Giveaway #5: Appelboom Pelikan M101N Blue-Grey & Lamy Bronze

Appelboom Giveaway

Our good friend Joost at Appelboom in the Netherlands has been so generous to us for our anniversary and you, our lovely readers, will be the ones who get to celebrate.

Appelboom has one Pelikan M101N in Blue-Grey with a Broad nib and a bottle of Lamy Bronze for one lucky reader. The Pelikan M101N comes in a gift box with a bottle of Pelikan ink and a carrying sleeve. This pen is so beautiful! This giveaway is open to all our readers, worldwide (except maybe North Korea, but I don’t think we have any readers there!)

Thanks to Appelboom for this generous giveaway and their on-going support for The Desk.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me which Pelikan pen(s) you own or you would like to own (besides this one). Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

If you have never entered a giveaway or commented on the site before, your comment must be manually approved by our highly-trained staff of monkeys before it will appear on the site. Our monkeys are underpaid and under-caffeinated so don’t stress if your comment does not appear right away. Give the monkeys some time.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Monday, June 9, 2020. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Tuesday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Email and address will be forwarded to Appelboom for final shipping.

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  1. My dream Pelikan is the M600 Ruby Red. It’s a shame that it’s so difficult to find and the one’s on the market are M320’s, but the pen body is the most beautiful thing and fitting shade of red I’ve ever seen.

  2. I have an octagonal Pelikan M215 with a medium nib, but I would like to at least try, if not own either a Stresmann M600 or M800 with a medium nib. Dream on !

    1. I’ve always thought the m205 is a pretty handsome pen. Plus it a way fancier than any pen I currently own

    1. I have 2, the LE white M605 from a few years ago and an M101n. I’ve been wanting to try the M20x series! I like pocket size pens!

  3. The Pelikans that I own are:
    M205 Blue Marble (BB)
    M200 Smoky Quartz (B)
    150 Black (M)
    Thanks again for doing the give-away

  4. I have a 400NN in brown tortoise that I love. I’d love to try a modern Souverän model one of these days. I also aspire to one day acquire a vintage with one of the famed steno nibs.

  5. I have a black M200, a vintage green m400 and an obviously vintage 140 in green. So, I think it is about time I got a colourful bird. I also don’t have a broad nib, which is something I’d also like to try.

  6. I have a 400NN in brown tortoise that is a beloved daily writer. I’d love to own a modern Souverän model and one day own one of the vintage pens with a steno nib.

  7. Hi Ana. A Pelikan pen has been on my dream list for many years . I have 2 Pelikan 120’s from 1980. They are my favorite pens. It was so sad that the hubs were cancelled this year. I have not been to a pen show YET!

  8. I have a green stripe Pelikan Souveran M600 with an EF nib. It’s a very wet writer and I love it.

  9. I don’t have any Pelikan pens yet. But would love a Pelikan M1000, with green/black body with broad nib.

  10. I have a Pelikan M600 with red stripes and an EF nib that I love to use for drawing!

  11. My very first fountain pen was a blue stripe M800 which I admit was a pretty big start. I later got a red stripe M800 and the Ocean Swirl. An M205 followed and finally a Ductus that I picked up in Berlin. My fantasy pen is an M800 designed like the 600 city series but that will not likely happen and I’d be thrilled if I could get my hands on one of those 600s!

  12. My dream Pelikan fountain pen is the Souverän M1000 Raden Green Ray Limited Edition Fountain Pen. I would love to start my collection with your giveaway! Happy 10th anniversary, and many more!!

  13. Ooh awesome! I don’t own any pelikan pens but I sure love the edelstein inks. I’d have loved the pen that matched the aquamarine ink when that was ink of the year ^_^

  14. Realistically, maybe the star ruby or pastel green. If a genie decided to grant me whatever pen I wanted regardless of price? I would want the Shanghai from the cities pens.

  15. I’ve eyed the Pelikan Souverän M405 Stresemann with Palladium trim, but my wallet starts to cry if I look too long.

  16. I own several modern and vintage Pelikans and LOVE their heft and feel and the way they write. I am one of those who collects mostly to use the pens, not just to collect.
    red/wood grain–med nib
    Black 1987 W German (before reunification)–Fine nib
    Blue early 2000s (I think)–probably similar to the 101 series they are doing now–Broad nib

    3 vintage 400 series pelikans–2 fine, 1 med nib

    I would LOVE to add this one to my collection.

    (sorry I don’t have better details. I am posting from work and all my paperwork is at home)

  17. This is a very generous offer. I own:

    Pelikan Souverän M400 Black/Green Fountain pen (F) – purchased in January 2015 at Laywine’s.

    Pelikan Souverän M600 Black/Blue Fountain pen (M) – purchased in January 2016 at Laywine’s.

    They are really nice pens, but with my current perspective, wish I had been more frugal.

  18. What a wonderful giveaway! I own a Pelican M205 demonstrator- because demonstrator! I love it too- what a wonderfully soft nib!

  19. I desperately want a Pelikan! Any Pelikan! If I could get a special price on it I would get a White Tortoise, then maybe the orange one with black. The m600 size seems more my size but beggars can’t be choosy can they?

  20. My second fountain pen was a M200 and it is a great pen! I would love to own an M800 someday.

  21. Pelikan is one of my favorite brands. While the “flock” has grown considerably, I favor the larger birds – the M800 and M1000 family. That being said, there’s always room for one more! 🙂

  22. I am privileged to own a few Pelikans, but I have to say I truly love my m320 ruby. I have a soft spot for wee pens, and the nib on this is as delightful to write with as all Souverans. My dream pen is a city series Shanghai or Athens for the beautiful and unique resins and colors.

  23. OOH, I love Pelikan pens. it started with the one my mother had when I was a child and continues to this day. My most prized Pelikan is the 100N that belonged to my mother. I have several M200/M205s and one M400 that I bought to commemorate a special birthday last year. I am perfectly content with the 200 series pens and would consider any of them for future purchase since they fit in my budget. If money were no object I might opt for an M400 or M600. I’m relatively easy to please in the Pelikan world 🙂

  24. Awesome! I love my two Pelikan pens! I have the M205 Star Ruby and the 805 Blue Sands. The Blue Sands is my favorite pen! Would love to add another Pelikan to the mix!

  25. Wow this is generous!! I would really like a brightly coloured 800 as that grip suits me. I have 2 Pelikans; One vintage green m120 and a modern m205 demonstrator.

  26. I’ve own a few of the M200s and the Iconic Blue but have since sold them when I finally came to the realization that I prefer larger pens. My dream Pelikan would be this one: Pelikan Souverän M605 Black/Anthracite Stresemann Fountain pen. I find it so perfectly classy that I can imagine it lasting a lifetime. One day…

    Thanks for the giveaway, Well Appointed Desk team and Appelboom!

  27. I would love to own the Pelikan M1000 Raden Green pen. Thanks for the sweekstakes!

  28. I haven’t had the opportunity to try a Pelikan pen yet, but they’re certainly beautiful to look at! I really like this blue-grey model. I continue to be drawn to the M101N in Bright Red, it just looks so vintage-y, and the Souveran line has some really fancy-looking pens that would be rad to use in a meeting.

  29. I usually don’t look at many Pelikans because they are out of my price range but man what I would not give to get a Pelikan Souveran M600 Viot White/ Looking at it reminds me of those Chowards Violet Mints.

