Giveaway #6: Goldspot Pens Pilot Decimo Fountain Pen

Pilot Decimo Fountain Pen

Thank you, Goldspot Pens, for donating this beautiful Pilot Decimo Fountain Pen (fine nib) for our anniversary celebration.  It’s in the champagne finish and it’s really gorgeous.

Pilot Decimo Fountain Pen

It looks almost rose gold to me and I love that it has silver trim. The Japanese fine nib is going to perform more like a European extra fine so it will be a lovely writer. The pen comes with converter and one cartridge in the box with all the paperwork.

Pilot Decimo Fountain Pen

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me if you drink champagne. If not, do you own a Pilot Vanishing Point or Decimo already and if so, which one? Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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  1. Just not really fussed about champagne Except Ruinart which is the absolute best – I’d rather have a glass of red if I’m honest. No Decimo to see here!

  2. 1) I do not drink champagne. I don’t drink alcohol. Well… Not since 2011 anyway. Turns out I was allergic… I broke out in bad decisions, broken relationships, and occasionally handcuffs.
    2) I do not own any Vanishing Points or Decimos. 🙁

    1. I love me some ice cold bubbly water, preferably lime! And I adore champagne-colored paints and pens….Vanishing point is on The Wish List. I wonder if that clip would mess with my grip (ahem, claw), but no pen shows this summer to find out.

  3. I absolutely do drink champagne…one of my favorite adult beverages. I do not have a Pilot Vanishing Point or Decimo, but they are on my personal wish list.

  4. I like champagne in the right setting! I’ve used a vanishing point but do not own one.

  5. No champagne for me actually no alcohol I’m allergic. I don’t own a Pilot Vanishing Point or Decimo pen. I’d love to though. I really like the sleekness of the one you’re giving away it kind of reminds me of the Fifties.

  6. I have had champagne before, but I didn’t care for it. I have a couple of Vanishing points, one is a patterned blue, and the other is a bright yellow. I don’t have a decimo, but I have been curious about them and would love to have one. On the other hand, as I said, I have some vanishing points, so if I don’t win so someone who has not had a chance with one of these pens can have one, I am good with that. Either way, thank you to you and to Goldspot for doing this giveaway. The pen community is one of the most generous I know.

  7. I do have a Pilot Vanishing Point; it’s the beautiful Blue Carbonesque with a stub nib.

  8. I do drink champagne and other sparkling wines. I don’t have a Decimo, but do have a few Vanishing Points. My favorite is the tropical turquoise LE from last year.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. I only drink champagne on my anniversary and New Year’s Eve. We buy the small sized bottle of Moet et Chandon Imperial because the two of us can finish it in an evening without feeling like we’ve overdone it.
    I do not own a Pilot Vanishing Point or Decimo but would love to!

  10. Gruet from New Mexico! Technically not champagne but still a go to for celebrations of all kinds…
    I have owned a black Pilot VP Carbonesque with a FP for years. it is a constant presence in my pen rotation!

  11. Champagne, yes. VP, yes and yes! I have the black carbonesque and the 2016 Guilloche.

  12. Yes, I drink champagne. I’m a big fan of mimosas and Black Velvets (beer cocktail with stout and champagne) as well.

    I do not have a vanishing point yet, and this would be a wonderful start!

  13. I’ve always liked champagne, but I didn’t know anything about it. Then I met my husband who used to be a fancy pants before we had kids. He had a subscription to Mumm so we drank fancier sparkling wine. Then I watched a documentary on champagne and I had to have the good stuff. Since then, my husband has indulged me. My favorite is still the pink Mumm’s we had when we were first dating.

  14. I drink champagne only on very special occasions, so maybe 2-3 times a year. It tickles my nose.

  15. Looking forward to enjoying champagne or prosecco (and three-cheese champagne fondue!) again after our little one is born in a few months. 🙂 I have a Pilot Vanishing Point, but not a Decimo.

