Giveaway #4: JetPens Giveaway Package

JetPens Giveaway

JetPens was our first sponsor and has been with us through all the ups and the downs. To say we our grateful for their support would be an understatement. So, of course, they stepped up with a great creative kit of markers and brush pens in a Lihit Lab case. This is a giveaway for all our creative readers. This giveaway includes one of the following:

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me what creative endeavors you’d like to undertake this summer. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Sunday, June 7, 2020. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping is handled by JetPens and is open to US mailing address only. Any shipping questions will need to be directed through giveaway sponsor. Our sponsors have been kind enough to give away products and cover the cost of shipping, so please be patient and kind. Thanks.

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  1. I would love to create a commonplace book, containing all the meaningful quotes from books I’ve collected over the years, along with other snippets of interesting, amusing, or inspiring writing.

  2. I am trying to learning figure & portrait drawing now, and will need to keep working on it through the summer and beyond (quite possibly the rest of my life!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. This summer I’d love to finish up at least a first draft of the series of narrative pirate poems I’ve been working on on and off for years.

  4. I just buy more journals. Maybe this will inspire me to actually write something. I love Jetpens too. Lovely selection. Thank you and stay safe!

  5. As work for me is scarce and I will mostly be working on my MA thesis this summer, I am hoping to get back into painting to keep my sanity as I study and stay inside. I don’t get to do it much sorting school semesters and I’m hoping to gather enough work to maybe take to an art show or something.

  6. Hi Ana! I like Kelli from Mountain of Ink’s idea of copying a book into a notebook so I started doing that. I am copying Alla Prima by Richard Schmid who is one of my favorite artists. Also I’m doing 30 inks 30 days for June. Last time I did that was last September! I am sorry to have lost touch with you in letter writing… Currently I am (still) teaching Pointed Pen at the U of U, studying Indian Classical music, and taking a Landscape Painting class like I do every summer. Stay well. Janet Faught

  7. I plan on starting a pencil project this summer. I can’t provide anymore details than that but keep your eyes peeled!

  8. I intend to practice calligraphy more this summer! I still haven’t got the knack of brush pens – I’m just used to the fountain pens… And I will be playing with all kinds of office supplies – from paper clips to pens & ink to piles of paper!

  9. I would really like to get back to drawing regularly. Somehow I am just blocked.

  10. When my charming wife and I married 24 years ago, my infant cartooning hobby gave way to marital responsibilities. Now that we are less than a month from retirement, I will be taking up the hobby again. I’m looking forward to exercising my creativity muscle.

  11. I would like to learn free-motion quilting this summer. I have several quilt tops that I previously pieced from blocks that my mother embroidered, but then I put them aside for a long time. Mom died last summer and I would like to finish the process of making these quilts so that I can give them to my nieces in her memory.

  12. I am learning how to do calligraphy, working on simple alphabet right now.

  13. Im working on learning to write with a flex pen as well as some intricate paper cutting.

  14. I enjoy reading a daily text and reflecting on it, so I want to start your journaling the text and my reflections, and my doodles on the scripture.

  15. This summer I want to get into potting succulents. I want to find some of the more interesting ones (like the ones that look like rocks, or grown into square spirals), and make potted succulent rock gardens for them.

  16. My goal is to get a garden going! Thanks for these fun giveaways! And congrats on ten years!

  17. Well I fall under the vulnerable population category so chances are really good I won’t be going anywhere physically but I plan to fine tune my journaling and create a beautiful record of the quilts i hope to get done.

  18. I want to catch up on journaling, jewelry making, ink swatching and letter writing. So much I want to do, so little time!

  19. I’m working in my new passport-size Traveler’s Notebook – drawing and some collage, along with making a whole lot of cards and collage for altered- photo postcards.

