Eye Candy: Lamy Safari Candy Fountain Pen Collection (and Giveaway)

Lamy Safari Candy Collection

The Lamy Safari Candy Collection ($29.60 for fountain pens) is their 2020 special edition collection. There are three new colors in this collection and what is unique to these pens compared to the regular line of Safari fountain pens is that the whole pen is colored to match the body including the clip: the Mango is a matte finish with the clip painted to match the grip, cap and barrel. The same color matching applies to the Violet and the Aquamarine pens as well.

Lamy Safari Candy Collection

The matte finish is not very common in the regular line, or at least it hasn’t been but Lamy has been making more and more of the Safaris in the matte finish. And up until now, the only all one color Safari has been the all-black model. Lamy does continue to mix it up. The Petrol Safari ($49.95) is a mix of black clip and matte finish body so never say never.

Lamy Safari Candy Collection

We have the fountain pen models here but there is also a rollerball ($20) and ballpoint ($16) version available.

Lamy Safari Candy Collection

I don’t have all the previous special releases of the Safaris or AL-Stars but I think the new Candy Collection colors fit right in with the other bright colors that have been released over the years. No teasing, I have a lot of lime green models and more AL-Stars than Safaris presently.

Lamy Safari Candy Collection

I thought you might want to see my wonky rainbow without all those distracting candies. Besides, I ate them.

Lamy nib comparison

The Lamy Safari Candy Collection we received had an array of nib sizes: EF, F and M. Above is a sample of what the writing looks like at each of those nibs sizes and a few non-fountain pens for reference if you don’t have a lot of experience with Lamy nibs. (That’s Rhodia paper, FYI.)

The Giveaway

So…now for the best part. We have not just THREE but FOUR of these amazing Lamy Safari Candy Collection fountain pens to give away. Big thanks to Goldspot Pens for providing these wonderful pens for us.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite candy is. ALSO, tell me which Safari Candy you’d like too (I’ll do my best to match winners with pens but if everyone picks the same one we’re gonna have to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to fight it out.) Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

If you have never entered a giveaway or commented on the site before, your comment must be manually approved by our highly-trained staff of monkeys before it will appear on the site. Our monkeys are underpaid and under-caffeinated so don’t stress if your comment does not appear right away. Give the monkeys some time.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. All entries must be submitted at wellappointeddesk.com, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Thursday. Winners will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Goldspot Pens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I love those weird grandma candies! The strawberry ones, I mean, with the gooey insides.

    And I would love the Mango Lamy pen, it would be the perfect addition to my collection of Lamys. Also, I love mangoes!

  2. Favorite candy is of course chocolate! I once heard a fellow confess to being a chocoholic – he’d eat an old dishrag if you dipped it in chocolate. I’m not there, but close. Any nice new Lamy would be very much appreciated. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  3. Red Starbursts are my favorite candy . I love all the pens. The Mango is probably my favorite. It looks sunny and happy.

  4. I’d love a violet-colored Lamy pen. I love Lamy pens.
    Have two that have to be 10+ years old.

  5. My favorite candy is a Snickers bar, especially the one that says “Curmudgeon” on the label cause I’ve been called that before. And I’m Candy Crushin’ on that Mango Lamy Safari !!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I love Reese’s Peanut Butter cups! I’m also a fan of all colors on Lamy Safaris.

  7. Have to go with swedish fish

    The mango and aquamarines are both gorgeous!

  8. OK, i am not a big candy eater but my favorite would be the sesame candies my late wife would make for me using sugar free honey. Good memories. Commercially, Choward Violet candy, everyone hates their first one but is addicted after the second.
    Mango EF.

    1. I love the matte finish on these! If I could choose, I’d win the Aquamarine Fine nib and use it while munching on Haribo Gummy Bears. The green ones are so yummy!

  9. My favorite candy is chocolate peanut butter cups. And I love that turquoise pen, although the violet is a close second!

  10. My favorite candy is Skittles! I can’t not eat the entire bag, no matter how big it is, even though it makes my jaw tired.

    I would loooove the Aquamarine M!

