Link Love: (Week Four Quarantine) Relax & Reflect

Another week of  living in our contracted worlds. The pen and stationery community continues to try to bring you pen, ink and notebook reviews and inspiration to keep you going as you work from home, try to educate your kids from a distance or continue to go to and from your essential job while staying healthy.

I have been keeping busy by trying to keep a regular schedule: exercise, getting actually dressed everyday (PJs are great but enough is enough), making meals, packing orders, and working on lots of projects from painting to knitting. I’m even trying to redesign a vintage knitting pattern.

There is nothing that says that you have to be productive, or super-hyper productive. Just getting through the days is enough right now. The article below from the NYTimes “Stop Trying To Be Productive” is permission to step back. I also want to remind you of the Library Extension which will add library availability to any books you search for on Amazon, including ebooks and audiobooks. Seek out a favorite read and step away from the barrage of news and Instagram for awhile. Grab that notebook you’ve been saving for a “special occasion” and write down all the things you want to do when you can finally get out of the house. I want a haircut, a trip to the library and to go to my weekly knit night. What’s on your list?




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  1. On my list:
    1. Urban sketching with my sketcher group (miss them a lot)
    2. Yoga class (the online kind is OK, but I hardly have space at home)
    3. Haircut, for sure!
    4. Picking out my own produce (we’ve been ordering online for weeks)
    5. Sketching at my favorite coffee shop and drinking the coffee there.

  2. That Wes Tank raps Dr Seuss video is the best thing I’ve ever seen! You will not regret clicking on that Fox in Socks link. Thank you!

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