  20. I’ve been trying to keep up with memory keeping and journaling to keep of record of self-quarantine life in a creative outlet

  21. I would love to release my inner creative thoughts and see what I can come up with.

  22. I’m a textiles/fiber enthusiast and have set the task of making 20 things from my stash before I can buy more stash! I’m at 8 completed… must do more weaving! I know that’s not pen-related really, but I’m using markers/pencils/etc to draw out my ideas and try to put down what’s in my head before I touch any yarn… so that’s close, right? 😀

  23. No doubt, finishing my dissertation writing and teaching 191 college students (online, but of course).
    But I’d really like to kick around some ideas for a thriller novel. Let’s juggle!!!

  24. I love your site! I love JetPens!

    You want to know what I’m going to do this summer: I plan to spend time with my grandchildren and to convey to them my love of pencils and pens and paper. They’re all young but when we got together before the shut down we had some lovely time making valentines and other “art”. I’m also working on all of my photos— digital and paper batting the paper ones scanned) Then I am going to make photo books for holiday presents. I hope to include some drawings from my grandchildren to be included in photo books.

    Anything I win will be shared with my grandchildren.

  25. I would like to strip… …. a dresser and desk I purchased at an antique shop last fall. The have suffered water damage (and wood rot) to the feet. It is where I store all of my sewing goodies for making pen wraps. Then I want to either stain or milk paint it TEAL.

  26. I’ve started coloring using pencils to occupy my time in self-isolation. I’d like to branch out to brush pens and other tools.

  27. My creative endeavor is to improve my handwriting. My current handwriting is terrible and I’d like to at least get it to “Not Embarrassing.”

  28. I’d like to keep a journal of healthy practices that work for me. For example, drawing a hibiscus flower to denote the tea I drink, sketching walking paths, favorite yoga poses, writing haikus and poems reflecting my thoughts and lots of pattern drawing…stuff like that.

  29. Practicing calligraphy with both dip and italic nibs, and completing CEUs for my license.

  30. My creative endeavor is to practice calligraphy and improving my handwriting.

  31. I need to make more LEGO MOCs (My Own Creations), more jewelry, another quilt …. #toomanyhobbies

  32. I’m going to spend some of the summer photographing every part of Michigan I can possibly drive to.

    And then learning how to edit those photos.

  33. I’d like to start a journal of poetry and quotes from books, and work on my handwriting and maybe some calligraphy.

  34. I would love to learn some fancy Italic lettering, and make full use of my pilot parallel pens!

  35. I would like to create the ambition to keep working enthusiastically until I can retire in 5 years. Likely failing that, this summer I would like to do more pastel paintings. I made a little setup in my spare room just for that purpose. Now I have to get to the easel! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  36. I purchased some locally dyed yarn while on vacation in Maine last summer. I’m not sure whether or not I’ll make it back up to Maine this summer, but I’d like to at least knit a wrap with the yarn while reflecting on much happier times.

  37. I am hoping to get some time to go up to the hills on the edge of the Rockies (not terribly far from me) and sit down near Lily Lake and do some writing. Anything to get out of the house and get some fresh air!!

  38. I’m going to try and take up sketching and drawing. There are so many artists willing to share their knowledge and it’ll be fun to explore the options for online classes.

  39. I’m working through the requirements for the Master Weaver Level 1…. but to be honest it is a marathon not a sprint. And trying to stay on track has been difficult with a full house. So I recently came back to stitching and decided on a 25” x 29” project.

  40. I’d like to learn how to really draw (something other than stick figures!)

  41. My plan is to take some woodworking to the next level. Otherwise maybe finally write enough to get my handwriting legible again. I swear it was once.

  42. Mostly I am trying to learn to draw—and embrace the funky, outsider kind of style I seem to have. General artistic skills were never really encouraged in my young school years and I have have spent most of my life as an appreciator. It’s time to just do it!

  43. My goal is to finish the Diamond Painting kits that I have. I currently have 5 in the works!

  44. I can’t draw to save my life. So I’ll find something to color with those beautiful pens! I can stay in the lines real good! 🙂

  45. This summer I plan to take all my fountain pens out for a test drive, using inks I’ve not used. This will be an eventful road trip, new sights and sounds (some pen nibs actually offer up a tiny squeak)! Hello, trained monkeys!

