Giveaway #10: The Well-Appointed Desk + NibGrinder Bonus

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For our final Anniversary giveaway, Bob and I decided to basically giveaway the store, so to speak. And we’ve had some help from our good pal Mark Bacas at Nibgrinder who decided to dial this giveaway up to 11!

So, we decided to divide our giveaway into THREE different packages so we will pick THREE giveaway winners.

Package #1: Swatch it like you mean it

This package includes:

Package #2: Beam Me Up, Chewie.

(Yes, I mixed quotes… It’ll make sense if you win this package, I promise.)

This package includes a whole bunch of our space-themed, letterpress-printed, fountain pen-friendly (except the coasters which are drink-friendly), pop culture products:

Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks!

Nibgrinder Giveaway

Our last package comes from Mark Bacas at Nibgrinder who has kindly donated a TWBI fountain pen of your choice from his current inventory with a custom ground to your specifications.

So, how do you enter this giveaway? We are going to make easy on you this time.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me which package you want (and why). Call ’em out by name or number! Play along and type in something. If you don’t we will disqualify your entry. Plus, it makes reading through entries more interesting, okay? One entry per person.

If you have never entered a giveaway or commented on the site before, your comment must be manually approved by our highly-trained staff of monkeys before it will appear on the site. Our monkeys are underpaid and under-caffeinated so don’t stress if your comment does not appear right away. Give the monkeys some time.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Monday, June 15, 2020. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Tuesday. Winner(s) will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. I do need to forward your contact info to Mark Bacas at Nibgrinder if you win the TWSBI/nib grind in order to fulfill your order. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

DISCLAIMER: Some items included in this post were provided free of charge for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. #3 NibGrinder Rocks! The thought of being able to get a custom grind is super exciting! Plus I love a good TWSBI.

  2. #3! I have an architect from Mark already, and it’s left me hungry for more!

    1. #3 Nibgrinder Rocks, because a little fun while we make the world more livable would be a welcome relief!

  3. Hello and Happy Friday. I love #1, the Color-ing and stamp package, because I love adding stamps to my snail mail, and I always find an interesting use for Ana’s variations on a theme with the coloring pads and cards

  4. I would love to win the TWSBI and custom nib grind! I’ve had my eye on the new blue model in your image for a while now, and a custom on that one grind would be amazing!

  5. I’d love Package #3. I’m very curious about getting a cursive italic nib and this would be a great opportunity, not to mention the TWSBI!

  6. All fantastic options but I’m going with Package #3 because Mark Bacas is the best. Also, who couldn’t use another Architect Nib ground by Mark!

  7. I would definitely choose Package #3. I’ve been wanting that pen since the first moment I laid eyes on it, and I’ve contacted Mark several times with the intent to buy a custom pen (architect nib), but have been deterred by the cost. So, this package is AMAZING!

  8. I love #1. I always find interesting uses for Ana’s coloring cards and I love to stamp my snail mail with her rubber stamps.

  9. #3 because who doesn’t want a custom nib….though #1 is seriously tempting, and #2 goes straight to my nerd heart.

  10. Making us choose seems cruel because they are all awesome!!! But package #3 is my pick because TWSBI is amazing and Marc Bacas is amazing-er(?)!

  11. Package #3 would be amazing! I love how pretty and easy to clean TWSBI pens are, and I’d love to have the opportunity to try a custom nib grind for the first time!

  12. I just got a bag of samples in the mail, so package #1 would be an awesome addition!

  13. I would
    Love to win package #2!! Why? I LOVE Chewie and im a Trekie! Lol 🙂 Also, i just happened to fall into this galactical world of Notebooks and Fountain pens during the lock down and it’s brought through this black whole to the good side!
    Stay Safe!

    1. Hello 🙂 I’m trying to figure out how to edit my comment but i can’t. :/ I’d like to please change my choice #3. Sadly I have misplaced my favourite TWSBI and need a new one! With an expertly crafted nib. Wow, that would be amazing!

  14. #3! A broad cursive italic mated to TWSBI ink capacity is a wining combination.

  15. I would want to win the “Beam me up, Chewie” package. As a (literally) lifelong science fiction fan as well as a fountain pen fan, I think it’d be great fun to combine the two.

  16. I would love package 2. Those D20 coasters look awesome and I want to bring a small gift To our party when we finally meet back up again.

  17. #1 because I still need the oversize and because I just bought the Prussian Blue with a Cursive Italic from Marc this week. It’s awesome!

  18. I would simply LoVe Package #3 because I’ve been using fountain pens for over 50 years but have never had a TWSBI nor have a ever had a nibgrinder . . . .what fUn!!! And the world could use more fUn right now, if ever, so with fUn, there would also be more LoVe, and that is what the world needs now (as I break into s . o . n . g. Thanks for this opportunity – you’re the best (the monkeys, oh, and you are too Well-Appointed-Desk!).

  19. I’m interested in package #3. I’ve long thought about picking up a cursive italic to try.

  20. I would love package number 1, thank you. Haven’t used a col-o-ring yet and would love to start using it to organize my inks. And those ink bottle stamps are so cool!

  21. #1 because I still need that oversize. Plus, I just received the Prussian blue with a cursive italic grind from Mark this week!

  22. Package #3. I don’t have a twsbi and I don’t have any pen with custom grinds. I would really love something by Mark Bacas. He’s a super nice guy. And so are all of you.

  23. Number 3 Please…
    I could never pass up a chance at a Twisbi fountain pen. Would love to win. Thanks, Debbie

  24. I would love package 1! Those stamps are so cute! Of course all packages are amazing though!!

  25. hmm.. tough choices but I’ll got with #3 since I can purchase the other items easily through you… especially that star chart set of notecards… didn’t know they existed! Regarding choice 3 it’s easy.. I have far more ink that pens and am always a little stressed when something I want to use isn’t currently in a pen!