  11. Safari Mango with an Exta-fine nib. My favorite candy is Dum Dum lollipop in strawberry or any berry flavor.

  12. I enjoy that your giveaways always have interesting questions as a condition for entering, but they are fun, not challenging. My favorite candy is Turkish Delight (really answer is ‘any’. My first choice for a candy Safari is the Violet. Thank you.

  13. My favorite candy would be red vines or Swedish fish. I like sour candy too.
    I would like a Mango safari to contrast with my dark lilac, since yellow is the complementary to purple. I really like the bright yellow color too. It’s not like other yellows.

  14. Favorite candy is chocolate (Ghiradelli’s Dark, 72%). With a glass of red wine. So much so that both are included in the list of medications that my doctor has for me.

    Of these pens, I like both the aquamarine and violet, but I think I would prefer the aquamarine since it would be distinctly different from other pens in my collection.

  15. I am a die-hard Reeses man myself. Just the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and chocolatey. And I absolutely love the violet pen, but all of them are great colors.

  16. My favorite candy is the Hershey’s chocolate bar.
    The Safaris Candy I’d like is Violet (first choice) or Aquamarine (M). I already have Safaris in F and EF. Thanks for the give away.

  17. Peanut Butter M&Ms! Best candy ever! I was so disappointed when Reese’s Pieces came out, because they weren’t chocolate and peanut butter like the Reese’s Cups. What were they thinking?

    I like that violet the best, but a turquoise one would make me happy, too!

  18. Favorite candy: gummy bears, what can I say I like chewy.
    Favorite Lamy. MANGO!!! My water bottles are that color and my coffee mug so it would be awesome.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Favorite Candy: At work Peanut M and Ms when I really get a choice English Cadbury
    Favorite LAMY: Violet as it is bright enough to find. It will probably be taken by wife or daughter but you never know.

    Thanks much,

  20. I think my favorite candy is Swedish Fish. I have a ton of others, but those are just always good. I love the Aquamarine Lamy!

  21. My favorite candy is hands-down the artisanal gummy bears that Lolli&Pops carry … and I think I need to order some because I haven’t had any since way before this whole mess started. I’d love the Aquamarine M, but really either Aquamarine or the Mango would make me happy, they’re such cheerful colors!

  22. I have a real problem with the amount of M&Ms I can eat…I’d love the Aquamarine or Mango as I have the violet now!

  23. Peppermint patties! Yum! I’m torn between the Mango and the Violet Safaris, and would definitely be very happy with either one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Those Ghirardelli individual squares, milk chocolate with caramel inside, are soooo good! Although in general any chocolate is yummy. I would love either the violet or aquamarine pen for the medium nib. I don’t have a medium Lamy for some reason.

  25. Hi! I think my favorite candy is bit-o-honey 🙂 I can’t eat it much as I worry my fillings will get yanked out (hahaha!) but yum I love it. I would love the aquamarine if I win! I love the EF nibs – Thank you 🙂

  26. Favorite Candy is purple skittles! And I would love that Medium Aquamarine.


  27. My favorite candy is Smarties & Tootsie Roll Pops (tied, that’s why I listed two)!
    Love the new Lamy Safari Candy collection, especially the Mango

  28. Sour skittles are fun, but when I need chocolate then I neeeeeeeed Dove dark chocolate Promises. Twix is the candy bar we all fight over at Halloween, though. Speaking of Halloween, I really love the mango Lamy!

  29. Just one kind of candy? Tough. Probably the watermelon Sour Patch candies. In fact I have a big bag at my desk. Out of the pens I would probably go with one of the aquamarine ones, preferably the fine nib.

  30. Thank you for the great give-away. I have two favorite candies, both made by companies in Berkeley, California. One is the Mokaccino bar by Tcho. The other is almost any of the Mexican-inspired artisanal chocolates made by Casa de Chocolates. My favorite Lamy candy color, in order of preference is aquamarine, violet, then mango.

  31. favo candyo!? toffifee… caramel, praline and hard chocolate… very addictive…
    fav Lamy candy? Mango EF… vibrant color and a sharp nib!