  46. Hopefully, I’ll be getting back to my photography after recovery from shoulder surgery. Also, not holding my breath.

  47. Letters are first priority. Even as folks start to get out of their houses carefully, there’s still a lot of time at home and I can’t travel to see friends and family yet.

  48. This summer i’d really love to improve my baking skills! I’ve been baking bread for years, and am now making the journey into sourdoughs.

  49. I’m working towards finishing a novel. You’d think with all this quarantine time I’d have it done by now, but, alas…. Also, I want to get back outside to my plein air sketching & watercolor practice.

  50. I could continue my love of journaling And could record all my daily activities in style.

  51. I received a Cricut for Christmas and want to make some things for my classroom at school hoping we go back in the fall. I am always practicing my lettering. Trying to find my own style.

  52. I’m learning to write with flex nibs. My handwriting is pretty mediocre, but I’m working on it.

  53. My plan is to photograph and draw more flowers and insects; study something new online — and take sketch notes!

  54. Whenever I have time off I like to take out the watercolours and paint scenes from my life.

  55. I am hoping to learn some urban sketching basics and dedicate some time to that.

  56. If I win, and I probably shouldn’t since I have th artistic talents of a drunked cnickein on LSD But I can, and will, make a collosal mess

  57. I have slowly started my journey with a junk traveler’s notebook. I am exploring my style and vocabulary so looking forward to seeing how this goes.

  58. Coloring the sheets from my Peanuts page-a-day calendar sheets that have a coloring image. Use the adult coloring books I have.
    Maybe try to draw.

    Thank you for these 10th anniversary giveaways.

  59. I have picked up my embroidery again during the lockdown so I would like to continue that. I also want to work on my calligraphy and drawing skills since I really suck at those and would like to improve.

  60. I make my own greeting cards with watercolor, pens and inks; I need to come up with a new design. That’s my project for this summer!

  61. I’ve been trying to get into a daily journaling and sketching habit, and a daily calligraphy practice. Best laid plans….

  62. I’d like to be a little more artsy in my planner and commonplace books. I also really need to bring my A game to my rpg adventures, and I was planning to do some fancy letter writing.

  63. This summer I’d like to finish the hand pieced charm quilt I started probably 7 years ago now.

  64. I would love to make a manga.. also I love to do to all types of art … like sketching…. water color…. And alcohol markers

  65. I am so thankful for theses giveaways and excited that you are celebrating so many years.
    Creativity for the summer? I’ve been playing around a lot with my handwriting and trying to do word art, so something in that realm.

  66. I think I’m going to stretch NaNoWriMo into a year-long event. 500 words per day for a year is more than a novel, right?

  67. I love this set! I’m drawn to anything rainbow. That washi is perfect!

  68. I’d love to really start a knitting journal, I keep meaning to and somehow it always ends up on the bottom of my to do list!

  69. Hmm. I have a lot of personal projects I’ve been dragging my feet on given the amazing trash fire state of the world currently, but I’d like to knock out another animal or two in my very, very slow progressing zodiac project.

  70. I have started a character journal. I’m practicing every night. Either black and white or a limited 2-3 color palette to gather a collection of editorial midcentury-style people, mostly gaily interacting with food or domestic duties. And knitting! 🙂

    Also, I finally bought some nice gansai watercolors and am practicing portraits on real cotton watercolor paper!

  71. I’d like to revisit an old endeavor of mine…drawing daily doodles based on monthly prompts. I used to do it regularly, making a monthly grid of small squares, then filling in one each day. Sometimes I produced a lovely sketch and sometimes something embarrassingly bad, but it was a fun creative enterprise nonetheless! Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway.

  72. This summer I’m getting my creative space organized. In addition to my stationery habit, I also knit, crochet, and sew.

    I’ve been spending lots of time with Google and YouTube to find middle of the road in cost solutions to my problems. Bonus points for solutions that involve at least a small amount of DIY. I have indulged in the occasional hate watching of YouTube videos, but I don’t have anyone to laugh with me, so it’s not as fun as it could be.