  26. #3, TWSBI custom ground. I have never had a custom ground nib, but would love to have one to my specifications. The problem is how I would want it ground. I’ll figure that out when I win.

  27. Id love to win Package 1! Ive been trying to choose which of these items to purchase and have been paralyzed by choosing! Id love to have them all! Thanks!

  28. They are all great giveaways.
    I would especially love the TWSBI as I’ve already invested</strike? bought two 580’s and would love a third!

  29. #3, a custom grind on a TWSBI has been floating around on my wishlist for quite a while.

  30. Wow! What a great giveaway! It’s a hard choice since I love the Coloring, but I’ve been wanting a posting nib grind from Mark so I’d choose #3. I’ve also been wanting to try the Twsbi Eco fountain pens since I kept hearing them as great writers. Thanks again!

  31. Package #3, Nib Grinder Rocks. I am a big fan of TWSBI pens and have always wanted an architect’s nib. Double Heaven ( or is that #32 on the local Chinese restaurant list?).

  32. #3 NibGrinder Rocks! I have the nickel version of the Alr and love it. I gm have yet to get a custom grind yet and consider it the next step in my fountain pen journey. I heard nothing but great things about Mark’s work.

  33. I would like to win package three as I would love to have a custom grind on a pen. This has been a fun way to celebrate ten years of Wellappointeddesk. Thank you, Ana and here’s to at least another ten years and many more!

  34. 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

    That’s 3 a hundred times over! That TWSBI calls out to me, but the price is a bridge to far for now, and by the time I can rationalize it, it’ll be gone! I guess I’d go Architect to see what that’s all about.

  35. #3 even thought the chances of winning are lower. I’m starting to use italic nibs, and a custom ground nib by Mark Bacas would be amazing! I have several TWSBI Eco’s and it would be nice to try another TWSBI, too.

  36. Wow! What great bundles! I’d be interested in #1, because I have already bought most things in #2 (although I do need suggestions for ink to write on the dark cards). Maybe it’s time for me to start swatching?

  37. Wow, all three are great, each one has cool items. Such a hard choice. I wanted the custom grind because I’ve never had one for a pen. But many others want that too.

    So I will enter for the awesome stampers in package #1.

    Thank you for all the chances to win items during your blog’s 10th anniversary celebration.

    Here’s to another 10 years of The Well Appointed Desk.

  38. No! I can’t pick!

    So… #1? Mostly because I actually have no idea what’s going on with my ink collection… ever…

  39. Package #3. I find TWSBI pens fun to use but I REALLY like Mark’s work. He was able to put new life into three Sailor pens that I almost put up for sale. I’m so glad I didn’t and tried Mark first!

  40. Package #3! Recently realized how much better my handwriting looks with a nib grind, so would love a nib grind by the Nibgrinder 🙂

  41. I’d like the first package, because rubber stamps are my jam. And I think I’d have fun with a new method for swabbing my inks. The sample vial is TOO cute!

  42. I’d say the nib grind, as I’ve never had a pen that custom before! (The other packages are good too. I love rubber stamps and letter press!)

  43. I would like package #1. I’ve got a huge collection of rubber stamps, and these would be perfect siblings. Plus, one can always use more Col-O-Rings. ALWAYS.

  44. I am most in interested in package #3 – that prussian blue TWSBI is sweet and a custom grind would be awesome!

  45. Oh man, I’d love to up my swatching game with Package #1 !! Those stamps are so cool and I want to try the famous Col-O-Ring ! Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. I definitely want the second, “beam me up chewie”, of course! for obvious reasons.

  47. I’ve never had either a TWSBI or a custom ground nib before, so package 3 would be amazing! Package 1 would be super cool because I’d love to spend some time creating a swatch library – I have SO many unused ink samples. And finally package 2 would be fun because I would share it out amongst my Star Wars, space, and D&D loving friends.

  48. #2 for me, would love some space/Star Wars themed materials! #3 would be second choice for me, love my TWSBI and would enjoy another.

  49. I would like Package #3 because I like the look of TWSBI Prussian Blue, and as for grind, perhaps some advice from you Ana on what type of grind for someone new to the hobby—perhaps cursive italic? And of course, Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

  50. It’s hard to choose, but I’d take the Nibgrinder package. I love Mark’s work, and I’ve been eyeing that Prussian Blue 580. Thanks for all the generous giveaways!

  51. Wow! Package 3 is my choice because I am a regular schlep who has yet to experience a custom nib grind. The idea of a TWSBI with an elegant grind is exciting .

  52. Package #3 (Nibgrinder Rocks!)is perfect. I’ve been thinking about getting a TWSBI pen with a stub nib. I have some ancient Osmiroid pens (scratchy) and my Pilot Metropolitan is fine but I don’t really like how it feels in my hand. I’ve never had a custom-ground nib, so they’d have to walk me through what to ask for.

  53. #3

    I’ve been back and forth with my inner (budgetary) angel over the Prussian blue for a while. Plus, who doesn’t love Mark Bacas?

    I do want those stamps though.

  54. Thank you for this opportunity! I would so love another pen (you can never have enough pens, right?), and one with a nib grind from Mark Bacas would be wonderful. I also love the color of this TWSBI. It would match the color of my eyes. 🙂

  55. Swatch it like you mean it! Just finished filling up my Col-o-ring. When swatching yesterday I was thinks how cool it would be to have the ink bottle stamps with it. Always need more accessories for my ink habit. Love the paper in the col-o-ring too!

  56. I am totally keeping my fingers crossed for #1. I love those stamps.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  57. Very cool finale!

    Package 1 please, because I may need a reality check before buying more ink.

  58. What an amazing last give-away for your 10th! Package #3 would be my preference because I’ve never ever had a nib grind before.

  59. #1! No, #2! No, #3! Gah! I can’t decide! Any of them would be appreciated and loved!