  30. I own a (kinda) vintage M400, with a lovely broad nib. My dream Pelikan is the vintage pension of the one you’re giving away, though!

  31. Pelikan!! A dream pen! Not there yet with my collection, highly desired, yet out of reach price wise; maybe one day. Contrats on 10 years! Love the site and check it every day as it is full of good information, tidbits, and gift ideas – Thank you!

  32. Pelikans are one of favorite pens; so I have several. . .M200 Ruby red, Olivine, Smoky Quartz; M600 Turquoise- White, Pink-White, Violet White, Vibrant Orange and Vibrant Green. However I don’t have this Blue-grey one; so I would’ve to win. Thanks gain for your generous giveaways.

  33. I own a Pelikan 120 that i purchased in the early 1980’s. If I could have any Pelikan it would be the 1000.

  34. I’ve had my eye on a Pelikan M205 in white; I don’t own a Pelikan yet, but from all reports, it’s exactly the kind of pen I’d love.

  35. I don’t own any Pelikans… but if I’m going to dream, I’d love to own a M1000 Raden Green Ray.

  36. I own a Pelikan M200 demonstrator with gold trim that I love. The size is perfect for me. I added a gold nib to it.

  37. Beautiful.

    I have two Pelikans:
    • M205 Fountain Pen in Olivine – Fine Point, and
    • M800 Green Striped – OBB. This one is missing the gold trim ring nearest the nib. If anyone know where I can get a replacement, I would appreciate a heads up.


  38. I am the delighted owner of a limited edition Pelikan Souverän 605 White Transparent (2017) and a limited edition M400 Brown Tortoise, bought on closeout in 2019. I love them both, and I’m sure they would be happy to share the nest with a new fledging if I win the giveaway.

  39. I currently have an M1000 green striped. It is one of my favorites!!! I would love to have another to use as part of my EDC. The M1000 stays at home. Where it’s safe. Ahhhhhh I want this pen so bad! I’ll hang out with it. Read with it. Write with it bring it to the park. Introduce it to my parents it’ll be an excellent relationship

  40. I don’t own any Pelican pens but would like to. I would love the Lamy Bronze ink I already the 2019 Bronze pen for it. When I got the pen they were already out of the ink.

  41. Holy traffic lights Batman! What an amazingly generous giveaway! This one is a grail pen for me, and well out of my reach. I just love the clip placement and the colour. Currently I own a 400 white/tortoiseshell that I was gifted, and the 200 in olivine, but I’ve never even held one of the bigger models. Fingers crossed SO hard for this one.

  42. I have a 200, and would love to have an M 600 in violet and white or turquoise and white.

  43. I don’t own one but I’d like to own the Classic M205 DUO Highlighter yellow fountain pen.

  44. I don’t own any pelicans but holy Batman it’s pretty! I would love one thank you!

  45. I only have a blue Pelicano Jr. (I like kiddie training pens). But I’d gladly accept a grown up pen!

  46. I own 3 Pelikans: 1 M1000 in Broad and 1 M1000 in Extra Fine. The broad has the green stripes and the extra fine is in all black. My 3rd Pelikan is the M75 student pen in medium that is also a piston filler with a maroon clip and ink window. Always be kind to monkeys as they may take over one day, if you believe the movies!!

  47. I have a vintage M200 in grey swirl that, unfortunately, the piston knob broke so I can’t use it anymore. I have a few custom nibs for it as well, which is rather unfortunate. I love the blue-grey swirl colour scheme so have been keeping my eyes open for another but a good opportunity hasn’t come up yet. The size of these pens are great, really liked using mine before it broke because of how well it fit in my hand.

    Thanks for all the awesome content you and your team have made for the community!

  48. Hi,
    I own five pelikans: an M600 and four M200. One of the M200s has W.- Germany on the band.

  49. I’d love to try a Pelikan m1000 one day with it’s huge nib.
    I also admire the Deco aesthetic of the vintage 100 and 100n so the m101n is a great modern re-creation.

  50. I would like to have a Souverän M1005 but I currently don’t have any pelikans

  51. I would like to own a m800 blue-o-blue or an m600 green-o-green. These are really neat finishes.

  52. I own a Pelikan Twist in Neon Plum. I love the color, the shape and that it is much cheaper than most Pelikan pens. It also writes well.

  53. My realistically dreaming Pelikan pen is the M205 Star Ruby. But if I’m dreaming unrealistically, it’s the M1000 Raden.

  54. I own the Cafe Creme, a 1954 Brown Tortoise, an M4xx in blue, and an M8xx in blue.

    I wanted a new White Tortoise, but now I’m hoping for a pen to match the Moonstone ink.

    Thank you for the way you are letting us celebrate with The Desk.

  55. i know this is stepping away from the norm, but i like the looks of the pelikan pura series.

  56. I don’t own any Pelikan pens. I’ve been drooling over the Stressman model. Almost bought the 800 size secondhand, but having never held one in hand, I wasn’t sure I was willing to risk that much on a maybe. They are gorgeous, though, and in time, I’ll get to try one!

  57. I don’t have any Pelikans yet, but I recently added an m805 blue stripe when a medium nib. I would love to add this to my collection!

  58. My wife bought me a Pelikan Twist so I would stop saying I didn’t have any Pelikans! I would love to have an M800 or M1000, especially the M1000 Raden!

  59. I own a 400NN, because it’s light and small and fits perfectly in the pen pockets in my jackets. And the nib is wonderful. Yes, the idea of a 60+ year old pen being your EDC is a bit daft, and I’m sure it’ll bite me sooner or later; winning this pen would solve that looming problem.

  60. I have a Pelikan M250 in brown tortoise pattern made for Levenger I believe in 1997? I absolutely adore this pen. It has quite an amazing history about it. You can read all about it on the Pelikan’s Perch blog which I also highly recommend. Congrats on ten years Ana! Here’s to many more.

  61. I own a number of Pelicans but would like to have an 800. Pelikans are great pens.

  62. Happy Anniversary! I don’t currently own any Pelikan pens but to win this beautiful one would be a wonderful way to start. I do have an old Senator, which I believe is Pelikan-inspired.

  63. I have a vintage 140, the M400 White Tortoise, and the gorgeous M620 Athens. I would love an M1000. Some day!

  64. I’ve never looked hard at Pelikan pens since they’re higher than my usual price range. But if I get to dream, why not go for a Souveran 400 with a gold nib!

  65. I’ve got a green-striped M800, big as a stick of dynamite (almost), and I only fill it with green ink…

  66. Currently I have a M1000 in black and a M800 in blue. Looking to add a 400nn in the future.

  67. I have two M205’s–Aquamarine and Clear Demonstrator. I also have an M605 all blue. The giveaway pen is one I have admired but is in the category ‘I don’t think I will ever afford,’ as are the many special edition M800’s and M805’s that I find so beautiful.

