Link Love: (Week Six Quarantine) Machete Spaghetti

Thanks to, I was able to keep a Star Wars link in this week. It’s a link to the preview for all the Star Wars movies that will be available on Disney+ starting May 4 (May the Fourth Be With You, of course! Stay tuned, we will have a special sale in the shop in honor of M4BWU ). As such, it is my job to point out the “Machete Order” for watching the Star Wars films. Discuss amongst yourselves the validity of this method.

While you do so, I will be finishing watching the Marvel Universe films in “Chronological Order” — as the events would have occurred. We have been calling this “Spaghetti Order” since it is not the order the films were filmed but rather the timeframe that the films supposedly occurred. The official “Spaghetti Order” for the MCU films is actually the order they were filmed, which I don’t think would make them more enjoyable. There is also a deep chronological order that include extras from the DVDs and the Agent Carter TV Series, if you really want to go deep. I don’t have acess to all the shorts but I sure will watch Agent Carter again.

There’s a link about Lee Miller who was a photographer and a well-known artist. I have a biography about her that I need to read. You can get the abbreviated info about her there. I don’t know about anyone else but I have been voraciously reading since the lockdown. I even updated my GoodReads reading challenge because I was already 11 books ahead. Are you reading these days? What are you reading?




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