  60. I’d pick the NibGrinder package #3! Love Mark’s work so much, and that Prussian Blue is gorgeous!

  61. Package #2 would be my preference. I am a huge fan of Star Wars and just an all around space nerd! thanks for the chance with this amazing giveaway!

  62. I’d love to win the Swatch it like you mean it package. I’m in the process of cataloging all my inks – bottles and samples – in a notebook and the stamps would definitely come in handy. I’ll buy them if I don’t win them, but it’s always cool to win something, right? Thanks!

  63. I would like “Package #1: Swatch it like you mean it”. Why? Because I’m doing a project with all my “blue” ink samples and bottles and Package #1 will come in real handy.
    As always, thanks for doing the giveaway.

  64. #3 the nib grind! I don’t have an architect grind, and this would be a great way to get one!

  65. #3 because my life is currently devoid of TWSBI pens AND custom-ground nibs. #3 would fix both of these situations. How cool is that?

  66. Well, #1 – Swatch It Like You Mean it – has to be the one!

    Two nights ago I finished the last swatch of my ink collection, doing all of them in 2 combined Col-o-Ring collections. As we headed into the lockdown and all the attendant anxieties, I found that spending a few minutes each night swatching inks was a real de-stressor. The repeated ritual of each ink slowed my pace down and was centering, focusing on the beauty of the inks. I never thought I would really get this project going but now, just under 150 inks ‘in the book’, I’m in!

    I’d love to make a much smaller, “Favorite Inks” that I can take and show to people, a good collection of those that I come back to (or new faves). If so, I’ll do them up right using some of these stamps!

    Happy Anniversary to one of the best combination of information and wonderful people on the net, pen-related or not. Congratulations and best wishes on all the transitions ahead.

    Best wishes always,

  67. Happy anniversary! Love the blog.

    The “Beam me up, Chewie” package is amazing!

  68. Package #3! I’ve been dreaming of an architect grind on a broad TWSBI nib for a while. Thank you so much for the generous giveaways and happy anniversary!!

  69. 3 for sure, but all of them are awesome! I’ve tried architect nibs at pen shows before but I haven’t been able to muster up the courage to buy one myself. This would certainly give me a chance to add one to my collection

  70. Happy Anniversary you guys and thanks for sharing these awesome give-aways with us! I love TWSBIs and do not have any custom grinds so package #3 would be awesome. Thanks!

  71. All great packages, but PACKAGE #3. I literally dreamt last night that I was able to get the funds together for this pen with a fude nib from the NibGrinder. I almost emailed to see if he would take any more orders.

  72. I love the TWSBI 580, and love Mark’s grinds. He put a stub on a Pilot 823 (Broad) at the Colorado Pen Show, and it is my favorite pen. Until this one! (Maybe?)

  73. I definitely need #3 – Nibgrinder! But I would take the others as a consolation prize ; )

  74. I like the TWBI fountain pen with special architecture grind
    since i dont own a TWSBI and none of my pens are grind to architecture nib I will be very happy.

  75. I really like “Swatch it like you mean it”. The stamps are super and I’d love to start swatching my ink collection.

  76. I’d go with #3. I’ve never had a custom nib grind though I have thought about it. I enjoy my TWSBI 580 that I bought in Taipei (it just seemed appropriate to buy a TWSBI there), but I wasn’t quick enough to grab the Prussian Blue 580ALR before they sold out.

  77. Hello monkies! I’ve always loved displaying my collections of pens, papers, stationery and alike in fun ways (mainly to make it more cool in the eyes of muggles) and since I just started out in the ink world I would swatch it like it’s 1999 with the #1 package!

  78. I pick Package #1: Swatch it like you mean it because:The Sample Vial Rubber Stamp rocks ! And The Ink Bottle (Short) Rubber Stamp is very good too. Last but not least, the Ink Bottle (Tall) Rubber Stamp is classy and impressive ! ! ! Pairing all of these rubber stamps with the Col-o-ring “Oversize” Notebook is what dreams are made of but when you add the Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book (Standard Size) it becomes what sweet dreams are made of ! I want to have sweet dreams so this is the package I want 🙂   

  79. I own one TWSBI, and every time I pick it up I’m astounded at at the price/value ratio on it. I’d love one in a custom grind!

  80. What generous giveaways! I’d love #3 because I love TWSBI and I’ve never had a custom ground nib …I’ve been admiring Mark’s work from a distance for ages!

  81. Definitely Number 3. I love experimenting with new types of nibs, and I love TWSBI as a brand as well..

  82. Well, I don’t do ink swatching although I bought a Col-o-ring and keep intending to try, so I’m in favor of the cool printed goodies in Package #2: Beam Me Up, Chewie, Being a space nerd and enjoying paper and letterpress, that would be my fav. Lots and lots of good options here. Happy 10th, Ana!

  83. Package #3 for me! I’m a big TWSBI fan and also “custom nib grind-curious” — somehow you’ve brought the two together into an awesome giveaway that I’d be over the moon to win

  84. #3 would be extra special for me…a custom nib? Seriously? Wow! But any of the three would be terrific! Thank you!

  85. Package #3 Nibgrinder Rocks! Because I’d love a custom grind, and I may have to follow it up with a Wall-Appointed Desk shopping spree to fill in some of Packages 1 and 2. 🙂

  86. All of those packages are great – but #3 (TWSBI with custom grind) would be incredible. I wouldn’t know what grind I would ask for, but it would be fun finding out!

  87. I am all over #3 – my Bacas ground Lamy 2K is my favorite nib ever!!!

  88. Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks

    My sister has a couple of Mark Bacas ground nibs, and they write so well! I’d love one of my own.

    Although I have to say Package 1 with all the rubber stamps and great Col-o-ring paper is super tempting too!

    Congrats on 10 year! Thanks so much for all the great giveaways! Here’s to many more years of stationary excellence!