  68. I own a M200 Smoky Quartz. I’d love to try another Pelikan in the future.

  69. I own a M200 Smoky Quartz but would love to try another Pelikan in the future.

  70. Actually this would be my 1st Pelikan pen and I would be soooooo excited to own it.

  71. I have the M205 Aquamarine M, M600 Turquoise White F, and my first grail pen: M400 White Tortie M.

  72. My 2nd ever fountain pen was a Pelikan. When we learned to write in school we were each given a Bruynzeel HB pencil, a BIC Crystal, and an EF nibbed fountain pen. I still have that thing and loved it so much that my parents gave me a fountain pen to use at home. An all plastic Pelikan with pink ribbons and some flowers printed on it. No size on the nib but probably around M. Ever since I’ve appreciated how different pens can transform your handwriting, and are just super fun. The beginning of my love of stationery. I still have it. There’s a crack in the cap that I put tape over, but nearing on 30 years later, it still writes great. That nib loves me, and I love it. Been adoring higher end Pelikans from afar. Thanks for offering this international giveaway Ana and Joost!

    1. Ten years is a long time – Congratulations, and I know we’re all with you for the next ten, too. No Pelikans here yet, this would be a wonderful treasure to win.

  73. I own an M250, two M400 (green stripes and red stripes) and two M1000 (green stripes and black). The red M400 was a bit of a disappointment and so was J. Herbin Rouille d’Ancre until I paired them together and then magic happened. It writes wonderfully and it suddenly became one of my favourite pen & ink combinations.
    I like the bouncy nibs of the M1000, but the pens are too big for my smallish hands. They are the most expensive pens in my collection, even if I bought them second hand.
    I dream of an M600 and an M800 because their sizes will probably work better for me than the M400, which is a little small; and the M1000, which is too big. I may fall for an M600 this year, but an M800 is a little too expensive for what I feel comfortable paying.

  74. Happy anniversary! I love how Pelikan pens write. I have several: a 150, a yellow 200 highlighter, and a vintage 140 w/ wrong cap:(. I especially love how the 140 writes! I would love the blue 101. It is a great looking pen. I started using fountain pens a little over two years ago and I am in love with them.

  75. The 600 in violet is a dream pen of mine, but far far out of my pen budget! This is a beautiful pen and an extremely generous giveaway, I would love a chance to experience a Pelikan, I have never even let myself hold one!

  76. I have to admit with some shame that I don’t have a pelikan nor have I ever even held one in my hand! It’s one one of those brands which somehow just feels too precious to touch… They are beautiful though and the M200(?) ruby red was pure eye candy when I first saw it.

  77. The Pelikan Souverän M600 Violet White would be my pen of choice. The barrel color draws me in then the white cap and grip polish it off. Plus it would be my first 14 carat gold nib!

  78. I own 3 pelkan 150, all buttery smooth.
    1 black one with a BB nib
    2 green and black with a F and M nib

    My dream Pelican? A BB Green stripes M1000 , because the green stripes never go out of style. Don’t they?

  79. I’m new to the fountain pen community but I’ve heard great things about Pelikan. I don’t currently own any, maybe someone can recommend one to start with? Or maybe I can start with this one 😉

  80. Pelikan broad nib! I have one Pelikan and it’s a juicy broad nib and I love it! This being a broad just makes it something I love even more.
    Happy tenth anniversary!

  81. My dream Pelican in the M600 in Violet. It looks like a Cream-saver from back when they were available, and is such a nice size and weight

  82. I don’t own any Pelikans. I’m very curious/have thought about getting the Pastel Green but I’m not sure about the size. I need to study the brand more.

  83. No Pelikans in my collection, and I would not know where to start with picking one. I’ve always heard they are great pens and the M101N is a very nice looking. Thanks and Happy Anniversary!!

  84. I was gifted a vintage Pelican many years ago and passed it along to my son. Have to keep the tradition going! A shiny new one would be so wonderful to own!

  85. I don’t own any pelikan’s so I’d like to start my flock with a 600 violet and white.

  86. I have some student pens — Pelikano, Pelikano Junior, Twist — and a vintage 400NN. I like the looks of a Souverän in the Stresemann finish but can’t decide what size.

  87. I’m new to this so I was thinking of something more along the lines of an M205 to start. But… This is so beautiful!

  88. I don’t have any Pelikan pens, except I think that was the brand I used when I was taught calligraphy 100 years ago lol! Would absolutely use one of I had one, and the ink sounds lovely!

  89. This could be my first Pelikan! Such a gorgeous color too. And even though I’m a lefty overwriter I love me a broad nib!

  90. One of my favorite pens is the Pelikan M800 Orange with a cursive italic grind.

  91. I’ve never held or owned a Pelikan – I was hoping to look and try some out at the Chicago Pen Show this year. Next time. I love the look of the Souverans with the stripey barrels.

  92. I do not own any Pelikan pens but I admire them every time they show up in your blog!

  93. I don’t own any Pelikans, but I’d like to get a 600 or and 800 some day. I always kind of wishes I’d gotten the Aquamarine 205, but it was available when I was first getting into fountain pens, and I thought $150 for a pen with a steel nib was nuts. Lol!

  94. Thank you!
    Recently bought my first Pelikan, which I found at an antique store: M400, old style, blue, F. It is fantastic! Currently drying after I cleaned it; ready to re-ink it this week, likely w/a purple.

  95. I own one Pelikan, a somewhat unusual one: a lime green twist, one of their beginner models.

  96. I would like to own a modern m605 Stresemann, an m405 Blue-Black Stripe, and a vintage 140.

  97. Bedsides the beautiful M101N being given away, I would love to own any Pelikan, but I have long admired the Star Ruby M205 because I love Pelikan Star Ruby ink so much.

  98. I would love to own an M1000. Any color. The green one looks the perfect classic Fountain Pen. Maybe someday.

  99. I don’t yet have a Pelikan pen or ink, or any Lamy ink, or a broad nib pen, so this would check a lot of boxes for me. Thanks for doing all this 10-year anniversary stuff!

  100. Congrats on your 10 year anniversary. I would love to own the M101N… I am new to pen and ink in this format and today is the first day I have found the Well Appointed Desk. Thanks for your consideration.

  101. A Pelikan isn’t in my collection, nor have I ever held one. This would be a fab fix! Thanks!!

  102. I don’t own any Pelikans yet, although I love how they look generally. I have some old Pelikan ink that I inherited from my mom 15 years ago, and it is still great! I have only really looked at Pelikan fountain pens at Pelikan HUBs (no real pen stores near me) but I’m having trouble not buying Pelikan M205 in Olivine.

    I have also really loved all the Edelstein inks! Topaz is nearly always in a pen.

  103. I own a few from a M205 to a M805, so this one would be a nice addition to my collection. 🙂

  104. New to the FP world so this beauty would be a wonderful way to start / continue the journey

  105. I do not have a Pelikan yet, but the M205 Demonstrator has been on my wish-list for a while now.

  106. I missed out on the 605 white transparent, and I’ve been kicking myself for three years!

  107. I don’t own any Pelikan pens – yet – but could anything be more gorgeous than the M1000 Green Ray? (It’s way beyond my meager budget, but one can dream.)

  108. I’m new to this and I don’t own any Pelikan pens yet! This would be nice to start with.

  109. Hm… this would look really nice beside my m805 Stresseman, and certainly more pocket friendly.

  110. I have a wonderful old black Pelikan 120 (black with green ink window), great springy medium steel nib. Would love to have another one Pelikan! What a great giveaway!

  111. I have two Pelikans. One was one of my first fountain pens, so it is a smaller pen in black. However, I later bought an M200 in a marbled green pattern. It’s showing some wear after so many years . . . so I would love to replace it with the M800 Stone Garden someday. That’s a beautiful pen.