  16. I do drink champagne when I have the opportunity and on special occasions.

  17. Sparkling cider from Costco and Dr. Brown’s cream soda are my bubbly beverages of choice.

  18. I do drink champagne when it’s offered, and I have a single red Vanishing Point with chrome trim. I always fill it with Noodler’s FPN Dumas Tulipe Noire.

    What I have never done is use my Vanishing Point while drinking champagne. Something to look forward to…

  19. Champagne? Only if someone hands me a glass of it or a mimosa. I mean, I’m not opposed to champagne but I’m not a fussy person! I’m a beer-person. I do not own a VP or a Decimo – this is a super lovely looking pen!

  20. What a beautiful pen! Its good to know that SOMEONE will be writing with that beauty, and of course I hope it will me!

    I love Pilot capless pens, and have a couple of the old-style faceted Vanishing Points in black and silver, and matte black that I found at an estate/yard sale.

    Love champagne, too. Especially while howling at a blue moon.

  21. I don’t drink champagne and I don’t have a Vanishing Point. I thought champagne was supposed to be yellow, not pink, though? Either way it’s a beautifully colored pen.

  22. I adore champagne but don’t get it often, now Prosecco on the other hand (usually cheaper & better than cheap champagne) I try to keep in my fridge at all times for the impromptu Aperol Spritzer or just on it’s own!

    I have no capless type clicky fountain pens, but I have been eyeing them for my first gold nib too. This model looks great! Thanks to everyone for this nice giveaway!

  23. I don’t think but that’s not to say I don’t like the color! I do not have this pen. Thanks for my entry.

  24. Special occasion champagne 🙂 Don’t have a VP or a Decimo, but have been especially interested in the Decimo because I have pretty small hands–and I really love this color.

  25. I love champagne! Fresh, sparkling, inspiring, just like the lovely Pilot VP Decimo champagne fountain pen.

    I currently own one violet Decimo. They are dream pens! I also own a black faceted VP, and a purple metallic vanishing point.

  26. Drink champagne once a year, at New Years with friends. I own a Pilot Vanishing Point matt black finish. If I won this pen, I would probably give it to one of my champagne drinking friends whom I am trying to interest in the Fountain Pen Hobby (Obsession?).
    As always, thanks for the giveaway. Take care.

  27. I’m allergic to alcohol, so no drinking champagne.
    Yes to the Pilot VP. I have a Raden… sparkles like stars in the night sky. 🙂
    The champagne VP is a lovely color, and very generous. Thanks to Goldspot and you for this give-away!

  28. I don’t drink champagne but I do own a stormtrooper color Vanishing Point with a stub nib. I sold my Decimo because it wasn’t getting much use.

  29. I do drink champagne, on special occasions. Me and my mom actually have the plan to buy a bottle and go drink on the beach once the lockdown is over in our city.
    And I have neither pen mentioned above.

  30. I love champagne, but it does not love me…the last few times I’ve drunk it, I’ve gotten miserably sick because it sneaks up on you. It’s so difficult to know when to cut yourself off with it.

    That being said, I so not yet own a VP or Decimo. They’re a little bit outside my standard price range, and fine nibs are my favorite, so I’m really hoping I win this. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity!

  31. Wow! Love this champagne color! I do not drink champagne, but I enjoy the smell of them. Weird? LOL. I own a few candles from Rewined that is of the champagne scent.

    I don’t own any vanishing point or decimo, but have always wanted to try them. The whole idea of a clickable fountain pen is still new to me, even though I’ve seen it around.

  32. No and no, but there’s a first time for everything! So perhaps I’ll enjoy both at once if I win. 😉

  33. I don’t drink champagne as I’ve never found one I particularly liked. I own a decimo in light blue and it the pen I use every day at work. It is my favorite pen and I would love to have a second one so I could have another color of ink to pick between.

  34. Rarely do I drink champagne. I do own three faceted VPs (one black matte & two green). I did have a burgundy Decimo but gave it a FP friend for a new job, as I rarely use it. However, if one was won, then, yay! I do like the champagne color!