  32. Awesome review and giveaway! My favorite candy is Twizzlers Strawberry filled chews. They have fruity goo in the center – need I say more? If I win, I’d love to get the Aquamarine Lamy. Second to that, the yellow; third, the purple. I like fatter nibs, but doesn’t matter which nib I get; I’d be replacing it with a stub or broad anyway. Thank you!

  33. I am genuinely not sure what my “favorite candy” would be; I like a lot of candy. As for the pen, I wouldn’t have a preference; I like all three. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I’m a skittles gal! I wish I could get a bag of all red skittles.

    My pen order of preference is aquamarine –> mango –> violet

  35. My favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Mmmm! I have been buying the movie theater size box of Bottle Caps and Mamba fruit chews lately.

    I’d like to enter for the Violet Safari.

  36. Jelly beans, specifically Starburst’s! They’re the only jelly bean in my book!
    And if I’m lucky, I’d love one with an EF or F nib. Thanks!

  37. Excluding chocolates, I would have to say just a normal lollipop is my favorite candy. Not a tootsie pop or a bubble gum pop–just the classic candy-on-a-stick.

    As far as the pens go, Aquamarine is my favorite, but Mango is definitely next!


  38. Banana Laffy Taffy and French violet candies are the best, as is the aquamarine F pen.

  39. I recently received a covid care package from my sister and it contained a Costco bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans and I have to say they have certainly helped while anxiously watching the news at night. As for the Lamy Safari if I win I think I’ll give it to my sister, her favorite color is Purple so I’d go with the Violet one. I’d probably give her the bottle of Lamy Azurite I have here to go with it. I bought the ink because it made me think of her and my mom anyway.

  40. My favorite candy are those Turtles (made from pecans, caramel, and chocolate) you can get in chocolate shops. Mmm…. I’d like the violet Safari most, but any would be fun!

  41. Favorite candy? Gummi bears. Someone said (no citation, sorry) “If I die choking on those yummy Gummis, I hope they just say ‘She was killed by bears,’ and leave it at that.” Which pen? I dunno…maybe Violet, because I have an inordinate number of purple inks, always looking for a more perfect hue!

  42. My favorite candy is a Health bar.
    The Mango safari pen would look good on my desk.

  43. My favorite candy is peanut m&ms. I would like to win the Aquamarine with medium nib please. Thanks Ana!

  44. My favorite candy is Swedish Fish (the “red” flavor), and my favorite colors are purple and turquoise!

  45. My favorite candies are Kit-Kats and Twizzlers! I love the violet, I think I’d choose that even though it’s not my favorite nib size – could always get an EF nib and switch it out! Aquamarine is a close second.

  46. Peanut butter M&M’s. I swear there’s something addictive [and probably illegal] added to them. I’ve got my eye on that violet Lamy, but I might have to make it an EF…

  47. Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups! All of those Lamys are gorgeous but I particularly love the Aquamarine one. It reminds me of the beautiful Caribbean water.

  48. Dark chocolate nonpareils. Just thinking about them and the Mango EF Safari together makes me wonder if a mango and dark chocolate fondue would be a good combination. Don’t you think the flavors would be complementary?

  49. I think I would pick the Aquamarine with the F nib from the four choices.
    Oh, and I would pick a Milky Way – UK and USA variants both work!

  50. Favorite candy is very basic original kit kat haha. I would usually go for the violet Safari but maybe I should try something different and take the Mango! Love Lamy’s EF nib.

  51. Right now I am afraid of candy . . . my kids are learning health foods and keep convicting me that it’s unhealthy. But, when I’m alone, I like to sneak a bag of Skittles (among many others). I love these Lamy releases, but think I would prefer the Mango.

  52. My favorite candy is English Toffee. I would love one of the pens and any color would do, but if I have to choose, I pick Mango.

  53. My favourite candy is the Kopiko coffee candies – yum!! If possible I would like the violet safari though all the colours look fun!

  54. My favorite candy is usually anything chocolate, but Gummi Bears seem like the thing with these candy Lamys.

    The Mango would be my truth because I had a yellow Lamy that went walkabout.

    Thank you. For this and everything.

  55. Lindt Lindor Truffles are my favorite candy. I savor each ball of melty goodness. Dark, white or milk; yum.
    I would love to have the Mango EF pen.

