Link Love: I Wish I Was a Penguin

Penguins at the Nelson-Atkins

This week, some of the local facilities in Kansas City started opening its doors to visitors including our fine arts museum, the Nelson-Atkins. It opened it’s doors to our local zoo’s population of tuxedo penguins. These photos brought so much glee to me, in a week that was otherwise a little bit of a slump emotionally for me. I’m sure, like everyone else, the pandemic has created an emotional rollercoaster and some weeks it’s been easier to coaster, and some weeks it’s more of a white-knuckled clackety terror “when can I get off this ride?!?!”

So, if you’re needling a little lift, check out the link to see the other photos and video of these penguins give the Caravaggio the snub. Everybody’s a critic!

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  1. I grew up in Chicago and was obsessed with ALL the museums! Field, Art Institute, Science and Industry, Chicago Historical, Shedd. Glad the penguins have finally been allowed in!

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