  112. The metal–striped M815 would provide be my dream Pelikan but it is a bit pricey. Happy 10th!

  113. No Pelikans…yet. I have not made it to that price range…yet. I am bummed Pelikan hub is canceled this year. Last year was a good time.

  114. I’m looking forward to purchasing a M205 Moonstone later in the year. Unlike many, I prefer the smaller pens. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging.

  115. I have the m200 Smokey quartz and I snagged extra nibs EF-F-M and have fun flipping back and forth among them as the mood strikes.

  116. My first Pelikan was an M200 with a cursive italic nib by Richard Binder–wonderful for practicing calligraphy. Now I’ve got a small flock. My favorite size is the present-day M600/605, but I love the flexy 400NN nibs from the 1950’s. I’m saving my pennies for the day when Pelikan releases a brown tortoise M600.

  117. I own a first generation 120, an M20, the oddity known as the P1, and have an M200 on the way. I would love to have an M800 some day.

  118. own two m205s and one m120 iconic blue! love them, want one m205 for each nib size. congrats for ten years of blogging!

  119. I currently own a Pelikan M400 Green Stripe with black cap. It was my first piston filler, I love it. My wish is to someday own the Pastel-Green M200. I have small hands and like the smaller Pelikans. The broad nib is also a favorite. The blue-grey is lovely.
    I too will miss the Pelikan Hub, it was set up my the GNYPIG and was such fun to compare pens of all sorts.

  120. I dream of Pelikans … I love the faces on the clip and the nesting bird on the top. I don’t own one – but I love the Stressman (history buff) and The Violet and White (what is not to like).

  121. I’ve never owned a Pelikan pen, but I am enamored with their demonstrator models.

  122. I bought my first Pelikan in about 2000. It’s a Marble Green M200. I still use that pen, along with the couple of dozen other Pelikans I own. I’d love to add the M101N Blue-Grey to my collection.

  123. What a dreamy prize! I don’t own a pelikan but if I did I would honestly be happy with any of them. I’d also want it delivered by pelican.

  124. I’ve never really looked at the Pelikan pens until now, but digging through the catalog I really like the M120 in blue. Very classy looking!

  125. I don’t own any Pelikan pens yet but I would like to end up with an M600 vibrant orange in the near future.

  126. I love my Pelikan star ruby and aquamarine M205 pens! I’d adore one of the M600 violent and white striped pen…you had me at the purple!

  127. Oh, I have a small flock: M400 Tortie, 400 Tortie, M205 Olivine, & a M150. The flock is always accepting of new members!

  128. Sadly I’m so uneducated about pelikan I don’t even know how to answer! hoping to change that 🙂

  129. I own two M200 fountain pens: Smokey Quartz and a vintage marbled gray. Thank you for the opportunity. Congratulations!!!!

  130. I have a tortoise 400nn that makes me happy to just look at it. Angels sing. The sun shines brighter. And I believe there are unicorns dancing outside when I ink it up. It has not however, improved my singing voice. Darn it.

  131. I don’t own a Pelikan and I don’t know enough about them (yet) to pick a favorite. But the best way to have a Pelikann would be to win it so that I can use the money in the change jar for some thing beside buying lesser pens

  132. I currently have a Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell Brown (2016) and am considering an M800 Brown Black Special Edition (2019). Of course, the M101N Blue-Grey would be great too especially with the delightful Lamy Bronze ink.

  133. No Pelicans (yet), but the Olivine is often intriguing, and an 805 Stresemann has such a classic look!

  134. I own a Pelikan m600 in blue with gold trim and a fine nib. My dream Pelikan is an m605 Streseman with an extra fine nib but they are such good pens that any new Pelikan is awesome.

    Congratulations to the Well Appointed Desk for 10 great years!

  135. My first grail pen was a Pelikan M800 Green Demonstrator. I bought it when I finished my Intern year of my medical training. That was many many years ago! Still have it and still love it. Used it today at work 🙂
    Maybe its time to get it partner…
    Congrats on the 10th anniversary and keep up the great work.

  136. I have 3 Pelikans – none very expensive as Pelikans go. I have two demonstrators, one with silver colored furniture, and one with gold colored furniture that I’ve had for many years. It has a steel nib, but it’s always been one of my most reliable and favorite pens. And I have the 201 that came out with the Smoky Quartz ink. The nib needs some work, so I haven’t been using it much. Wish I could afford one of the really nice pinstripe Pelikans with a soft gold nib. Maybe someday. But for now, I’d be thrilled with any other Pelikan that’s as reliable as my demonstrators.

  137. I only own a Pelikan Twist. The Pastel Green M200 keeps grabbing my eye at the local pen store.

  138. I would like to own the M200 gold marbled. As things stand now, I would be embarrassed to buy another pen to add to my collection.

  139. I don’t own a Pelikan and I wouldn’t know which one I would want other than it would need to be blue.

  140. I have no Pelikans currently, but I’ve always looked longingly at the Cafe Creme from afar.

  141. I would love to own a Pelikan M600 in violet! Don’t own one currently but its such a beautiful pen!

  142. <3 I have an m150 which I love. It was my first “expensive” fountain pen that I bought at my first job at an art supply and pen store. I love it but have my eye on a m400 in the white tortoise. Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. I don’t currently own a Pelikan (except some lovely 4001 green ink I use in my daily office pen), but I think the M600 vibrant orange special edition is out of this world! (One day, one day…). I love a good B nib, and this M101N would definitely be a quality bit of kit!

  144. I only have two fountain pens and one is a Pelikan. It’s an old 120 schoolpen, one year older than me.
    Pelikan pens are the only pens that seem to work for me but unfortunately they are financially out of reach. The M101n series are my dream pens: less gold or silver trims and a simpler silhouette than most of the other models. As I favour smaller pens the size of the M101n is more suitable than the larger series.

  145. I don’t own a Pelikan but I really liked the look of the M120 in Iconic Blue that was available recently.

  146. I don’t own any yet but would love to own an m205 (and this one of course!)

  147. I have 4 Pelican fountian pens, Pelican being the second (Mont Blanc being first, and so publicised). Pelican was recommended by the Writer George Will, in C-Spans Afterwords interviews, George being interviewed by Brian Lamb. I do like them and I lime being able to change nibs without an Order from the Intergalctic Equity Court.

  148. I have a Pelikan M600 green stripe, medium nib, that I received as a surprise gift many years ago. I wasn’t really experienced with fountain pens, tho, so not long after, it went missing. I thought it had been lost forever. In the intervening years, I got interested in fountain pens and started a fun little hobby. The just last month, I opened an old storage box — and what greeted me, but that faithful little Pelikan! All it needed was a little cleaning and some fresh ink. Today it writes like a dream…and is gonna be the start of a Pelikan pair, if I’m lucky enough to win your giveaway! Thanks for your lovely blog, and for all your cool articles. “Link Love” is my favorite!

  149. I’d love to own a massive M1000 Streseman – would have to get some kind of double broad italic or oblique nib; no extra fine there!

  150. Oh man I’d love a 600 series green striped one, the stresseman? They’re beautiful. I also like the translucent green color of the year one they released recently.