  56. Skittles! My grandpa always used to have a bag for me when I went to visit him. And I like the Aquamarine!

  57. I like anything dark chocolate, including dark chocolate on its own!

    The violet one looks pretty. Matches my dark lilac Safari….

  58. I’m a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate. My favorite combo is Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Yum! And all three colors of the Lamy pen are great eye candy-I’d be happy with any color!

  59. My favorite candy is Reese’s PB cups. My son is severely allergic to PB and so I was unable to have PB in the house for many years. Not that he is all grown up I eat PB cups whenever I get a chance. Mmmmm

    However, my favorite fruit is mango and so is my choice for the Lamy pen.

  60. Horehound is my favorite candy, I always have a little bag tucked away for myself! I’d love the mango pen, I don’t think I have anything quite like it!

  61. These will be similar in color, but banana Laffy Taffy is so good and so underrated! And that Mango Safari is sweet.

  62. Congratulations on 10 years! And thanks for the review and giveaway! Favorite candy? I love the pull and peel twizzlers, great fun for a road trip, baseball game (remember when we could go to one of those?) or a drive in movie. Tough choice on color but I’d go with Aquamarine.

  63. Sour Patch Kids all the way!! Orange is my favorite! My mouth is watering just thinking about them! The aquamarine Lamy Safari would be my first choice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. My favorite candy is chocolate amond buttercrunch toffee. Yum! And the Mango Safari pen looks yummy, too.

  65. My favorite candy is Bit-O-Honey. Mmmm…
    I would prefer the Mango or the Violet as the Aquamarine doesn’t really float my boat.

  66. Skittles…favorite candy is definitely Skittles. As far as the Lamys go, I particularly like the aquamarine with the medium nib (the violet is a close second). Lamys are great pens and real work horses. Thanks for offering this give-away.

  67. Love Red Vines when I am working on a problem it’s good to pause, chew and ponder, don’t tell my dentist. Love that Mango color.

  68. Of course, you have many lime green pens. I’d chose the – Aquamarine (F) but, would be quite happy with any of them. My favorite candy is quality dark chocolate. My current favorite colorful candy is Haribo Sour Bears.

  69. I’d choose the Aquamarine fine or medium. Name brand candy would be mars bars. Artisanal candy is definitely the truffles from Casa de Chocolates in Berkeley,CA

  70. Okay, I’ll play! ^_^

    My favorite candy, hands down, is jelly beans. More than that, LICORICE jelly beans.


    Well, there’s a story ….

    When I was a little girl, back before Jelly Bellies were readily available–invented, even, cuz this story goes back farther than 1976–jelly beans were definitely a seasonal candy. In my house they made their appearance only ONCE a year. Much like chocolate bunnies, I could only get them around Easter. I quickly fell in love with cherry (still adore them) but licorice is still my favorite.

    And by favorite, I mean Marooned-On-A-Deserted-Island favorite.

    I loved the heady aroma, the bite of the anise, and how it turned my tongue a funny color. I still do! Every Easter I would separate out my jelly beans from the rest of the things in my Easter Basket and hoard them, doling them out as slowly as I could. The red ones would go first and over the next week or so, the other colors would disappear until all I had were the green and the black ones. (I dislike the green ones. The artificial lime makes my tongue curl up. Gak!)

    I would always feel sad to eat that last black licorice jelly bean. It meant that Easter and the candy that came with it was finally over. I think the longest I managed to make my annual jelly bean haul last was … two weeks, tops.

    What?! I was a kid! With candy! I think two weeks is a phenomenal stretch to ask of any kid, especially in the candy-scarce household I grew up in.

    When Jelly Belly beans finally made it to my hometown in the 80s, I was thrilled to find out I could get them in single flavors. So of course, I got a massive bag of licorice ones. To this day, I try to keep a pint jar of licorice/cherry/red hot cinnamon available, just so I can take a hit every now and then and travel back to my childhood Easter mornings.

    (Now, how to keep my family from dipping into that jar … ? *… eyes the cat suspiciously … *)

    LOL! In any event, I’m sure Jelly Belly delivers right to your door! The internet really is a wonderful thing.