    While I’m not currently doing tie dye, I still have most (all?) of the supplies for that endeavor too. Oh. I also have acid dyes and some wool yarn that needs dyeing, so I see me making time for that to happen in the near future.

    Courtesy of Covid-19, there aren’t going to be any summer camps for my almost 10 year old to attend, so I’m going to have to find interesting stuff for him to do over the summer as well.

  73. I am going to finally try watercolors! My friend got me a fun “paint along” kit and it has clear instructions to follow as you learn how to use the paints.

  74. This summer, I’m hoping for time to practice calligraphy! I hope to improve my techniques using a brush pen and a nib pen.

  75. This summer my creativity is focused on my yard and learning to knit. My first knitting project will be a dishrag.

  76. I am going to work on my penmanship because my writing desperately needs improvement.

  77. I haven’t done any coloring in a while. Now seems like a good time to go back to it 🙂

  78. I am on the Board of Trustees of our public library. We will need to make continual adjustments to services as we are able to increase what we can do for patrons prior to opening the building and after entrance is permitted. We will need LOTS of informational signs, so having a variety of materials will allow me to contribute some fun signage to the building.

  79. I have so many colored pens, pencils, and markers, and quite a few coloring books, and I hardly ever use them! So I hope to spend a lot of quality time coloring. Or doodling.

  80. Hoping to use my pens more. I’m trying to journal daily, if nothing more than writing a few things.

  81. I’d like to go back to a sketching. Even if I start with one a week to ease back into some kind of artwork.
    Alternatively, I love take those markers and recreate that washi tape as a border on a wall! The thought makes me smile and my fingers twitch.

  82. I’ve been throwing around learning calligraphy. Maybe The Postman’s Knock’s in-line course?

  83. I’d like to start keeping a bullet journal consistently, sketch more often, and learn lettering!

  84. I’m mailing mini 5×7 protest posters to my senators and representatives

  85. Thank you so much! I would like to add more doodles using a variety of mediums (colored pencil, gouache, alcohol markers, etc…) to my Hobonichi cousin this summer.

  86. I bought a bunch of old slides on eBay and am “refilling” them with my own artwork!

  87. It’s not pen-related but I’m excited to learn how to use a sewing machine this summer! With the likelihood that I’ll be working from home for the rest of the year and unable to travel, I’ll have the time to finally conquer my fear of a sewing machine.

  88. The creative endeavor I’d like to undertake this summer is to sketch my various flower and hasta beds as they bloom and grow over the summer months.
    Thanks for the give away, Ana. and for all you do here in the community!

  89. I have just marbled some paper and would like to try brush pens and color on the them. Maybe they can be cards or sayings. Ill ask them.

  90. I am going to work on upping my letter writing game by using watercolors (from JetPens of course) to enhance the “calligraphy”. Calligraphy is in quotes ’cause it’s generous to call what I do calligraphy.

  91. I’d like to start journaling and scrap booking this summer. I always intend to but never follow through.

  92. I intend to keep making my hand bound journals, but I also want to work on my watercolor portraits of the vegetables in my garden. Also I love Jet Pens, one of my favorite sources.

  93. I have finally started drawing again and I’d love to collaborate with my kids on a comic strip/book this summer.

  94. I’m planning on keeping a watercolor sketchbook depicting the facades of local businesses that are shuttered due to covid. Hoping to interview some of the struggling owners to get their thoughts on how they’ve been surviving and if they will reopen once this quarantine is lifted in Brooklyn.

  95. I’d really like to learn to play guitar. It’s cliché, but that would be a good way to blow off steam.

  96. I am starting a sketchbook in which I try to do something each day … doodling, sketching,… etc.

  97. Since school was closed for my kids, we’ve been drawing and/or painting together most weekdays and the regular practice of it has reminded me of how much I enjoy doing it. So I hope to keep it up this summer, whether with my kids or in my own sketchbook. I’m enjoying practicing and look forward to (hopefully) seeing some progress in my ability by summer’s end.

