Link Love: Covid-19, not Conid

Pen Show season is in full swing right now. The Baltimore, Long Island and London pen shows have just passed and the Arkansas and Atlanta are coming up in the next few weeks. That said, the fears of a pandemic-level outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has already lead to the cancellation of one pen show event (the Maruzen World Fountain Pen Exhibition in Japan). While I understand the fears that people have about the virus, we are already seeing the loss of revenue for vendors (as well as hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc) in other fields as a result of events being cancelled (SXSW, Vogue Knitting Live Seattle, YarnCon Chicago, etc). As someone who both attends and vends at pen shows, I fear the financial repercussions as much as the health risks.

Do I have a recommendation or conclusion about this? I do not. But I have links for a song generator for your hand washing routine and opinions from others about the implications of viral fears.

And did I mention that the 6th Annual Pen Addict Live event is live on Kickstarter? Brad, Myke and I may be the only people at the Atlanta Pen Show if Covid-19 continues to spread but at least we will be filming it!

Speaking of podcasts, be sure to listen to Erasable 135 which was recorded live at the BWI Pen Show and featured some pencil talk from both Brad Dowdy and me.




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  1. Ugh, sorry to hear that this is causing you financial difficulties. Possibly related: any estimate on when those wonderful Sherlock Holmes notebooks are likely to be released? =)

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