  35. The Pilot Vanishing Point, especailly the Decimo is in dream list if pens to have. I do like rose gold color.

  36. oh my! she is a beauty! i dont drink champagne now, but you can bet your sweet bippy i would start if i won this Precious <3

  37. Yes I drink champagne, absolutely!

    And yes, I do own two Pilot Vanishing Points — a Matte Black “Stealth” and a red wooden one.

    The wooden one is my desk pen and my favorite for how nice it feels in my hand. The matte black resides in my Maruman Mnemosyne A5 pad folio.

    If I win the champagne Decimo I’ll be swapping it out with my matte black, i.e. it will become my A5 pad folio pen. Crossing fingers!

  38. Only if the cheap stuff that can’t be called Champaign counts! A blue decimo was my first extra fancy pen, but I lost it six months after getting it. I’ll raise a glass of Costco’s cheapest prosecco in hopes of replacing it 🙂

  39. I drink Champagne! and Cava! and Prosecco! and Spumante! and Sparkling! Give me all the bubbles!

    I tried a regular VP, and found it too heavy and wide for comfortable use, so I’ve always wanted to try a Decimo.

  40. Unfortunately Champagne gives me an almost-instant headache! I do like Prosecco though. I don’t own any of the retractable pens but would love to try one!

  41. I do drink champagne but prefer Prosecco. I don’t own any VPs, but would love to try one. This seems an excellent opportunity if I win! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy 10th!

  42. Actually,I prefer Reisling to champagne. I just recently got my first VP in gunmetal and matte black. I just love it.

  43. of course we drink champagne! There’s one in the mini fridge at this very moment begging to be opened!

  44. I do drink Champaign … especially for an Anniversary. Happy Happy! I love my vanishing point. being female a decimo might be the perfect size for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. Duval Leroy Rose Champagne is like drinking a bit of heaven. Would be great to be writing with this pen while sipping at the same time!!

  46. I don’t have a vanishing point or Decimo yet, but looking forward to trying one out.

  47. Yes, to champagne – a good vintage Perrier Jouet especially. I’ve never owned a Pilot but I would certainly like to one of these days!

  48. I drink it, but don’t own either at this point. The VP is on my list. Just waiting on the right one. Thanks to you and Goldspot for the awesome giveaway!

  49. I drink champagne, but almost only when prrovided at a celebration. Haven’t been a lot of those lately, so it’s been a bit since I’ve had champagne.

  50. I usually drink Preseco. I own a Pilot Vanishing Point in a Burgundy and Another one in Blue Carbonesque both with Broad nibs. I really enjoy using them.

  51. I’ve had champagne twice in my life. The first time, my sister and I snagged two glasses while celebrating New Year’s Eve at our dad’s. We were 15 and 14 and the time and didn’t really see what the fuss was about, tossing the remainder in the sink. The second time was on my wedding day. The champagne was nice but the day was great.

    As for the pen, I was gifted one by my mom in 1994. It was branded as a Namiki capless pen. It is blue with a faceted body and a medium gold nib. I LOVE how smooth it writes and would still use with it every day but it has a crack in the body and I don’t want it to get worse.

  52. Thanks foe this opportunity!
    Not a big fan of champagne, but the color on this pen is beautiful!

  53. This is kind of a boring response for me, but no I don’t drink champagne (although I have tried it) and I don’t own a Pilot Vanishing point or Decimo. The vanishing point has fascinated me and I’ve considered them because of the ease to use them when in public, but I haven’t made it so far as to purchase one . . . yet.

  54. So I don’t like champagne, but I love prosecco! I currently don’t own any retractable nib pens, but I have my eye on the metallic green VP with medium nib.

  55. Heck, yeah I drink champagne! Popped a 2008 Dom Perignon a couple weeks ago in celebration of my son’s 21st birthday. It’s every bit as good as you’d imagine. I may have a VP/Decimo or two in my library. Such a great pen!

  56. I do enjoy champagne although my budget enjoys Prosecco….

    I have 1 vanishing point that I really enjoy.

