Fountain Pen Review: Pelikan M205 Demonstrator

Review by Laura Cameron

I do love my Pelikans, so when we saw that Pen Chalet had the Pelikan M205 Demonstrator (MSRP $200, on sale now for $120) on sale at a screaming good price, I decided I needed one.

The Pelikan M205 Demonstrator has a pen body made of clear resin. It has Pelikan’s standard piston-filling technology, so it’s only usable with bottled ink, but that’s not a problem in this house! The M205 has silver trim and your choice of standard steel nibs in XF, F and M sizes.

The Pelikan is on the smaller side coming in at 4.875″ long and a measly 0.4oz and 11g.

I find Pelikans to be lovely writers and this one, with a fine nib, is no exception. It fills easily and writes right away out of the box.

This Pelikan joins the other two in my collection; last year’s M205 Star Ruby and an M200 Blue Marbled from the 1980’s from my dad.


It also joins other demonstrators like my TWSBI ECO’s and my Moonman. I do love being able to see the ink and the inner workings of the pen!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I hadn’t noticed this one yet, even though it looks like a 2018 model.

    I have a Pelikan in EF and M and I have been looking for an excuse to pick up a Fine. Hopefully the steel nib is nice, my other two are the gold ones. Cheers!

  2. Reminded me of my school days in Germany, up to age 15 we were required to write with proper ink pens (fountain or cartridge) and Pelikan and GeHa were the only makes to buy. Didn’t know one could spend $100s on quite a fragile product. Our pens were just a few dollars and we got through quite a few over the years, with parents not happy having to buy replacements!
    Love your blog.

  3. Thank you for your review and the notice of the sale of this pen. This will be my first pen that does not use cartridges! I have a Pelikano Junior that is so fun to use!
    I love your columns!

  4. Wow, that’s a ridiculously good price! I have the M205 in amethyst and love it. I also have some TWSBI 580s that are piston fillers with a similar clear demonstrator look, but I sightly prefer the M205 since it’s so lightweight. Will seriously consider picking this one up too.

    A tip I recently learned, for anyone like me who may also be new to Pelikans: the nib units unscrew easily, so you can also syringe-fill these pens to get the most out of an ink sample.

  5. I had one demonstrator, but it stained horribly from the ink. Maybe it was just that brand, but do you have any suggestions for how to prevent or clean ink stains?

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