  89. I’d appreciate any of them, but that #3 is just too tempting not to choose. I’d have a hard time picking the grind, but I think I’d find a way to muddle through it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. I would love the Swatch set but would be happy with anything. Thank you so much for the oppertunity.

  91. Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks!
    To have a custom grind by Mark Bacas is a dream. On top of that, I love TWSBI! It is a WIN WIN!!

    1. Oh my, this is too tempting to pass up. I’ve never had a custom grind!!!!On can always hope.

  92. I don’t yet own a TWSBI ECO, and all my nibs are pretty straightforward EFs or Fs. It’s time for me to branch out I think — as an architect I really should own a pen with an architect’s grind, don’t you think?

  93. I’d like to enter into Package #3, since I’ve yet to experience a custom ground nib, nor do I own any TWSBIs yet- so this is a great opportunity to achieve both of these things in one go 🙂

    But I do also want to say that I love the letterpress designs in package #2 so I might have to order some of those too!

  94. #3 or #1 would be great but honestly any package would be awesome to receive. I love TWSBI pens and I’d love to add one I don’t have to my collection especially with a grind.

  95. I don’t own a TWSBI–or a custom grind–so I’d love #3. But they all look fab! My partner would LOVE it if I ended up with Star Wars notepads 🙂

  96. #3 – I have one pen (Pelikan M120 – iconic blue!) where I did my own custom grind on the nib and I absolutely love it. I’d love to have one more pen with a custom grind which is a little different, and I LOVE TWSBI!

  97. I have to pick one??! Geez. Well… crap. It’s a toss-up for me between 3 and 1. I’ve never had a custom grind before and I like TWSBIs a lot. So that’s my pitch for package 3. (On the other hand, those rubber stamps sure are swell. Sigh.) I hate having to choose.

  98. I absolutely NEED package #1. I’m redoing my inked pens log, and these items are exactly what I need to help me finish my book design. I just know I’m going to win, so thank you in advance!

  99. I’d love #1 because I have been wanting stamps and need an oversize!
    My second choice would be #3 because I would love to try a custom grind.
    Thanks Ana!

  100. I’d go for the TWSBI and nibgrind in a heartbeat. A good stub or oblique nib matched with the ink capacity of the TWSBI…. delicious!

  101. Package #3 because TSWBI and because Mark. That’s just an unbeatable combination!

  102. I really like three a lot because I’ve never had a Mark Bacas grind and I love the TWSBI 580. Thanks for the chance to win. Congratulations on 10 years of The Well Appointed Desk and for sharing the celebration with us.

  103. I would love package #1. I’m getting into the hobby and have bought several samples of ink, but don’t really have a good way to remember what is in the vials and if I liked the ink or not after using it.

  104. I would love package #3!! I’ve been wanting a TWSBI eco, and one with a ground nib would be— heavenly.

  105. Package #3! Having a nib that would be designed especially for me….well that is just THE BEST!

  106. Is it fair to say we would be content with any of the packages? If I had to choose, I would have to say #3 with the TWSBI and nib-grind. This is because I’ve been wanting to experiment with TWSBI fountain pens recently. They are fairly inexpensive and yet the reviews are always extremely positive.

  107. I would like the 3rd package because I love TWSBI pens and I’ve never had a custom ground nib.

  108. “Package #1: Swatch it like you mean it” would be my choice because I don’t have any Col-o-ring stuff and I really like the short ink bottle stamp.

  109. Package #3 – I do not own a TWSBI (yet!) and I love this dark turquoise blue color. I have also never gotten a custom grind (also yet!). Thanks for all of your great posts during your celebration.

  110. I would like package #1 because I like swatching and collecting ink more than doing anything useful. And because I cannot find my Coloring testing book currently in my “collection” of art supplies, because “someone” doesn’t put stuff away when finished using it.

  111. Package #3 because the idea of a custom grind seems so amazing! Congrats on 10 years and to many more! (Clinks glasses together)

  112. #3 bec. I don’t have a TWSBI yet! But, I’d also love #1 bec. your stamps are to die for <3

  113. I would want #3 as I am such a well appointed desk fan I have almost everything else and the color of the TWSBI is a great!

  114. All these prizes are stellar! The one I’d like best is N°3, the twsbi w/ custom nib grind, because I have no pens (yet) w/ a custom grind. And I’d love the new twsbi Prussian Blue in honor of my ancestry!

  115. Hm. I think I’ll put my name in the hat for #2. I’ve been enjoying postcards a lot lately, and those note cards are fantastic (and have room for a bit lengthier of a missive than a postcard). I’m also an old-school D&D player, and who doesn’t love rovers and Star Wars?

    Thanks so much for this amazingly generous set of giveaways!

  116. Package 1! I saw the stamps in an ink review and loved them! I’ve also wanted to try out the col-o-ring, so this one is perfect.

  117. #3 would be my go to as I’ve never had a custom ground nib and would love to try one, especially with a TWSBI.

  118. #3 Nibgrinder Rocks! I mean … TWSBI + Nibgrinder right? I love TWSBIs and custom grinds so this would be aMAYzing. Congrats again on 10 years!

  119. Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks! is my choice. I’m a huge fan of TWSBI nibs and would love to have one made especially for me. Thank you!

  120. Package #1 please. I’ve just been thinking about getting my own stamps and that sample bottle one is sooooo cute!

  121. I’d love them all but I’m drooling over package 1: Swatch it Like you mean it! because I’ve got a lot of inks to swatch!

  122. Yes, you’ve dialed it up to an 11! All the packages are great. However, I’d choose #3 for the pen with customized nib.

  123. Someone’s got to win. I’d love to try a professional, custom nib, so please pick me for #3.

  124. #3. I love TWSBI and I don’t have any custom grinds in my collection

  125. Number three please! I absolutely COVET an architects nib. And I love me a TWSBI!

  126. I like package number two, because it’s full of things I wouldn’t normally buy for myself!

  127. Oh goodness, package #2. Because nerdy space-themed stuff will ALWAYS be my favorite stuff!

    Congratulations on 10 years! I only found y’all recently, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Best wishes for as many more years as you want to go!