  151. I own a Star Ruby M205 and love it. Would love to try an M1000 someday, just to see how that huge nib feels.

    1. If I were choosing a winner, you would have my vote! That is a beautiful pen with a memory to match! Good luck!!

  152. This is stunningly generous! Such a beautiful pen…
    My fountain pen journey began with a blue M200 gifted to my by my parents. It took me a while to let it out of its box and see it as daily worker, but since then it is one of my daily companions. Nowadays it has a sibling, the Aquamarine 205 which I love as well. My smoothest writers!

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  153. Pelikan pens are my favourites, they embody exactly what I like about fountain pens; simple, sturdy, nice wet nibs and a wonderful piston mechanism on their M-models.

    I started off with buying the M205 Amethyst and since then have bought every yearly iteration of the M200s, they are gorgeous!

    At pen shows here in the Netherlands, they are plenty full, I scored a few vintage ones of which a beautiful tortoiseshell flexy one 🙂

    When the M805 Ocean Swirl came out I was immediately smitten. I’d never bought such an expensive pen (and haven’t since), but after saving some money I bought it and I love it dearly!

  154. For my 16th birthday I got an engraved Pura and fell in love with Pelikan pens in that moment. This went on to be my main pen for school and university. The M205 Olivine is currently on my wishlist and I hope to one day own one! Thank you for this giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  155. I own 4 Pelikans (plus one sadly in parts, waiting for heavy fixing). All are M400 and M205. My favorite of the small flock is a vintage green M400 which was my father’s pen in the 1970s. Pelikan nibs really suit my handwriting and I would love to explore some models outside of the Souverän series.

  156. Congratulations on 10 years! Well done! I own a Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl. I write with it almost everyday and I love it.

  157. Hello and congratulations on your 10 years! I do not have any Pelikan but would love to try one. I really like the look of the Pelikan M200 Pastel Green and wonder if it writes smoothly like my Esterbrook Esties.

  158. The very first fountain pen I ever held was I think a 140 or 400nn, when I was a small kid in a German immigrant family. I have a clear memory of being fascinated with the green stripes when someone let me play with it. I want to get an m400 for my next milestone birthday.

  159. I own two Pelikans, the turquoise and purple m600s. I wish I hadn’t passed on the Ocean Swirl.

  160. I don’t currently own any Pelikans, but I really enjoy their aesthetic (especially the distinctive clip).

    It would be a dream to own one of the M1000 Raden special editions, but they are quite unattainable for me. The M200 Cafe Creme has also called out to me.

  161. I have been wanting to add a Pelikan to my collection for ages! It would be great to be able to win one.

  162. Right now, my only Pelikan is an M205 that I got a good price on. It’s a great pen and is frequently in rotation.

    If I could have any Pelikan, though, it would be the “Herzstueck” that they did for their 90th anniversary. It’s a silly price for a simple pen, but it speaks to me.

  163. I had a Pelikan Souveran M805 limited edition that I received as a gift when I retired. It was beautiful and I loved writing with it. When we travel I always write notes and postcards to family members and friends rather than email. I just think it is important to take the time to sit down and write a short note every now and then so the person receives something special in the mail. Even if it is only two or three sentences. I do the same thing at home, but it’s fun to write and send a little something special from the place we travel. I always keep my pen in my purse (crossover so it’s always with me). We were out one day in a crowded market and a thief slashed the strap on my crossover purse and ran with it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get another one of those really expensive pens, but it surely brought a lot of joy before my purse was stolen.

  164. Wow this is very generous of Appelboom. I have purchased from their site several times and they have great service. Congratulations to Well Appointed Desk for your 10th Anniversary as well! I have quite a few Pelikans and the M600s are my daily writers. My current grail pen is the M1000 Raden Green Ray.

  165. I’d love to own a pelikan m800 with a fine or extra fine nib. Anything blue would do ❤️

  166. I own a Pelikan 800 (Green) and a Lamy 2000. the “800” is a bit large for a daily user for me. I also own a Vanishing Point, which I really enjoy. My fountain pens helped me before I retired in that my work as a psychologist required a lot of note writing. These pens helped me a lot. The 101N looks fascinating!

    Once I retired I had just about nothing to write about, so I started journaling.

  167. I own 4 Pelicans. My favorite is the Souveran M600 green. It is the classiest pen I own. After years of eschewing anything but a fine or extra fine nib, my aging eyes have forced to to try broad nibs. The broad nib on my Souveran is the bomb. Congrats on being 10 years old. In pen years that’s priceless!

  168. I’ve never owned a Pelikan! That said, I really like the stresseman look.

  169. I would love a Pelikan Souverän M605 White-Transparent fountain pen with a broad nib.

  170. I’d absolutely love the M805 demonstrator, or an M600 classic black! I currently don’t own any pelikan pens, but I would love to change that!

  171. I have a M405 Stresseman and M800 Renaissance Brown. I would love a M1000 Raden Green Ray!

  172. I don’t own any Pelikan pens, but I would love to have the M205 Star Ruby. Thanks!

  173. I have a Souverän Black-Blue that I bought in the 90’s. I love everything about this pen. I’ve had my eye on the Souverän Stresemann for some time. Classic look.

    I would love another Pelikan, and that Lamy Bronze color is intriguing.

    What a great giveaway! Thank you and thank you to Appelboom!

  174. I still haven’t bought my first Pelikan, but that turquoise M600 is basically one of the pens of my dreams or a “one day” pen. I like the purple one as well but there’s something magical about that turquoise and white.

  175. I have had one of the cheap ones; somewhat like Pelikan Style, but a bit more delicate. That was a problem, as I wound up crunching the cap. The pen is fine, but the cap is now long lost. Akin to the “Style” line, but more delicate; there are 3 wee rubber-like pads on the grip. A dark red, I’d rather have had brighter, but moreso, I’d rather have had something that survived better 🙂

    I find the M600 line particularly compelling as possible “grail” pen candidates…

  176. I own an M800 and M805 – both have had nib work by Richard Binder. I got an extra nib for cheap – a BB! So now I swap them all around willy nilly depending on my mood. 🙂

  177. I have never owned a Pelikan–if I had all the money in the world, I would love the Pelikan M600 😉

  178. Thanks for doing all these wonderful giveaways. Congratulations on your anniversary! I would love, love, love to own the Pelikan Souverän M1000 Raden Green Ray. I didn’t have a grail pen until I saw that.

  179. I’ve wanted the Souveran M400 tortoiseshell/white pen forever. I think it will be the reward I give myself when I finish my novel.

  180. One of my most special pens is the Ocean Swirl (fine nib) – a birthday gift from my husband purchased at the factory store in Hannover when we toured the factory two years ago. I also have an M600 red (fine nib), an M101N gray (medium nib), and an M120 green (extra fine nib). We have been to Pelican hubs in Richmond, Virginia, and Philadelphia, and we’re just starting to discuss if and where to go this year when the hubs were canceled (not surprising). Congrats on 10 years!

  181. I have a Pelikan Twist, a vintage Pelikano, and a couple of Pelikano Jrs.! All well made and fun to use! I like collecting inexpensive and school or student fountain pens, and the ones from major manufacturers are usually great writers.

  182. I have several Pelikans, ranging from Pelikano to M1000. I think the one I would LOVE to have is if they did an M805 sparkle purple thing…kind of like the Star Ruby, but really purple and REALLY sparkly. That would be ridiculous and amazing all at once and I would be all over it.