    Oh, and which Lamy Candy Safari would I pick? Ooooh, tough choice ….

    Mango! Because I would take the black barrel ring off my regular Safaris and pop it onto the Mango Safari … and then dream about a Mango Bubble smoothie from my local Asian grocery store … and drop in a handful of licorice Jelly Bellies for that anise pop at the end.

    So, yeah!


    (Dang it, now I’m hungry …)

  71. My favorite candy is Snickers bar. I love the Mango and Violet Lamy Safari. Thank you for the giveaway.

  72. My favorite candy would be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
    My fav lamy would be the Mango

  73. I can never get enough of Haribo Waldgeister (“wood spirits”) gummies. Can you imagine anything more delicious than Elderflower- and Woodruff-flavored candies? You don’t have to because, yes, they’re real!

    Any of these Lamy colors would be a delight.

  74. Dark chocolate covered almonds—lots of them! The mango would be my first choice, although anything ef/f works—thanks!

  75. My favourite candy will probably be the grape hi-chews. The mango and the violet both looks super awesome!

  76. My favorite candy is anything chocolate, but particular, Reese’s peanut butter cups. My favorite Safari Candy pen is the violet one.

  77. Love any and all Reeses variations…breakfast, lunch, or dinner! As for Lamy candy, my FAV is the violet…which I already have in my collection. So, if I were to win your wonderful giveaway, I’d pick the Mango, with Aquamarine (F) as a second choice. Thanks for the colorful review and the giveaway. Now I shall go find some Reeses to go with my morning coffee.

  78. Thanks for the chance. And happy 10-year-iversary!

    All of the colors are great. Aquamarine F would be my top pick, but I would enjoy any of them.

    Hmm. Favorite candy? First to come to mind: frozen Charleston Chew or Peppermint Patties; Bit-o-Honey; circus peanuts; ginger candies; Lemonheads; Payday; Laffy Taffy …

  79. Reese Sticks are my favorite candy! And Aquamarine (M) is my favorite pen, but anyone of them would be awesome!

  80. Favorite candy? It’s whatever my kids won’t eat. Or 72% dark chocolate.
    The Aquamarine in Medium makes me swoon!

  81. Ohhhh my favorite candy is a tie between Haribo gummy bears (has to be that brand) or Skittles, but the original Skittles where the green was like not green apple…those were the candy days!! I love the mango and violet Lamys but they’re all gorgeous!

  82. I love chocolate! Most dark types of chocolate are welcome.

    The Safari Aquamarine would be my preference if won ♥️

  83. Hmm, I guess my favorite candy are the Lindt Lindor balls-sinfully rich, creamy truffle filling. As for the pen, I’d love and Aquamarine. Nib size doesn’t matter 🙂

  84. Alas Callard and Bowser Butterscotches, Lions peppermints because they remind me of granny. Voilet pen please.

  85. Thank you for holding the giveaway! My favorite candy at the moment is Mexican mango chili candy, especially the spaghetti-shaped stuff. Sour punch straws in mango chili are awesome too. So of course I’d like the mango color safari if I’m picked, lol

  86. Love the bright colours of these 2020 Lamy pens. Any one of the 4 would be a great treat, nearly as good as Dutch black licorice or anything coconut.

  87. My favorite is actually Hi-Chew, but more specifically, the YOGURT flavored hi-chews! Those are to die for!

    I would love a chance at the Mango EF or the Aquamarine F! Thank you!

  88. Violet is gorgeous! (Mango is also nice). My favorite candy is banana taffy, which I can’t eat because of some bad fillings. And the best candy on the planet is Dove Promise milk chocolates with caramel filling – it’s awesome!!

  89. My favorite candy is Twix and I would love the aquamarine. They are all so cute!

  90. My favorite candy is Starburst. I love the Aquamarine; that’d be my pick in a medium nib.

  91. My favorite candy would probably be a Toblarone. And the Violet looks charming.

  92. Gummy orange slices. (Of the non-chocolate candies, that is). So… I’d choose Aquamarine and Mango first, with the EF and F nibs, but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a violet either.