  57. I used to dislike champagne, but a friend of mine became a sommelier and took me to a bunch of industry wine tastings, and I learned that I only disliked champagne because the champagne I’d been exposed to wasn’t very interesting. My advice to people who think they don’t like champagne and haven’t had that much experience with it is to stray from commonly known brands and don’t get hung up on whether or not the wine in question can officially be called champagne. There are many delicious sparkling wines made using the méthode champenoise that cannot be called “champagne” because they’re not produced in the correct wine region of France but which are often not only more interesting but are a relative bargain. These wines can have all kinds of great flavors/mouthfeels and aromas, from yeasty to fruity, crisp to creamy… it’s really fascinating and fun to explore them.

  58. I’ve tested Pilot VP but still on the fence if I wanted to buy one myself. GL.

  59. I stick to hard liquors. Rum. BnB. Gin.
    So don’t really drink at champagne.

    I have used and owned a VP….but never a decimo. It would be fun to try one.

  60. Don’t own any capless fountain pens, and rarely drink champagne. Prosecco with some Aperol and soda water, on the other hand… it’s about spritz time of year.

  61. Don’t like champagne or any fizzy drink. Do like the looks of that Decimo.

  62. I don’t drink champagne or any alcohol, but I love fountain pens and anything else in rose gold color!

  63. I do not drink, and I haven’t acquired a vanishing point or decimo yet. Though pilot’s capless series is on my list for the next time I decide to retire a pen from regular use.

  64. I drink champagne on New Year’s Eve. I have a violet Decimo and a gun metal Vanishing Point. They are two of the smoothest writers I own.

  65. I do not drink champagne. I have Vanishing Point blue carbonesque. I bought in in Boston last year while on vacation as a souvenir of my trip.

  66. I do drink champagne. I own neither of the pens mentioned, but this one is gorgeous!

  67. Alas, I do not drink champagne. I do have one vanishing point currently. It is a Japan exclusive in yellow that I dearly love. I would not mind adding a Decimo to my collection as I have never had one. Congratulations on ten years!

  68. 1) I do drink champagne but prefer cava (Spanish sparkling wine)
    2) I own a Black Carbonesque Vanishing Point with a medium nib

  69. I don’t drink and I don’t own a vanishing point, this would be an exciting addition!

  70. Yes. Both straight and as part of a cocktail. French 75s are a particular favorite.

  71. I do not drink champagne, but I love the pilot vanishing point and decimo, even though I don’t own one…yet. I tried one at the Fountain Pen Hospital when I went and loved it. I tried many pens that day, and sadly only had the budget to buy one pen, but I’ve been dreaming of getting a vanishing point or decimo ever since.

  72. I don’t have a vanishing point but the deployment mechanism fascinates. I do admire the faceted model from the 90s with its slightly more integrated clip.

  73. I have a purple decimo and it is my go-to pen. I’m not a big champagne person, but I’ll drink to this pen!

  74. I drink champagne on New Years, I wish I thought to drink it more often!

    I don’t own a Vanishing point or Décimo, but I would love a Decimo someday. I’m always misplacing caps do a click fountain pen would be wonderful!

  75. Tried champagne not a super big fan. Mixed with oj or other juice I can handle it. Vanishing points: never owned but very interested if only the bank account would allow

  76. Tried champagne not a super big fan. Mixed with oj or other juice I can handle it. Vanishing points: never owned but very interested if only the bank account would allow

  77. I don’t drink champagne but do enjoy the color of this Decimo! I have a Blue Carbonesque VP with an Extra Fine nib, that I love. Don’t yet have a Decimo, but I’m intrigued.

    Thanks for the Give Away and congrats on 10 Years fo Well-Appointed Desk!

  78. I’m underage so no drinking for me:) I’ve had the pleasure of trying a vanishing point and I very much like the slim looks of the decimo better; I’d love to own one someday!