  128. Package #3 (Nibgrinder Rocks!): I generally like TWSBI pens but I’ve had uneven experiences with their nibs. I’m sure that Mark could produce something that would make me very happy.

  129. Honestly any would be wonder but the #3 out sounds to die for. To have a pen ground just for me. That would be wonderful.

  130. I want package three because I don’t have a Bacas grind in my collection yet.

  131. All three are awesome, but I’d pick number 3 because I’d love to have a custom nib grind, and the Prussian blue is stunning.

  132. I would love #3, I only have one custom grind and getting something fun with this one would be awesome.

  133. Wow and wow and wow!
    Thanks for all of the great giveaways.

    I’d so enjoy #3. I have never had a custom-ground nib and really want an architect nib. (Though checking out Mark’s offerings, there are tons I didn’t know about and would enjoy. The Predator!!) The Mini AL Silver (B) + the custom nib would be fantastic!!

  134. #3 – I love TWSBIs!! And I’m loving exploring nibs and grinds. Thank you for these opportunities! Congrats on10 years!

  135. I would love to win #1! I’ve been wanting a col-o-ring, and those stamps would be amazing – not just for testing inks but also for making greeting cards.

  136. My favorite is Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks! because I have never used a custom ground nib

  137. Package #3 please, because a TWSBI is excellent for shimmering ink (you can see if you’ve gently rolled and twirled the pen enough to get the silver particles mixed thoroughly) but the stub nib on my TWSBI Eco is just not as smooth as I’d like.

  138. #3. I’m a fan of Mark’s work and always looking to add interesting grinds to my collection.

  139. Package #2! I am loving those coasters, and my husband is a huge star wars fan and would LOVE those notepads!

  140. #3 because I’ve never had a fountain pen with custom grind. I wanna try one done by a master!

  141. Despite the odds, I’ll ask to be entered for Door Number Three, Monty! I might have gone for the first option, but I just got most of those items for myself recently.

    I don’t expect to win this, so I’m wondering if maybe, as a consolation prize, I could borrow the highly trained monkeys for a while (can monkeys get or carry COVID-19? I’ll supply masks and fruit). I could use some help with my website.

    Again, congratulations to all of you at the Well-Appointed Desk. You are an awesome bunch (no wonder the monkeys love you) and I can’t wait ti see what you bring to the next decade.


  142. Package #3 is the bees knees. Mark does fantastic grinds and that TWSBI pen is super.

  143. oooooooooh no! too hard! #3 because it’s pen, sister! and a twsbi! and it could be a.7 stub!
    besides, as much as I love the skylab star swag, i can’t really have any imperials orders lying around now can i? i’m gonna get some planetary love right over at your shop, and hope that the gods and goddesses of the Mighty Nibbapotomus smile upon my number. hugs to you on your fabulous anniversary. we need more light.

  144. Package #3 for me. I am new enough to the hobby that a new pen is always a treat (and I love my Eco). Also, a specialty grind is something I am unlikely to get for myself, but would make a great gift for my upcoming July birthday!

  145. Nibgrinding 3 is the one for me! I’m a hooker and write sideways (turned 90 degrees to the right, and write top to bottom towards me. Looks odd but seems to work. I wonder if a custom grind would also work!

  146. Package #3, I’ve been planning to get a TWSBI and this seems like a fabulous opportunity 🙂

  147. Package #3, I’ve been planning on getting the predator extreme grind from Bacas for a while now, and would love to win this package! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway 😀

  148. Ooh! I’m a space case, so I was inclined to go for that one, but since I got a Kaweco and a Copic Drawing Pen I discovered I really like fountain pens! I’ll slide my ballot in #3, please!

  149. Package #3 sounds fantastic! I love my TWSBI ecos and have been ogling the 580s for quite a bit. Plus a custom nib grind is a huge bonus

  150. My children are FP lovers as well (18 and 9) and regularly pillage my finds for themselves. I would love to win #2 and be able to share it with them.

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  151. WHAT! Package No.2.. Why because I love SciFi, grew up with StarWars (23 times seen in theaters it was).
    And since I send letters out daily… it’d just be fun!

  152. Hello Desk,
    I would like to get package #3 with the nib grind, because right now my fountain pen addiction expresses itself mainly in the form of testing new inks and different nib grinds. So it would be a great addition.

  153. I have a few nice fountain pens, but I’ve been looking for something a little different. The #3 nib grinder package sounds like what I’ve been looking for. I’m leaning towards the “custom smooth italic” nib, I want an architect nib, but I should probably start with something a little more pragmatic. I can only keep maybe three pens inked up and I feel bad for the pens that are put away.

  154. #3 is perfect!!! Although white TWSBI mini is at the top of my list, at the moment anything will do for this beautiful pen. And you get a job grinder along with it! (I actually didn’t know this existed, sorry about that).

  155. Package three please! I have never had a custom grind nib and that would be really cool 🙂 Plus TWSBIs are awesome!

  156. Hmm I choose Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks! Because I don’t have any custom grinded pens and, so if I win it’ll give me the opportunity to try a grind that I’ve never had the chance of writing with. Also that TWSBI color is gorgeous. Blue is best color.

  157. I’d LOVE package #3 because TWSBI is basically my favorite brand for fountain pens, and this would be my first custom ground nib!! Really couldn’t be a more perfect giveaway ❤️❤️❤️

  158. I would like package #3. Because I do not have a TWSBI or any custom nibs. The only problem is picking a non of I win!

  159. I would love package #3 – I have never owned a TWSBI pen. The other two packages look great too! 🙂

  160. Yes I’m jumping into the boat for package 3 too. I have a couple pens that need work and this would give me a chance to check out Mark’s work. And I do love me a TWSBI!
    But package 1 would be a cool one. I love that ink vial stamp. I have some of your Col-o-rings but a new stamp might mean I have to start over. And that would mean more Col-o-rings. Wheeee!!!