  93. Favorite candy are those “turtle” candies (caramel, pecan, chocolate clusters)

    I really like the violet pen. But they all look great!

  94. My favorite candy is Hershey’s nuggets with almond and toffee. I like the mango color best

  95. I am an absolute Snickers junkie. I can go through one of those giant Snickers minis bags in half a day and not even feel bad.

    I just bought a Mango in EF and have wanted to try the Lamy M nib for a while now, so I would be super excited about either of the medium nibs with a TINY preference for the violet one.

  96. I don’t know if this counts as candy, but I am addicted to candied ginger and enjoy some every day. For the eye candy… my preference is for the Aquamarine in F (M as a second choice), or the Violet. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  97. My favorite candy bar is Snickers. I would love to win the Aquamarine pen.

  98. My favorite candy is any sour candy. I would be happy to win any of the 3 colors.

  99. White chocolate! I’d prefer an Aquamarine, but they are all really pretty. Thank you!

  100. My favorite candy is Hi-Chew, which definitely matches these colors 🙂 If I win, I’d love the Violet colored one!

  101. Kit Kat is my fave, especially the green tea flavor.
    The Aquamarine (F) would make a wonderful addition but every color from the Candy series is beautiful.

  102. My favorite candy is Hershey’s kisses with gummy bears a close second. My favorite is the violet, with the mango not running far behind.

  103. Favorite candy depends on the moment.

    Favorite Lamy? Aquamarine, with Mango and Violet following.

  104. My favorite candy is anything combining chocolate and peanut butter – yum! All the pens are lovely, but I like the violet best.

  105. I love Whoppers malted milk balls – brings back good feelings from my youth (which is going back a long ways now). The Mango appeals to me with its color and I like EF nibs (kind of crazy – I like EF and stub nibs the best), but they all look great.

  106. Necco wafers. Yes, I like chalk. Oh, a hard choice: Violet>Mango>Aquamarine. As always thank you.

  107. My favorite candy is Junior Mints… I also love these weird candies they throw at Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids to celebrate their accomplishment called Sunkist Fruit Gems. No one likes them but me!
    The Mango pen is my favorite but I love them all!

  108. My favorite candy is definitely sno-caps 🙂 I seem to not be able to get enough of them. As for the pens, I really, really love the mango color! I’m also a fan of EF nibs. The aquamarine in F is nice as well. Thanks so much for doing these giveaways and congrats on 10 awesome years! I wish you many more years of success and happiness.

  109. Chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! the only candy I will eat! I would want the violet one if I was a winner, it’s such a pretty color! but the aquamarine is pretty too. I’m not a yellow person…

  110. I’m so happy to see delicious jelly beans in my stocking !! I can’t wait for Christmas right now. I love all colors, but mango is the pen I like the most.

  111. I like anything with good chocolate, but especially chocolate espresso beans.
    My favorite Lamy is the purple.

  112. Trying to lose weight, so if I splurge on eating a piece of candy, it has to be really good quality chocolate!

    The Aquamarine (medium nib) is calling me, never enough pens in blue.

  113. My favorite candy is the broken chunks of white Ghirardelli chocolate. Also, I would really like to have the Lamy in “safety” yellow with a medium width nib, please. I’m going to fill it up with Diamine Sapphire Blue, if I win one.


  114. My favorite candy is spice drops. I would like the Aquamarine (M) if I win. Thanks for the chance!

  115. Congrats on 10 years!
    I rarely eat much candy anymore but Whole Foods Market has/had these fruit gummies in the bulk area that are sooo good! Like, can’t-stop-eating-them good. As for the pen it’s a tough call between the violet and aquamarine, but it’s almost always medium. Thank you!

  116. My husband makes fun of me for it, but I like frozen Charleston Chews. I have also been known to down a bag or two of the new coffee flavored M&Ms. I’ll take the Aquamarine (F), but I’d be happy with anything.

  117. I’m diabetic, so I try to stay away from candy, but a candy-colored pen certainly won’t hurt! Love the mango, but will be so happy to have any of them. Thanks, and a happy 10th to you.