  79. I like to drink Champagne because it makes occasions seems like fun. Plus, I have my grandparents’ old style Champagne glasses which make everything look elegant.

    I have two Vanishing Point pens, Blue Carbonesque and Cooper Red Metallic with Black. I interchange several nibs–broad, stub, medium, and fine.

  80. I drink champagne AND I own a Vanishing point – orange of course, but champagne is nice too!

  81. I will drink champagne if the occasion calls for it, but prefer other options.

  82. I drink champagne on special occasions. I don’t own a Pilot Vanishing Point–the champagne pen is just lovely!

  83. I very rarely drink champagne. I think the last time I did was when for my Ph.D. graduation party, which was a few years ago.

  84. Not really…only for special occasions, like when my sister finished her PhD…then we ALL drank the champagne!

    And I bought my sister her first VP when she finished her dissertation, but I don’t own one myself…yet.

  85. I enjoy champagne every now and then—usually in a mimosa. I don’t have a VP or Decimo, but the Decimo is a dream pen—hoping to get one soon!

  86. I do love a good champagne, and love some white sparkling wine as well!
    The o lucy Pilot I own is a Metropolitan – in gold. I love that pen!

  87. Yes, I drink champagne occasionally and it goes straight to my head so I usually pass on the “toast”.

  88. I have tried Champagne (capital C) a few times at special occasions. But, mostly, I stick to the “lower case c” champagne — when I am not sipping on cheap beer. I currently own a Pilot Capless Decimo fountain pen, burgundy, medium nib. I like it a lot but wish it had a larger ink capacity. I do like the light weight. The weight issue was why I had sold my larger, regular size Vanishing Point, gunmetal, Fine nib. It weighted way too much.

  89. I don’t own a VP or a Decimo, though I’d like to try both.

    And I prefer Moscato to Champagne, as I like all my wines on the sweeter end.

  90. I do drink champagne, although only on special occasions. I have the matte black vanishing point in fine. I do a lot of intermittent writing, so having the nib be retractable helps a lot. Caps get tiresome at one point 🙂

  91. I don’t drink champagne. Maybe I’ve never had good enough quality? I don’t like it.

  92. I drink champagne to celebrate. Mostly on New Year’s though. I actually quite like it, though I can only drink a little bit at a time. I don’t have a Vanishing Point or a Decimo, though I’ve been considering getting one! I’m really fascinated by retractable nib pens. It’s definitely a very convenient way to write, in comparison with futzing with a cap.

  93. Champagne? Yes please – especially in Kir Royale or Mimosa. And no to owning either pen yet. I LOVE the idea of a vanishing point but I keep waffling about whether I like the look of the “clicker” or not …

  94. My preferred drink is Scotch followed by a beer; but for very special occasions, we do pop open a bottle of champagne. In fact in May during quarantine, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with a delicious bottle of champagne and even used our crystal flute glasses my sisters had given us when we got married! 😀

  95. I do not drink champagne, but I do own two Vanishing Points: a metallic red and a metallic blue. I tried cleaning an ink leak from the cap of the red and damaged the door. One of these days I’ll get around to sending it to Pilot for repair!

  96. Bruno Mars said it best:
    “Gold jewelry shining so bright
    Strawberry champagne on ice
    Lucky for you, that’s what I like, that’s what I like”


  97. This is a very pretty looking pen to me. I do drink
    Champagne, usually special occasions. I really enjoy
    watching the bubbles in the stem of a champagne
    glass- it adds to the fun!
    Thank you Goldspot for their generosity!
    Happy Celebration!

  98. I do drink champagne, but usually just NYE! The best bottle I ever had was an orange sparkling wine from a winery outside San Diego. It was on vacation with just my wife and me—it was a great wine tasting!

  99. I do not drink Champagne. Will stick with red wine, or the occasional white. I used to own a Vanishing Point in grey with black trim. I will have to get another, so this one would be great.

  100. I occasionally have champagne when the time is right, but that might only be twice per year. I did bring a bottle back from France the first time I went though. It was still kinda disappointing.

