the daintier Opus88 pens, the Koloro and the Fantasia and it’s clear to see the size difference.

Opus 88 Flow Fountain Pen comparison

The Flow doesn’t post but it’s still almost as long unposted as the Fantasia is capped. The diameter of the Flow is wider than the other two pens as well.

Opus 88 Flow Fountain Pen comparison

Just to give some perspective, the above photo shows the Flow with some other pens. From left to right: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Lamy Safari, the Opus88 Flow, Aurora Optima and Kaweco Sport.

Opus 88 Flow Fountain Pen Comparison

It’s pretty easy to see, even with the other pens posted, the Opus88 Flow is bigger than most of these.

Opus 88 Flow Fountain Pen writing sample

The Flow is a lot lighter pen in the hand than I had expected considering how large it is. It’s also not nearly as uncomfortable in my mouse-sized hands as I was expecting either.

The Flow weighs 30gms, capped and filled and 20gms uncapped and filled. The Common Weights Chart below give some perspective. The Flow, despite being big, isn’t that heavy.

Opus88 nib swap

I’m pretty sure the nib on the Opus88 Flow is a #6 Jowo nib. I was able to easily swap out the nib (keeping the feed and housing from the Opus88 because the housing has a rubber gasket on the bottom) to a 1.1mm Bock nib that I had floating around.

Opus88 nib swap writing sample

The nib swap worked great and any nib that requires more ink with this pen is probably a good thing.

Overall, I am a big fan of the brand Opus88 and the Flow is a good addition. I would like to see Opus88 keep or add smaller pens to their line-up. All their current pens are large and getting larger. But the filling system, clear bodies and swappable nib options make them a great option for many people. And its priced right too.

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  1. I really like the Flow, as it is a good looking pen to me? I like pens big or small, thin or thick. So this one is a natural for me.

    I currently own 3 of the OPUS 88 Pens; The Fantasia – 088-FA-YW, The KOLORO – 96083903F and Lastly The KOLORO – Demonstrator #96083900F

    So I’ll be getting the FLOW, but right now I have spent my budget already this month!

  2. Hi, Ana! Great review. I like the pen. Unfortunately, I also have little bitty hands, and large pens are very uncomfortable to me. I favor minis most. I have one of the Fantasias and really enjoy it. It’s the perfect size for me, and I love the Opus colorful style. I, too, also hope they will make more small pens.

  3. I didn’t realize until just now how small (and adorable) the Fantasia is. I have the big, colorless clear/frosted Koloro, which I think is bigger than the colorful Koloro’s (?), and I love it. My hands aren’t huge, but my fingers are long, but I still prefer lighter pens. I also have an Opus 88 Picnic, which, like the others, is an eyedropper pen with the shut-off valve. It’s just not enormous, thankfully, but a more standard size pen. Fortunately, none of these Opus 88’s are heavy. But looking at that Fantasia next to the other Opus 88’s…now I just need one.

  4. I have an Opus 88 Opera with the same nib engraving. Looking at the feed, I am confident it is a Bock 250 aka#6. I believe the Opus 88 nibs are either Jowo or Bock, depending on the specific model.

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