  161. Well, I literally just did number 3, so I think I’d take number 1. Although, now that I have a custom-ground nib, I sort of want another one…so I guess it is #3 for me.

  162. Package #1 please! Because I find these notebooks so cute and I would love to play with rubber stamps!
    Thank you for these giveaway!

  163. I live Mark’s work so I have to go with #3. Thanks and congrats on 10 years. This celebration has been awesome!

  164. #2 Your mixed quote reminds me of a meme I saw once:
    “Use the force, Harry” is above Captain Jean-Luc Picard, with “Gandalf” along the bottom.
    I love a good mashup.

  165. Thanks for all the giveaways. I would like the package #3, the nib grinder rocks, because I have never had a custom grind and I really would like to try.

  166. All are fantastic giveaways and have wonderful themes. Although I love all things Star Trek and Star Wars, I’d have to go with Package #1…Swatch it like you mean it. I swatched all my inks in a notebook I had hanging around and what a mistake! When I feel ambitious I need to buy a Col-o-ring and redo it all. It would be particularly nice if I won because “the need is there”. Ha Ha!

  167. #3. I would love to try a nib grind from Mark. I don’t have any special grinds.

  168. I would like #3: Nibgrinder Rocks! I would love a TWSBI with a custom Architect grind from the fabulous Mark Bacas. I so admire Mark’s work and would put this custom nib to good use!

  169. All of them are great, but I would love #3. The first fountain pen I bought was a TWSBI Eco, and it died two years ago when the grip-area started to crack for now reason and began weeping ink all over my hands. Also, I’ve only had standard grinds up until this point, and would love to have some more variation in my pen case

  170. All the packages are fantastic. My favourite is #3 because I love TWSBI 580s. A very close second is #1 because your stamps look so cute.

  171. The Well Appointed Desk is pulling out all the stops this week! I can hardly keep up with all the giveaways, not to mention so much great new content – I always love a good top 10 list, lol. #3 is the bees knees – who could resist a custom nib ground by Mark Bacas?

  172. Heck yeah, I would go for #3 Nibgrinder Rocks. Don’t have a 580 yet and never had a custom grind. This could be my lucky day! Who knows….

    If not, then I would be quite happy with the #1 Swatch It Like You Mean It package. Looks like fun!

  173. Package #3 is awesome because I love demo’s and TWSBI a lot. And I just my first custom grind from Mark Bacas last week and it’s basically the only pen I want to use now. Shout out to his Blade grinds and his work in general!
    Package #1 is also amazing because it could really up my swatch game which I have been unfortunately neglecting lately. Stamps would be a great reason to dive back in!

  174. Put me down for package #3. I just recently got my first TWSBI, an Eco with a 1.1 stub and I am really enjoying it. Would love to have another, especially with an architect grind! I know I’m lowering my odds by picking the highly favored package, but I’m hoping maybe the RNG gods will smile on me because your drawing is on my birthday. So yeah, good luck to me!

  175. #3! Have had a several grinds done by Mark and he is a wizard! Thanks for the giveaway.

  176. Swatch it like you mean it!!!! The stamps are just too fabulous to pass up and I would live to see at a glance whether I have a bottle or sample…

  177. I have recently renewed my love for fountain pens along with my 85-year-old father during our SIP by expanding my collection of inks from the fantastic selection of businesses online. He’s a classic Pelikan blue-black sort of guy, probably since that’s what he learned to write with as a child in Amsterdam. I’m privileged to be in possession of many of his vintage pens, but have built up my own collection of new ones so I can use all the ridiculously beautiful and infinite number of colors available. I have three large produce boxes of inks, and no organizational system to speak of. I would love to receive #1 to fix this problem and maybe convince my father to expand his ink horizons. Thank you so much for such a lovely giveaway.

  178. I’ve been fighting technology to post a comment because all three packages look great! My ranking would be 3, 2, and then 1. Thanks! (Fingers crossed this works)

  179. While I would be grateful to win any of the packages, I’m going to also go with package number 3. I just want to see what magic Mark can do to a Twsbi.

  180. I have to pick just one??? 1… Wait, 2… No 1…. No 3!

    If I must, number 1 looks great. I have a ton of samples and bottles that need to be swatched. But number 2 with the coaster speaks to my nerdiness and my love of lists.

  181. #1, I like the stamps (and I already sent a pen to Mark for a custom grind).

  182. Holy moly, Ana! This is incredible!! Wow. I’d love Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks! I’ve been saving up for a custom grind. I really want an architect grind.

  183. As a lefty who writes quickly and messily, I’ve avoided non-standard nib grinds so far. I’d love a chance to work with Mark to find something perfect for me!

  184. In our hectic society, 10 years is a LONG time! Congratulations on being able to maintain such a vibrant blog, I’ve followed for quite some time.
    My husband teaches at the university level and occasionally comes home amazed at what the younger students have not been exposed to. The best session concerned who had used an 8-track, cassette player, pager, wall phone with a cord, library card catalog, paper road maps, or paper phone books! I admit I miss the phone books. I wonder how genealogy will research censuses from today?
    IF I happen to win one of your lovely 10th giveaways My choice is #3, followed by #2 and finally #1.
    Again congratulations on your tenth anniversary!

  185. These giveaways have been incredible, y’all (even if I didn’t win any lol)! Congratulations on 10 years of an amazing blog! My favorite is the Nibgrinder Rocks! package because I love the color of that TWSBI and I’ve always wanted to try a custom nib grind but never had the chance. That Beam Me Up, Chewie package is dang awesome too though, especially the coasters.

  186. Congratulations on 10 years! I have never commented on your posts, but I have visited your site. I also love it when you drop in on the Pen Addict Show! I would love to have package #3 — the TWSBI and custom nib grind! Thanks so much!