  183. My favorite thing about Pelikan pens is that the clip looks like a pelican! I have a pelikan twist pen from a subscription box, but haven’t been able to afford one of the fancier ones. I would love to bring a Pelikan pen to the next Pelikan Hubs when they are able to have it. Congratulations on 10 years!

  184. I really would love a Pelikan Classic Pastel-Green. It’s such a pretty pen.

  185. M205 Demonstrator with an EF nib. It writes so nicely that I am on the lookout for a bargain on another Pelikan. I would put shading inks in it as it shows off their qualities to such distinction. Robert Oster African Gold was last – Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi or Ink Studio 123 will be next.

  186. I don’t own any Pelikans, but I would love the M400 in the red stripe. Perfect size, perfect color!

  187. I have never owned a Pelikan but I have been thinking about the Pelikan Twist because of the unique design. Thanks to you and Appelboom for this awesome giveaway!

  188. No Pelikans yet. I would really like the M205 in olivine or the M600 in vibrant orange.

  189. I have a light blue M120 and M205 Demonstrator, nothing special except for the nib. I would like a M805 or M1000 but at that price I would probably just go with another Conid or a Nakaya.

  190. M205 Aquamarine with an upgraded broad gold nib ground to a stub by Mike Masuyama.

  191. I don’t own any Pelikan pens. After looking at their website, I think I like the M805 Raden Royal Platinum.

  192. I currently own two treasured M200s, an M200 Smoky Quartz M and an M205 Olivine F, both bought in two recent sales. I am absolutely spoiled by their springy and juicy steel nibs, and they are my favorite writers! After getting the first, I began an obsessive research into Pelikan, its history, and all the models. I started reading every single article, review, or forum post I could find on Pelikans, and have many more bookmarked to read in the future!

    Current more feasible Pelikans I long after are the M200 Pastel Green, M200 Gold Marbled, and any of the various M200 Green Marbled. Cost prohibitive modern Pelikans include (but are not limited to) the M600 White Tortoise, Ruby Red, and Vibrant Orange; the M800 Ocean Swirl; and someday, I wish to at least hold an M1000 in my hand! A grail would be the M101N Tortoiseshell-Brown fitted with a vintage nib..!!!

    But though I may long after these modern Pelikans, I hungrily, achingly yearn after and drool over the vintage Pelikans! It is my dream (dreams are harmless, right?) to own one of each of the 100N, 120, 140, 400 and 400NN Pelikans. I know this is an impractical dream, but since you so kindly asked, I must tell. XD

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, and thank you so much for this gracious giveaway! And more importantly, thank you for all you do for the fountain pen addicted people like me!

  193. I have 3 Pelikans: M206 Demo, M300 Black and green, and M800 that my husband bought for me and had engraved – love that one! I’d like a M120 Special edition Iconic Blue set.

  194. I would love a Pelikan pen and have several on my wish list. Lately I’ve been drooling over the M205 in Star Ruby. I love the sparkles!

  195. I have a M205 Olivine with the ink of the year to match. The only one I possibly would have wanted more out of this series is the Amethyst, but I don’t think I even owned a fountain pen then.

  196. This would be a great addition to my flock. Congrats and well-deserved for 10 years of great blogging.

  197. I’ve owned a vintage 400, various M205s and an M600. I’ve always loved the look of the vintage 100 that the M101N is modeled on, and blue is my favourite colour!

    Thank you very much for the giveaway.

  198. I’ve had my eye on an M800 Stresemann for the longest while and then….came the M800 Gold/Brown. So now there are two Pelikans that I want to own. Now there are three; so here’s hoping the lady Fate’s show favour.

  199. I don’t own any Pelikans and I don’t know much about them, so I don’t even know what I would want! I guess a 205? I don’t know!

  200. I have a black M200 that is inked up with Aurora Black. “Super exciting”, I know?! I use it to journal and concept brainstorm for work. It helps me focus when I get distracted by the ink sloshing around in my transparent pens.

  201. I have way to many Pelikans, but no M101N 🙂 My favorite is a M800 Tortoise with a B nib.
    Thanks for the give-away

  202. I have not tried any Pelikan. I have always wanted to. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary.

  203. Happy Well Appointed Anniversary!!

    I have a Pelikan M205 Demonstrator and a vintage Pelikan 12 Silvexa I got at an antique store while visiting Germany. I would love to try the beautiful 101N too; the color scheme is awesome!

  204. Thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to own a Pelican….and maybe even pull together a Pelican Flock-gathering! I am currently looking to purchase a Pelikan Twist in GirlyRose! It looks like a fun pen!

  205. I currently have a brown Pelikan M200. I hope to be adding a M600 in blue to my flock soon.

  206. I have several m200s and really love them! I’ve currently got my eye on a m805 Streseman. From trying them out at pen meetups, the m800 series seems better for me as an everyday writer than a m1000.

  207. I don’t own any Pelikans, but the M205 I recently saw in Marbled Blue caught my eye.

  208. I love the look of all the non-standard Pelikan pens, and the scrollwork on the nibs is just killer! I might even like it better than Sailor… Anyway, this means that the Pelikans I’d love to have are basically unattainable, like the 1000 Years of Austria, or any of the raden pens. If I’m being a little more reasonable, the metal stripe is pretty darn cool too.

  209. I own a Pelikan M250 with an oblique nib that I bought about 20 years ago. I never bought another Pelikan because that one broke my heart and in fact it was the pen that put me off fountain pens for a long time (so much money, so little satisfaction!). I’ve just gotten back into fountain pens during quarantine, so I pulled it out recently and tried it again. Well. Now that I have the internet at my disposal, I can confidently diagnose my old M250 as having a case of baby’s bottom. I’d like to find a nibmeister to tune it so I can finally love it after all these years!

    Really enjoying your giveaways – I’m finding that your questions are quite thought provoking for me, interestingly.

  210. Hi! My first Pelikan Pen is the Pelikan M200 Gold Marbled. I am absolutely in love with how it looks and how it writes beautifully. This is my first time taking part in a giveaway and I am from Sunny Singapore! 🙂

  211. I have a m200 in White Tortoise. I have the matching pencil, too. Just lovely.

  212. The classic green pelikan in a larger size like m800 is for sure one of my grail pens.

  213. I have always wanted to get my hands on a Pelikan m805 stresemann with an EF nib. I love the simple take on the standard style.

  214. Happy 10th anniversary for your website!

    I would love to start a Pelikan flock of my own starting with this pen.

    I would like to own a M205 Blue Marble. It is simply enchanting. However, the pen I really like to own one day is a M700 Toledo – a grail pen for me. Thank you for this giveaway.

  215. I’ve definitely been admiring the M600, but at that price range I definitely need to try once before I even think about buying one.

  216. I currently have an M800(red) and a few M805s(stresseman, blue, ocean swirl) as well as an m815 and an m625 red demonstrator.
    As for what I would like to own, I am keeping an eye out for a beaten up M1000 with rhodium trim for Shawn Newton to work his magic on with an acrylic rod I have stashed away for just such an occasion. I am also interested in trying out something on the smaller end like, say, an M101N wink wink.

  217. I currently own a couple of Pilots, and a Platinum. Therefore, I need a wonderful German Pelikan to add to my collection. The Pelikan M600 Souveran in orange (fine nib) is just lovely, and I understand it has a wonderful nib.