  118. My favorite candy is a toss up between Goetze’s Carmel Cream and Twizzlers Cherry nibs. It depends on my mood : Charleston Chews bite size is my third place favorite.

    Thank you for enabling me these last few years, and having such fun content! Should I be lucky enough to be chosen, my choice would be the Aquamarine (F).

    Thanks! Kate

  119. I like the mango (ef) or the aquamarine (f). Thank you for the chance to win!

    My favorite candy type is milk chocolate covered caramels (Costco has a good one with sea salt). But also a Butterfinger, York peppermint patty, and red licorice hits the spot when you need something different

  120. Chocolate – specifically dark chocolate, but if we want to get even more specific, the organic dark chocolate medallions from Lake Champlain Chocolatiers.

    Many thanks for the giveaway! I’d like to win the Aquamarine F, but are open to any of them. LOL. Thank you!

  121. Thanks for running this giveaway, I’d love the Mango if I get selected! If not that one, however, any of the others is fine. Anyhoo.

    My favorite candy in America is the Whatchamacallit!

    However, on the one and only trip I’ve made to Europe, I had the opportunity to stop in at a chocolate shop in Helsinki and pick up some huge chocolate bars. They were all pretty quirky flavors, and the shop itself was huge and smelled AMAZING, so I was more drawn by the atmosphere and my curiosity than by any serious wish that the candy would be incredible. Well, my mistake. Best candy I’ve ever had. The popcorn bar, in particular, was divine.

  122. Easily available is Three Musketeers bar, especially when I drink Mt. Dew with it. (of course, I like chocolate ice cream and Mt. Dew floats, so…)
    Uncommon – I like those 3colored Coconut bars. Don’t know the brand name or anything….

    As to which of the pens, I really have a hard time choosing which color… all 3 are nice. I’d probably choose the Mango, just because it is more of an unusual colour. followed by the purple one.

  123. My favorite candy has got to be Twix! But who can say no to any kind of candy? XD I also don’t have a preference for which pen I would like! Whichever one is least asked for would be brilliant! I wouldn’t want to take one that someone else wanted! 😉

  124. I really enjoy sour jellybeans. It’s to the point where I have to avoid buying them, or I’ll end up eating too many. Years ago I got them from Trader Joes, and I wonder if they still carry them.

    I would appreciate the violet pen! I got my first fountain pen recently, and I feel like I want to write a lot more, now.

  125. My favorite is the Carambar. Looks like a tootsie roll, but it’s caramel… Plus it comes in a bright yellow paper printed with dad jokes on the inside 🙂

    If I win, I’d like the violet pen!

  126. Sadly my favorite candy, Ginger Crisps by See’s Candies, are not longer made. They were a ginger flavored molasses chip covered in dark chocolate. I dig the Violet the best, but would be happy with any pen.

  127. Favorite candy? Although it doesn’t seem like a difficult question, it ended up sending me down the internet rabbit hole to discover that my favorite from decades ago (Royal Crown Sour Cherry) has been revived. So yay, thank you for that! Currently, though, I would have to say peanut butter cups. Reese’s are good, but Wockenfuss dark chocolate are the bomb!

    EF Mango, although F Aquamarine would be good, too.

  128. My favorite candy is the Nutella filled M&Ms, but I also love Swedish Fish. My ranking of the order I’d want these pens is first Violet, Second Aquamarine, third Mango, but I think all three are great.

  129. I have a small collection of bright, orange pens. The mango Safari would be right at home!

    My favorite candy is called “Zours.” They’re a strange hybrid of Mike and Ike’s and Warheads. Your mouth puckers for 30 seconds, and then you get to delight in sugary sweetness.

  130. Twix is my favorite candy. And I’d love to win the Aquamarine Safari Candy.

  131. I’m a Snickers fan for candy. I’d love to add to add the Violet to my Safari collection.

  132. I have 3 favorites: snickers, Milky Way, and Twix.

    Of the pens, I would like the mango.

  133. Dark chocolate is my favorite! Bonus if it’s got nuts in it 🙂 In order of preference to hopefully make potential rock-paper-scissors easier:
    1. Violet (M)
    2. Mango (EF)
    3. Aquamarine (M)
    4. Aquamarine (F)

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