    A champagne Decimo would look very nice next to my black and rhodium VP with an M nib though!

  101. Champagne for special occasions only. Not a huge fan. I am new to the hobby and don’t have any pens over $50, so a definite no on the VP or Decimo.

  102. I don’t not-drink champagne… But, I don’t seek it out. I’m more of a scotch or martini guy 🙂

    I have a red VP with silver trim. I’ve never even held a decimo. The VP is a great pen. It’s a regular in my rotation.

  103. I do enjoy Champagne on occasion. I do not own a vanishing point nor a decimo. I do have all the parallel pens for calligraphy, Some of which I have customized. And several Metropolitan pens. I like them all

  104. I occasionally drink champagne but usually Prosecco given my budget and my love for things Italian. I own a Pilot Vanishing Point, navy blue with gold furniture and a 1.1mg stub nib that I bought several years ago when I was gifted with a vacation in Carmel, California and was able to visit Bittner’s store there. I would definitely open a fine bottle of Prosecco to celebrate if I win this giveaway!

  105. I drink champagne if someone else provides it! 🙂
    I have one Vanishing Point, it’s matte blue metallic in broad with black trim. I love it. This one is like the opposite of that in every way.

  106. I drink champagne. The best is to use leftovers in a French 75 the next morning.

  107. I only drink champagne on special occasions. I have one pilot decimo and love it. Thanks for doing this gibeawau

  108. Never had “real” champagne, but I do use a cheap spumante and pineapple juice to make my own version of mimosas. In fact, it’s just about the right weather now to start having them again.

    Such wonderful giveaways! Thank you and can’t wait to see what’s next.

  109. I DO drink champagne and I don’t own any VPs! Always loved this color though. Xoxo

  110. I don’t drink champagne often. I did tour the Korbel champagne site in California. I liked their sweeter version, but it isn’t widely available. I’ve used Veuve Clicquot half size from World Market in a champagne chicken recipe.

    I used to want a Pilot VP raden Galaxy, but put it off. The Decimo would be a welcome member of my collection. It’s a lovely color.

  111. I have 3 VP’s. This pen is particularly pretty. It reminds me of Molly Ringwalds dress in “Pretty in Pink”.

    I loved that movie (as well as Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day off, and most of the Iconic 80’s ‘Brat Pack’ movies).

  112. I don’t drink champagne, but i do have a black vanishing point and really like it!

  113. I don’t think I’ve ever bought champagne, but I drink it if it’s offered at a wedding or a party or something. I have terrible luck with buying any sort of wine, so I don’t risk it.

    Pen wise, I have always loved the Decimo. I’ve found that the regular VPs are too big for my hands, but I’ve never owned a Decimo. This one is gorgeous!

  114. Yes, I drink champagne (and I also drink regular old sparkling wine). Not regularly, but on special occasions. I have a decimo in white, and I’ve been eyeing the champagne color.

  115. I only drink champagne on new years eve! I do have a vanishing point, but not in the decimo size. If the nibs are the same, then this is an awesome pen!

  116. Hi! Celebrating with champagne feels so dignified! Just like writing with a beautifully designed pen 🙂
    I used to have a Decimo but gifted it to a good friend who admired it.

  117. Happy Anniversary!
    Big cava fan here. Don’t have a Decimo (yet) so not sure!

  118. I am a no on all counts sadly but I do have a metro in purple and a petit1 that I love.

  119. Love champagne and the way the bubbles tickle my nose. I have one of the old faceted Namiki VPs.

  120. Champagne, yes! And other sparkling wines too. I don’t much like prosseco, but otherwise I am omnidrinkous. And I have never owned a fountain pen with a retractable nib.

  121. I. Love. Champagne. The color and the drink.

    Now which do I love more? I’m unsure. Colors take a long time to fade and champagne drinks take such a short time to disappear, so that’s a huge plus for the color. However, buying champagne-colored things can get expensive quick (because let’s be honest, collectors are gonna collect), while just buying champagne can stay comparatively inexpensive if I’m not buying the crazy stuff.

