Product Review: C. Ching Stationery Rubber Date Stamp

Review by Tina Koyama

On various occasions, I’ve had the need for a rolling date stamper, and believe me, I’ve visualized more than once Ana’s impressive collection. But then I’d find a different solution to my need that worked just as well, and I would still be without one. Maybe it was my recent acquisition of a full rubberstamp printing kit that rekindled my interest. Or maybe the unique mix of pandemic anxiety/restlessness/boredom prompted a wave of childhood nostalgia to play “post office” or “library.” Whatever the reason, I suddenly decided I needed the C. Ching Stationery Rubber Date Stamp ($5.75).

 Ching rubber date stamper

Along with the date – which has the date, month and year through 2030 that change with traditional rollers – the stamper offers 11 messages and icons, including “Thank you,” “Congratulations” and “Hey, give me five.” I was especially tickled by the pencil icon.

 stamper closeup date closeup

pencil closeup

The messages are keyed to numbers on the roller that turn with a separate crank handle (on the left side for this lefty! High five, indeed!).

stamper - full view

The impressions are surprisingly crisp and clean, even the messages with the tiniest type.

stamp sample

stamp sample

stamp sample closeup

In addition to playing post office, I can see dating my journal, undated planner and correspondence with it. At this price, I don’t know why I didn’t get it a long time ago.

P.S. Cleaning out a desk drawer recently during a fit of anxiety/restlessness/boredom, I found a rolling date stamp I’ve apparently had a long time: The last year on it is 1991. As much as I love vintage things, it’s annoying to find them among my own possessions.

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  1. This is (as always!) a charming and informative review and a charming date stamp as well–I am ordering one right away, didn’t realize they still existed. Thank you!

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