    I also always have something I’m knitting and summer weather doesn’t stop me, so I’ll be working on a sweater or two as well.

  98. I’ll be working on a nature journal, trying out watercolor and mixed media and trying to be kind to myself about imperfection. Yes black lives matter and I am outraged! Thanks for solidarity!

  99. Love to create new craft ideas given by my son and gift it for father’s day

  100. Try casein paint, fill my Brooklyn Library sketchbook with sketches of my dog and get it back to them by the due date, paint everyday, make willow baskets

  101. Outside, we will be creating pollinator gardens. Which are some amazing to watch grow and attract the little creatures. Inside I’m working on hand lettering, envelope creating and pretty organization of my desk and desk accessories area. Maybe not too exciting but it fills my heart with joy when all my stuff looks pretty

  102. I’m doing a huge revision edit to my novel and would love to finish it this summer. I also need to start painting again. The summer light in my studio is exquisite, and I’ve been blocked for months…

  103. This summer, I would like to summon some creative energy. Maybe I will try to draw a little. I am hoping that changing my typical approaches in many areas may help me learn a letter better We shall see….

  104. I have made a commitment to write more letters this year, and would use these supplies to come up with new ways to make the envelopes more interesting.

  105. Especially now I’d like to be more creative. I think for me it’s a combo of improving my writing (with my new fountain pen!), learning to draw better, and experimenting more with watercolors. I find watercolors so beautiful and peaceful to create with.

  106. i would love to do anything outside this summer. i don’t care what it is, as long as i am outside.

  107. I wouldn’t have these for me; instead, I’d give them to my son and see what he could create with them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. Really want to get a good dip pen with some zebra G nibs for both text and Manga-style drawing.

  109. I’ve always wanted to get better at sketching/drawing/doodling, which I would like to work on this summer!

  110. I live by a lagoon and I’ll use these supplies to document the water birds: herons, egrets, spoonbills and many more.

  111. So many things! Card making, Gelli printing, watercolor, art journal pages, collage… I am returning to lots of art making after several years doing much less, so I’m exploring media I’ve used before and media I’ve not used (dry pastels!).

  112. I want to start drawing/doodling again. I’ve been focusing on writing (and thinking) so far this year. I’ve been actually using my pens and notebooks. Now time to start drawing in them!

    1. I want to ink up a few pens, run away from home for a day, and do a digital fast for at least 24 hours.

  113. I’d love to finally do ink swabs on my col-o-ring of all of the sample vials of ink I have

  114. I LOVE JetPens…thanks for this chance. This summer, I’m hoping to find a way to combine journaling with collage.

  115. I’d like to start a habit of bullet journalling in preparation for my first year of college, as well as do some extra fancy note taking :)) I also want to keep updating my art account and be more consistent at updating my webtoon, called Okay But on :))))

  116. This summer I’m going to expand my Col-o-ring collection, currently arranged by color, into two collections: the current on-a-ring sized, color-coordinated cardset & a second rolodex-sized cardset organized by ink company with notes pertinent to the ink itself. Woohoo!

  117. I’m working on improving my handwriting so I’m going to be creating lots of colorful letters, practice sheets, and art work involving writing.

  118. I’m planning to read a good bit and hope to generate interesting syntheses of what I read. I’m also planning to undertake a large translation project to start my transition from purely academic study of translation to some artistic/literary translation.

  119. I’m trying to improve my storytelling and doodling. Pre-covid, I would jot down or take a picture of memorable moments I’d see when walking around or on the subway. I’d like to actually draw out these moments!

  120. My kids are really getting interested in making their own comic strips. I think we’ll work on that! Happy 10th!

  121. I am wanting to spend some creative time designing some new furniture for our house before spending the fall in the wood shop.

  122. My daughter-in-law is an art teacher, and this would be a great package to take with me when I go over to see my four granddaughters, all of whom are interested in art!!