  218. Don’t own any Pelikan, but I would love a Souverän 600… and to win this, of course. Happy anniversary!!

  219. I’ve got just three Pelikans – M400 White Tortoise, M205 Star Ruby and M600 Turquoise. I love them for their wetness! I’d really like to get a M600 pink and a M600 Ruby (the red marble) but

  220. I don’t own a Pelikan… yet, but I would love to own either the M205 in Star Ruby or the M200 Pastel Green!

  221. I have two Pelikans— an M205 Olivine that I bought just a few months ago, and an M200 I bought sometime in the early 2000s (I can’t remember the exact year). The 200 is a sort of translucent red. It wasn’t my first fountain pen, but it was my first piston filler, and certainly the most expensive fountain pen I owned at that time. The M200 has been through a lot — I had to replace the nib after dropping the pen and bending it. At some point my cat got a hold of it and left a few bite marks in the piston knob. Still a great pen!

  222. Sadly I dont own a Pelikan pen yet. I’m new in the use of fountainpens and own a Osmia (this was a family hairloom) and a Pilot. But, growing in to penmanship and searching my way through all the beautyfull colors and pens I made me a wish list.
    • M600 fine nib (vibrant orange)
    • M205 classic , fine nib
    • Special edition M120 green black
    • Special edition M120 iconic blue
    And I would love to include the M101N to my collection to be.

  223. I have an M205 Blue Marble, and (in addition to the M101N) I’d eventually like an M405 black and some of the more dramatic M600/5 special editions, when I can afford them.

  224. I daren’t count!

    Stars include the special edition tortoise m400 with a squeaky broad italic nib, the M101n brown tortoise, both m400 and m600 white tortoise and an m700 Toledo. As you can see I like tortoise!

  225. I like a lot of the M600 series (white tortoise, pink stripe, purple stripe) but my dream Pelikan would be anything with a vintage flex Pelikan nib.

  226. I’ve been eyeing this pen for a while. Such a great giveaway! Congratulations on 10 years!

  227. I’ve never owned a Pelikan, but the M205 Olivine special edition is one of those pens that always seems to end up going in and then back out of my shopping cart when I’m looking at buying a new pen.

  228. I have a green striped 400NN that I like very much. I loved some of the city series pens, but didn’t have enough money to buy one (or hadn’t convinced myself that spending more than $100 for a pen was a good idea) when they were easily available.

  229. Pelican was the first pen I actually had! I was in Jounior School then. It was the hello pelican Jounior! It still write beautifully and I treasure it. It would be amazing to get another pelican pen! I send every single money that I get on buying pens, but since they are expensive I can’t get all I want. Getting this will be awesome!

  230. Although I have several vintage Pelikans in my flock, they’re missing a modern role model. A proper bird that can teach them what today’s German penmaking is all about. The ideal candidate would be a 600 series in a beautiful burnt orange. Regardless of my silly needs, the best part of this is to congratulate you on the joy you’ve brought us the last 10 years. Here’s to many more, Ana.

  231. I would like a modern Pelikan 400, especially that brown one they put out but any one would do. I have several vintage 400s from the 50s and I love them. Actually, Pelikan is my favorite brand. Pelikan Go! is what got me through graduate school and hooked on fountain pens. I love a wet nib and medium is good for me. I’d really like to try the marbled blue Pelikan.

  232. Own a 215 with an EF nib-perfect for editing.
    Aside from this 101n, I’d love to have the unloved P1, Pelikan’s so-ugly-it’s-funky, porthole wearing, hooded nib offering.

  233. I have a M200 Smoky Quartz but I would really love to upgrade to a M600 one day. Thanks

  234. Pelikans are the (relative) splurges in my collection. I have the m101N in red tortoise, which is one of my favorite writers. I’ve taken advantage of a few sales from European dealers to pick up several M800s/805s in the standard colored pinstripes (including a Stresseman), but have been unsure about the limited editions (other than the brown-black that I got on a screaming deal from stacking discounts). The dream one is the current green raden M1000, but I cannot bring myself to spend 2-3K on a pen.

  235. I own a vintage sage green 100N from the early 50s and it is just such a fun little pen, but the nib is EF and it’s not an everyday writer (that, and it’s vintage). I’ve had my eye on this blue-grey 101N almost since the moment it was released and would love to win it. And the broad nib would be just perfect for me.

  236. I have 2 Pelikan 205s and 2 Pelikan Elegance a few Pelikano’s and my first Pelikan was a Stola that was given to me by Joshua at Pelikan’s Perch. That was the start of a love affair.

  237. Hello Ana! I would love to win this bundle. I currently own three 205s – a black one, the Aquamarine and a Star Ruby. I’d love to try a larger sized Pelikan but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Thank you and hope to see you at a pen show again one day!

  238. I was gifted an M805 Streseman for my 40th birthday. It is by far the best pen I own, and the own that gives me to most anxiety to carry around with me.

  239. I would love to own a Pelikan M200 in Pastel Green! I don’t own any but I love the M200 designs. Just beautiful!

  240. My only Pelikan is an M600 Green Souveran, but I have been wanting one of the M101s – I love the vintage style.

  241. Hi Ana! I do not yet have a Pelikan in my small collection. The black and green Souverän is at the top of my most-desired list, but I think I would be happy with almost any M400, or any model for that matter! The tortoiseshell M600 is swoon-worthy, too.

    What is funny is that the M101 Blue & Grey is the pen at the top of my boyfriend’s most-wanted list. I imagine a trade negotiations summit scheduled by him if I win, and much gloating by him if he wins.

  242. My first/only Pelikan is a Souverän® M605 Stresemann, Fine nib – I just really love the style of if. Looks very dressy and formal but also approachable for every day use.

    I’d love to have the give-away model as my second Pelikan. I think the two would make a nice start to my own flock of these lovely birds.

    Congrats on 10 years of Well-Appointed Desk and thanks for the give-away!

  243. I own the M205 Blue Marble with a juicy medium nib and some day dream of owning the M800 Stone Garden. Thanks for the fantastic Pen Addict episode last week and congratulations for the 10 year anniversary. Best wishes for the future.

  244. Honestly I’ve only ever owned the m200 Smoky Quartz. I would absolutely LOVE to own the Green Ray Raden, but an m805 Stresemann would be my next choice.

  245. My 92 year old father passed away on April 28th 2020 and in cleaning out his house, I have discovered that he had 2 fountain pens, that have apparently been sitting in a dresser draw for many years one is a Parker 51, that I learned he took with him to WWII (stationed in Korea) and wrote home to his mother – he was only 19 years old. The other pen is a Pelican, but it is broken in two, and I will attempt to repair it and see what it is. Maybe an ancient 120? I am not sure, but I look forward to hopefully getting it back together and using it, so a new Pelican would be great!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Happy Anniversary!

  246. I browsed several sites to find the answer to “what Pelikan would you like to own.” I seem to keep drifting towards the (relatively speaking) modest M205 Star Ruby

  247. I don’t own any Pelikans, but I’ve considered getting one as the Pelikan owners in my local pen club love them. If I were to go for it, I think I’d like one of the M600s and enjoy the violet white that’s out there now as well as the teal and while a couple of years back.
    Congrats on 10 years Ana!

  248. The Pelikan Maki-E Spring & Autumn! /s I mean, I would never buy it, but I would love one. More reasonably, I’d really like one of the MX05 Stresemann.