    I think I’m going to have to conduct a full scientific study. I’ll report back with results.

    As far as the pen goes, I’ve never owned a VP or Decimo, but I love the idea of them! I definitely want one, but I think I’m going to buy one for my wife first—she loves using fountain pens, but it’s hard for her to use them in the classroom (she’s an elementary school teacher) because the ones we have take too long to uncap for quick notes. So something like the VP or Decimo would be perfect: professional, stylish, and quick to write with!

    Have fun reading through the entries! I’ll report back with my scientific findings sometime in the future after I drink a lot of champagne and buy a handful of champagne-colored pens!

  122. Not a huge champagne fan, no. I did use champagne yeast to produce ginger ale, and it was every bit as explosive as champagne normally is 🙂

    I had a vanishing point back in the ’90s; something went wrong with it at the time, and it has disappeared in the mists of time

  123. I have tried champagne and while I haven’t found one I am very fond of, we keep trying various options. I also own a vanishing point in matte black and carry it everywhere!

  124. No to both questions but I have been wanting to try a decimo so I’m excited for the opportunity to possibly win one.

  125. I do not drink champagne nor do I already own a vanishing point (or Decimo). But really, that just gives me something to look forward to … drinking and owning one, right?

  126. I have a Vanishing Point but have always wanted to try the more slender Decimo. And Champagne is such a lovely color. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulation on 10 years!

  127. Yes, I drink champagne (technically mostly sparkling wine) by itself and in mimosas. Would love a pen to match.

  128. I do not drink champagne but will take a sip or two as a celebratory gesture. I have a Vanishing Point, and I chose the Matte Black because it looked stealthily cool, and I figured it fit a professional setting better. However, once I received it, I immediated inked it with Rohrer & Klingner Cassia just because. Purple and black make a great combo. Thanks for the great content and giveaways and congratulations!

  129. I had a pilot vanishing point in the past. It was the Matt black one. That along with my computer camera and backpack were all stolen from my car a few years ago.

    I do not drink champagne. More of a scotch guy.

  130. Really, really yearning for a retractable FP. It’s one of the few (yeah, right) FP’s that I’m still trying to get/justify.

  131. I looove champagne! Love me a good mimosa, not that they are that difficult to make. I have a matte black medium VP. Would love to try a finer nib. And this champagne color is stunning!!

  132. Occasionally drink champagne… I have a Vanishing Point, orange with black matte trim. This one looks a bit more… subdued.

  133. I like champagne when someone treats me to the expensive stuff. Otherwise I’ll take my champagne in mimosa form.
    I don’t own a VP but they look like amazing pens that can travel around the office with me at work.

  134. I do drink champagne and in fact crushed all the leftover glasses at a friend’s wedding ( I don’t normally drink so it was very funny ). I’ve had the black carbonesque, maroon decimo, and the Twilight caplesses/ vanishing points, but the pearl white, turquoise, and champagne decimos are on my radar. I love a good clicky pen!

  135. I don’t drink champagne, and I bought a 20 colours Navy Decimo, should arrive in July!

  136. Yes, I do drink champagne and Mimosas are not just for Brunch anymore! I do not have the Pilot Vanishing Point pen and I’ve never used one.

  137. I don’t drink champagne. But I do have a VP!
    I have the blue with rhodium trim, its by far the most used pen in my collection. just so handy with the nock!

  138. I enjoy champagne, but I don’t have any Vanishing Points or Decimos. I would love to have one though.

  139. I love champagne- makes any event seem special! Although not a lot to celebrate right now.

  140. I do not drink or can not drink I’m a recovering alcoholic/drug addict. So my champagne days are behind me hopefully for good. Funnily enough fountain pens have been one of the things I turned to in search of a way to spend what used to be either wasted or unhealthy time. My first nice one being a matte black vanishing point. Then I got a beautiful red decimo. So I’m probably not the best choice since I already own two. But to whomever wins enjoy this wonderful pen!!!