  123. Creative endeavors? Is it creative to start a Zettelkasten? If not, I do hope to add more color to my flowerbeds!

  124. I’m adding sewing to ever growing list of hobbies. I’m just starting my first top!

  125. This summer I am really looking forward to incorporating colorful sketches and photography into my daily journaling as well as finally complete my poetry manuscript.

    1. I’m new to (Hello!), but not new to being a pen/paper/stickers/everything else enthusiast… I was searching for potential pen shows near me, and landed here—great site! I would’ve enjoyed going to a nice pen convention this summer, but I’m not seeing anything I might be able to get to… (Boo!) At any rate, I will likely continue writing lots of snail mail to friends all over the globe this summer – I am always in search of the perfect ‘zen’ spot to do so. Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

  126. I teach metalworking in a steel forge. While the kids (yes kids, 11-17!) work on their projects , staff get to work on our own. I really want to make something both functional and stunning to look at, but haven’t decided on what.

    I’ve also got a new rythym going with my journal system and plan to spend more time making them even prettier, as opposed to just functional.

  127. I consider my gardening to be a creative endeavor, but I also want to make sketching more of a habit, for both stress relief and improving my skills.

  128. When the corona virus showed up here in the US I knew that it was going to be different than any of the new viruses we had in the past. I started a daily journal with COVID-19 as the subject. I’m journaling about the global, US, and local stories and how people I actually know have been affected. The experiences run the gamut from a few people not feeling much effect to a family who lost two family members to the disease. When I take on a big journaling project I draw on most of the pages in addition to writing. I’m on my third notebook right now. Thank you for offering such a nice giveaway.

  129. Creativity is around my children’s activities. I’ve ordered some train tack/road washi tape.
    I plan to cover the surfaces in their rooms with it 🙂

  130. Can solo sailing be considered a creative endeavor? It’s not something I’ve done before, and I expect it’ll take some creativity to accomplish. I hope to take a few days to myself on the Chesapeake.

  131. I have a plan to illustrate my haiku japanese style and this set would be perfect for that.

  132. JetPens is outstanding (and local to me here in San Jose, CA!), so I’m not surprised that they have supported you and, in addition, supplied you with a great giveaway package. This summer — is it really summer? I’m still stuck mentally somewhere in April 256th or something — what I want to try creatively is to marry my words and pictures in a single sketchbook to tell one or more stories using both skills. It will help me keep up with daily practice, too. Thanks for the giveaway and your wonderful blog

  133. I’d love to make hand-drawn Birthday cards. Who doesn’t love getting actual mail on their birthday? Also, it’s a fun way to practice my hand lettering.

  134. I would pull out watercolors for non-directed play time with the brush pens. The pens would be good for adding a little color to sketch practice/projects.

  135. My daughter and I are working on our bullet journal practice this summer!

  136. I would at least like to finish my short story about the Yeti from space. Gonna have to make some new habits, I think.

  137. I’d love to have these supplies and get back to using my planner again. The start of this year has been pretty rough planner-wise. Hard to plan if there’s nothing to plan for. Nonetheless, I’m slowly working up my motivation again towards all forms of self-care (exercise, eating healthier…etc) and the last part one I have left to do is get back to planning. This prize would be awesome as it would help me get back on the ol’ planner horse.

  138. I just picked up italic calligraphy over the quarantine. It was something really new and different because my handwriting is not very pretty, and I ended up really liking it. I want to branch into pointed-pen calligraphy this summer!

  139. This summer I will be focusing on my garden, like so many other quarantined people who are lucky enough to have one. It’s creative, but it’s also good exercise.

  140. I’m attempting to learn how to use my brand new cricut maker and get my wood shop back to useable again, however there is a domino list of things i have to do before I can do those things. Like I have to clean up my craft area which means I have to finish my closet makeover because my clothes are in my craft area but I have to put my folders things away in the dresser but my drawers need the draw slides replaced and so on and so forth so I’m left with a huge to do list that makes no sense.

  141. Little sketches in my Hobonichi Weeks. And I’d like to write a new article (academic) as a break from too much administration! (Thanks for your great site and these excellent give-aways! Congrats on 10 years!)

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