  187. I’d pick #3 because I’ve been thinking about getting a custom nib (but which grind? WHHIIICCHH?) but if you twisted my arm I could be happy with #1, also.

  188. #3 NibGrinder Rocks

    Love the piston fill TWSBIs; always wanted to try a needlepoint grind on one with a lush flow of ink! I would be in heaven. Plus, Prussian Blue is one of my favorite colors that I use in my pastel and watercolor art work.

  189. Hi Ana. I would love package #3 (nibgrinder rocks!). I am building my fountain pen collection, so another TWSBI pen will be a great addition.

  190. Gosh, Ana, you sure don’t make it easy to choose with such great giveaways! But if I have to, my first choice would be Package #1: Swatch It Like You Mean It. I have been eyeing those fabulous ink bottle stamps since you introduced them, and they would be just the thing for me to finally get around to swatching all the full bottles of ink I have plus all the samples, including the Diamine Inkvent Calendar. Package #2 would be my second choice.

  191. Package number 3 all the way! I love TWSBI pens, and I’m even managing to get a die-hard Lamy fan to say the Eco is a pretty good pen too. I may also have corrupted my daughter into the TWSBI world. She asked for an Eco for her graduation present. So the chance to get another TWSBI? I’m all on that. And I’ve never had a customized nib before, which is not to say I haven’t wanted (lusted after) one, it just hasn’t happened yet. I’d like it to happen, though…… Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, and all the best.

  192. I would love package #3. I have several TWSBI pens and a new one in Prussian Blue is on my current wish list. A special grind by Mark would be the cherry on top…and who wouldn’t want that?
    Thanks and congratulations on 10 years. I always like talking to you at the Chicago Pen Show…maybe in the Fall.

  193. Thank you so much for providing so many exciting and generous giveaways!! I would LOVE to get Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks! I actually just bought my first Col-o-ring swatch book, and though those stamps are toooo cute, I don’t have nearly enough inks to fill up the 100 cards in this first book..! (My ink collection tripled in size over one weekend in May, and I need to slow down for now!)

    However, I am somehow lacking a TWSBI in my small but burgeoning collection! Being able to see a little ocean of ink through the barrel would be so cool, not to mention beautiful! And a custom nib grind…!!! Now that would be a dream come true!

  194. Package number 1! I’ve been wanting to start a swatch book since I’ve been getting more and more inks. It’s beginning to get harder for me to keep track of what I have.

  195. I would love prize three- the TWSBI and nib grind. I’ve been aching to try a Fude modification but NibGrinder and TWSBI is one of his preferred nibs for the modification. I have a blade grind from him that I love, and look forward to additional grinds and mods!

  196. I’d love to win the package 3, since I don’t have a Twsbi but have heard very good things. Thanks for holding the giveaway!

  197. I’d love the nib grinder package (#3). I like my TWSBI and the thought of one with a formal italic nib is really exciting!

  198. Oh man, all of these packages are great!

    I would pick them in this order: 3, 1, 2.

    I have been considering getting a custom nib grind for some time now but haven’t pulled the trigger, winning prize 3 would be a great way to force me into making it happen! Now… what in the world would I get ground…

    Winning package 1 would basically just save me money because I’ve been drooling over those two bottle stamps since they showed up in Refill and that sample tube stamp. Perfect.

    Also nerdy space stuff rocks.

    Congratulations on 10 years!

  199. Package #3. Nib grinding is where it’s at. Plus TWSBI’s are such underrated pens. Mark Bacas is the best, too.

  200. First time commenter – trying the giveaway thing for the first time. I’d love package #3, mostly because I’m an utter newbie and I don’t have many pens. I’ve been curious about TWSBIs and would love to try one. Plus the opportunity to have something from a real live nibneister is fantastic.

  201. #3 because I have never had a custom nib and I think it would be awesome. It’s a pen that I would cherish and try to take extra care of it.

  202. Package #3…because I fair swoon at TWSBIs and I’ve never tried a custom ground nib. It’s exciting. 🙂 And congratulations on 10 years!

  203. I would love any package but # 3 seems to be the one I would really love. Happy 10 years

  204. Package #3

    Congratulations, first of all. I would love to have one of these beautiful pens. I’ve always loved fountain pens. I especially like writing snail mail and journaling, with them.

  205. #2. I’m just getting into table top games and would lover to find some post-pandemic friends to share the company with.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  206. Package #3 because I would love to have a custom grind nib. Many thanks for the opportunity!

  207. Door #3, please! Like many, I would love to have a custom nib grind. Without a pen show option this year, this seems like my only hope, Obiwan!

  208. Package #3 please! Custom grind is still on my FP bucket list, and TWSBI have really outdone themselves!

  209. wow, wow, wow!!!!! I’d go for pkg #3 but this is an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much for all the continuously awesome content!!

  210. Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks!

    I see a 580 rose gold/smoke with my name on it on marks inventory list! I’ve gotten a nib tuned by Mark and I don’t want to put it down, so my first custom grind HAS to come from him.

  211. This is a really tough choice, with three wonderful packages. I had trouble making up my mind but I decided, if I could pick any of the three, I would take the TWSBI with the custom nib grind, because I’ve never had a custom nib grind before.

    Congratulations on 10 years! Which nib grind do you think I should try?

  212. Decisions… Decisions… Decisions… After careful consideration, I’m going to have to choose package #3. I’ve wanted an architect grind for quite a long time. And to have it done by Mark Bacas would be a huge bonus. (Not to mention the pen itself.)

  213. All of them look fantastic, but I would love #3. I have been coveting a custom grind for a long time.And I absolutely love TWSBIs.

  214. Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks!
    Mark Bacas does Rock! His grinds are perfection and help me to create drawings! Happy Ten Years – perfect way to celebrate your generosity to the pen community! Thank you both!

