Link Love: (Week Five Quarantine) Making All The Things

Link Love

There are some weeks when writing the introduction for Link Love is a challenge because I have no idea what to write and other weeks when I have too many ideas in my head and I can’t figure out what to focus on. This week is a too-many-ideas week so pardon me if I prattle on for a bit.First, I couldn’t choose what to pick for the Link of the Week. I ended up with two but it could easily have been six. I feel a mix of admiration and kinship with Annie Atkins. Her name is a mix of my name and my husband’s: if I had been a traditionalist, I could have become Ana Atkins. Annie has the job of my dreams (If you’re hiring, Annie, I am currently available!). I had even been thinking about doing a project like what she created. She did it differently than what I had in my head but, of course, hers is spectacular.

Annie Atkins Cheerful COVID-19 Posters
Cheerful posters featuring “virus slogans” by Dublin-based designer Annie Atkins from her Instagram

I also chose Inkpothesis’s post about doodles and notes in this time of frustration. Jaclyn has such an amazing ability to capture in both beautiful images and words a particular situation that I feel like she crosses it off everyone else’s list. “I don’t have to do that now because Jaclyn did it so thoroughly and completely I have nothing to add.”

I might have also included Crónicas Estilográficas’s post about 10 Years of blogging, as I too, am approaching a similar anniversary. I feel honored to be in such excellent company.

There are also wonderful posts about artists working from home, a designer’s bullet journal, and Studio Ghibli backgrounds for your next Zoom meeting (I took full advantage of these for my last virtual Knit Night). It wouldn’t be a “good week” without a Star Wars link so things are looking up.

And all this sheltering-at-home has me (and a lot of other people) picking up knitting needles again so there’s a whole section for knitting this week. Have you re-embraced a craft or hobby in the last few weeks? What are you working on?

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