  249. Thanks to my ever-generous husband’s outstanding gift-giving abilities, I’m extremely lucky to own 3 absolutely gorgeous birds, which fit my smaller hands just beautifully!
    – M200 Classic Brown Marbled
    – M205 Blue Marbled
    and, drumroll please,
    – M600 Turquoise & White

  250. So far, I just own an M405 Stresemann. It definitely won’t be my last Pelikan.

  251. I own an older M800 I was gifted when I graduated college. As a lover of vintage pens, A m101n would be a very cool pen to own!
    Congrats on the 10 years!

  252. I’ve wanted a green M800 for many years now. Almost bought myself one as a graduation gift but ultimately decided against it. I know I’ll get one someday, though!

  253. Hello

    I’ve spent most of this weekend drooling over the Pelikan pens at Applebloom…. Barring the maki pens, or the raden ones, my first choice would probably be Pelikan Souverän M600 Violet White Fountain pen. It was close though. The Star Ruby was definitely a contender, as were several blue ones. My favourite pens, however, are always the ones I own. Should I win one, I would love it just as much as if i had personally chosen it. Gratitude over all.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  254. I own the m600/m605 in White Transparent, White Turquoise and White Violet and an m205 in Amethyst. Pelikans I would like to own are these m600 White/Pink! It’s a grail pen. I’d love an m400 too, because I haven’t tried that size before. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  255. I think the 800-series size is perfect for me, and the M805 Stresemann is an absolute stunner. Though I am very curious about the M815 available with metal inlays in the barrel. That could be my ideal Pelikan.

  256. Hi WAD Team and Appelboom

    Thanks first of all for this wonderful giveaway.
    I am actually a Pelikan lover. I have few odd pelikan pens which I love the most.
    Few Pelikans that are in my kitty are :
    Pelikan M101n Bright Red
    Pelikan M200 Classic
    Pelikan M600 White Stirated
    Pelikan M800 Burnt Orange

    I love pelikans…. This one I had desired for long. If I win this, this will be one of the happiest moments for me in 2020.

  257. Thanks for the content
    currently I own a Pelikan 100N as well as Pelikan 205 and Pelican M800

  258. My dream Pelikan is the M805 Blue Dunes — love that cloudy blue! Currently I don’t own any Peli’s. Here’s hoping!

  259. I had a red m205, but I lost it years ago! Definitely the most painful misplaced pen. 🙁

  260. My Pelikan is an M805 Souveran in black. It’s my most expensive pen, and also my most classy, even though I bought it second-hand off the Internet. Writes like a dream and I love its heft. Thanks!

  261. The burnt orange m800 has caught my eye, but it’s an expensive find these days.

  262. I don’t own any Pelikan pens at the moment. I have my eye on the Souverän M805 Stresemann pen. Thank you for this giveaway!

  263. I have one Pelikan, an m205 cafe creme and it blows me away each time I use it. I would love to own something in the m600 size but am undecided yet.

  264. I own:
    m1000 green
    m800 blue with IB nib
    m400 red
    vintage m400 tortoise
    dual pen stand

    i want:
    latest m1000 raden
    m101n blue-grey 😉

  265. I don’t have any Pelikans yet, and I’d probably try any of them if given the opportunity. Thanks for the giveaway!

  266. I have been in love with the Pelikan M400 Tortoise Shell White since I first laid eyes on it. I’m still looking for one with an EF nib in my price range.

  267. Don’t own any yet, but love the classic look of the green stripe ones to pair with the 4001 Dark Green ink I down have.

  268. I own only 4. I have this pens red twin. I like it’s classic look. I didn’t open the ink.

    My first was a used m400. It came from Fargo ND. Funniest thing, it got sent to my home in Virginia while I was visiting my dad in Fargo. I made my sister send it to me (at my dads in Fargo- I didn’t realize where it was shipping from).

    I have the BEAUTIFUL teal M600. I was scared to get a pen with a white cap. I didn’t want to ruin it. To that end, I’ve filled it only once.

    Lastly, I have the juicy m1000 in a BB of course. I try not to push it too hard, as the metal is crafted thinner on its oversized nib. It is such a nice pen!!!!

  269. I do not own any Pelikan. But, besides this one, the one that I would looove to own is a limited edition and is the Souverän M1000 Maki-e Autumn.

  270. I own two Pelicans: M600 Violet White, which I absolutely love, and the M200 Smoky Quartz, which I thought I’d love also but I don’t…I merely like it very much.

  271. I don’t know which one I want. I’m not that knowledge able about them. But if I had one I would have the incentive to learn.

  272. I own two Pelikan M805 pens, a Stresseman and a Vibrant Blue. They are on my Top 5 list for great writers. I’d love to try a different Peli.

  273. My dream Pelikan, due to my large hands, is an M1000 in green and black with the wonderful ink window, and an oblique nib that they don’t apparently make any more. My last Pelikan was bought in the late 70’s or early 80’s. It was made of a brown plastic that looked like Bakelite, and was very elongated like a desk pen, with an italic nib, but it had a cap and the classic Pelikan clip (not that I had a shirt pocket that was nine inches deep). It was destroyed in an accident several decades ago, and I have not been able to replace it (or even find out what model it was).

  274. I don’t own a Pelikan, although I always linger at Tom Baley’s table each year at the Baltimore Pen Show. My dream Pelikan would be the M805 Vibrant Blue in a broad nib!

  275. I would eventually love to own the beautiful M600 Violet White, and the Tortoiseshell-White. I currently own the Smoky Quartz pen and ink edition.

  276. Now that I am thinking about it, I have just a couple of Pelikanos I bought for my Kids. I was always more of a GEHA person myself 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

  277. I currently don’t own any Pelikan fountain pens-but they are on the wish list! I would really love to get a M205 Blue Marbeled. I love the demonstrator pens that add some interest to the pens!
    Thank you again for all that you have done for the pen community-I have really enjoyed your website and your input on the pen addict! Congrats on 10 years.

  278. Unfortunately I do not own a Pelikan pen! Yet! I will own one in the future though, that’s for sure. In fact, it’s interesting that I have not acquired one yet as I love the classic look of there pens. Here’s hoping this could be it! I believe I’ve entered just in the nick of time 😉

  279. I would love annl Olivine M205 or an M600 with the light blue stripes. Of course the M1000 is a classic.

  280. I do not own a Pelikan….yet! I would absolutely love to own this pen! Pelicans are a must have in the fountain pen world I feel. There classic looks are so stately. Thanks to the sponsor for offering it for giveaway and congrats on 10 years!

  281. I LOVE Appelboom and Ana and the crazy beautiful Avian pens. My deep green desire: Pelikan M605!

    1. Gleep! First social media post EVER. Does a blog comment count as social media? Anyhoo, I got my request to play in just under the wire (it’s earlier here in CA!) and methinks I gave the wrong email address in my excitement. Just resubmitting in case I win. That’s a big green bird: M605. Love the well-appointed desk. Long long time lurker. xooooo

  282. I think Pelikans classic K200 marbled ballpoint pens look like another brilliant product from Pelikan!

  283. currently do not own any Pelikan pens, though thanks to the Hubs, I have a lot of the Edelstein inks, which I love!

  284. I’ve never tried a Pelikan other than the M200, which I think is too small, so I’d probably prefer an M800 or M1000. I like the rounded / retro look of the M101s.

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