  215. All are great, but #3? Amazing. Think about it: broad or medium (said the guy who has almost exclusively fine nibs) Prussian Blue with Mark’s hybrid grind? AMAZING!
    Congratulations on 10 years. 2 years ago I didn’t know there were pen blogs or podcasts. I didn’t know other people thought like I did. Now I’m playing catch up. Your work has been a tremendous help. Thank you! Here’s to the next 10 and beyond!

  216. I would absolutely love to win package number 3! I have long wanted a pen with a Mark Bacas nib grind, and I love this beautiful twsbi!

  217. #1 looks really cool! I’ve never used a rubber stamp or a Col-o-ring product before, so I would be really happy to try them 🙂

  218. Number 3. I don’t have a TWSBI and oh man, a custom grind? So generous. Thank you all, for such wonderful giveaways. Happy Anniversary, Ana & Crew!

  219. Happy Anniversary!! I would like to win #3 with the TWSBI and one of Mark’s custom grinds. I have a needlepoint that Mark ground for me and not only is it phenomenal but he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! He is also amazing at what he does!! Let’s hear it for Mango Chutney!

  220. Wow, so nice guys! Love your site… And thanks for the opportunity.

    I’d love “Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks” as the new TWSBIs are beautiful, a custom grind is always special, and Nibgrinder has lots of specialties, and a stellar reputation. Fantastic.

    Best to you!

  221. The opportunity of winning any of the prizes is great, but since I have to choose… door number 3 please! I’ve read so much about the TWSBI pens and being able to have a custom grind takes it to a whole new level. Congratulations to whomever you select!

  222. Congratulations on 10 years!!!! I first found you on the Art Supply Posse Podcast, and by then you were already a pro in the blogging department. Here’s to many more years!

    All three prizes are awesome, but number three is definitely my favorite. I ❤️ TWSBI’s!

  223. I would love to win any of them honestly, they’re great packages. But #3 is my favorite. I just bought a new TWSBI 580 ALR and now want another!

  224. I would like to win Package #3, the TWSBI Pen and Marc Bacas nib grind. Actually, any of the packages would make me very happy. I have been interested in adding another TWSBI to my collection, and I have definitely been interested in having a pen with a Bacas nib grind.

  225. I would love package #1, but any one of them would be lovely! What a generous giveaway!

  226. I would like to win Package #3: Nibgrinder Rocks! I have had my eye on TWSBI for awhile now and would love to have one of their better pens.

  227. I would choose package three. I have been wanting to have one of Mark’s custom nibs for a long time. I keep hoping that he’ll make it to the Dallas Pen Show. This would make up for my suspicions that the show isn’t going to happen this year…

    Congrats on 10 years!

  228. #1! Stamps and swatching are an undeniably fun combination, but also practical and useful. It’s the best of both.

  229. #2 love star wars and space, but love stamps and interested in grinds too, so they are all great!

  230. I’d LOVE package #3! The TWSBI is my fav color, and it’s not in my growing collection of TWSBIs yet. (And also I am typing this from the ER, awaiting CTscan results. My good luck must be going SOMEWHERE.)

  231. All of these packages are great, but my favorite is #3. I love TWSBI, and would love to have a Mark Bacas custom grind. I’m looking at you CSI. Thank you for this blog!

  232. The only choice for me is number 3. I just got my first TWSBI Eco recently and I have fallen in love. What a great pen and I’m eager to get another. The chance to have a custom grind on such a lovely pen is amazing. Thank you for the years and the giveaway!!!

  233. Package #3 For the sole reason of getting another pen with a custom nib grind from Mark Bacas.

  234. I’d be interested in package 3. As I work to change and improve my handwriting I’m thinking an architect grind might give it a bit of interesting flair.

  235. #3 because I’d love a Mark Bacas grind TWSBI! All of the prizes are great, though!

  236. I’d love to win #3. I have small handwriting AND hold my pen in an atypical way, so stock nibs usually leave me wanting more.

  237. Nibgrinder Rocks! I am a lefty, and I have always been interested in architect nibs.

  238. #3 because Prussian Blue is one of my favorite shades of blue and I have always wanted to try an architect nib.

  239. I’d want to twsbi of course because the Prussian Blue is so gorgeous and I’d like a pen with a nib that actually puts down a wet line. I went overboard with Chinese pens and have yet to get one working with a wet thick line (or working at all)

  240. Very happy anniversary!!

    I’m having a hard time choosing between 1 and 3 (I already have the note cards and a note pad, though I probably should order some more coasters…)

    I think I am going to choose #3, more because of the fact that the one TWSBi pen I’ve had (Eco) has had the piston rod separate from the twisting mechanism, and have not been able to fix it…

  241. I’d really love the stamps and cards since I am currently discovering many new inks after just using blue and black for years, but I’ve got to say the TWSBI and nib grind is also very tempting as I’ve never done that.
    I think I still need to go with #1 though.

  242. First choice is #3, because I’ve never had an opportunity for a Mark Bacas nib grind. (Though #1 is super-tempting as well. I’ve almost finished two col-o-rings, and would love the oversize and stamps.)

  243. #1 because my Col O Ring is almost full! and I like all the other goodies that go with it!
    #3 would be cool because I’ve never had a custom grind so if my number came up for that I’d be somewhat delighted also.

  244. Package #3: I absolutely love that new TWSBI Prussian Blue and have been trying not to buy it, plus I’ve never had a custom nib grind before so that would be super exciting!

  245. I’ve never had a 580 and Mark does some amazing work on a nib I had. Diamine Prussian Blue is one of my daily carry inks so the 580 kinda falls into place with that ink 🙂

  246. I would love package #3 (well, I would love all of them) I am new to fountain pens and my first Twsbi was a stub nib. I am just learning the nib part of things. I would love to try out a SIG grind.

  247. I’m interested in package 3 because I love my TWSBI Eco and I’ve never tried a custom bib grind. I want to try the architect!

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