  141. Champagne is great but the headache the next day means I don’t drink it often. I don’t have any of the Pilot capless pens. I’m sure I will eventually.

  142. Champagne…not so much. I also do not own a Vanishing Point or Decimo.

  143. Not really a champagne drinker, but I associate it with fond memories. The last time I had champagne was at a friend’s PhD defense.

  144. I do not drink champagne or any alcohol. My first nicer fountain pen and still one of my favorites was a Vanishing Point storm trooper. Throw some bright ink in there and it pops.

  145. Champagne in a nice cold mimosa is a nice treat in this hot weather.

    I have not used a pilot VP, though most of my favorite writers are from the pilot brand.

  146. Rarely drink champagne and would like to try out a Decimo. Good luck to everyone!

  147. I love champagne. I think if we all started our day with a couple glasses of champagne the world would be a happier, more tolerant place. Champagne just makes you smile and lean back in your chair and cancel all “important” meetings.
    This pen is one I’ve lusted after since the first time I saw it. Not sure why, it just speaks to me. I have a green VP that my better half got for me 16 or so years ago and it’s still a go to pen for me. It’s one of the few that has it’s own pen stand/holder doohickey.
    And happy anniversary!

  148. i don’t drink champagne, and i don’t own any vanishing points. what a sad post.

  149. At a family wedding a couple of years ago, I had a great brut! It sparkled like this lovely pen. I do not have a Decimo yet, but this exact one has been on my list a couple of months.

  150. I love Mimosas for Sunday Brunch — of course after the orange juice runs out, it’s plain champagne.

    I think I’d like the Decimo over the Vanishing Point because it’s a bit more slender, I prefer a thinner pen in the hand.

  151. I don’t drink champagne (or any alcohol, really), but I do think the color of this champagne Decimo is gorgeous!! I don’t own any modern Pilot pens, but I have a Pilot Custom black stripe that my grandfather left for me. It writes so smoothly!! And makes me want to experience the current offerings from Pilot! This pen is what got me into fountain pens! I was too scared to use it when I knew nothing about fountain pens, so started with beginner ones before daring to ink up the Pilot Custom. It is now a beloved part of my small but treasured collection of fountain pens!

  152. I’m not averse to drinking champagne but I haven’t had any in a number of years.

  153. Normally don’t drink Champagne, but will on special occasions, which is mine discretion to determine when it’s a special occasion. Currently own an all matte black VP w/medium nib. It was my first gold nib and my “next level” pen, and it writes great. I have to force myself not to use it every day and share some ink with my other pens. I love the way that it is always ready to write, no matter what.
    Have really enjoyed you, and your website as I get more and more involved in fountain pens and stationary. Thank you so much for you sharing and wish you all the best.

  154. I’m a total teetotaler. I do have a capless Fermo, but I haven’t used it yet. It is a graduation present and I graduate on Sunday! Two more finals to go…

  155. Oh my, what a beautiful pen!! I do not own a Decimo or VP. As I said on the Pelikan post giveaway, I’m not quite sure WHY I don’t own one yet. These are classic, who’s who of the fountain pen world, models. Must haves, if you will.

    I do occasionally drink champagne, however, extremely rarely. Congrats yet again on 10 years and thanks for these giveaways, they are very much appreciated!

  156. Sparkling wine is yummy! I drink more prosecco than champagne and I would not no to liquid champagne or this Decimo.

  157. I don’t drink champagne because I don’t drink, and it’s pretty much useless in cooking

  158. Life-long tea total-er here, but I do own a Decimo in burgundy so a second in champagne sounds just right!

  159. Absolutely, positively I drink champagne. And any other sparkling wine as well.

  160. I occasionally drink Champagne. I have two Vanishing Points; a Metallic Desert Orange with a fine nib and a Metallic Tropical Purple with an extra fine nib.

  161. I do love champagne – especially in a Mimosa. I do not own any of this kind of pen, but the giveaway is gorgeous!

  162. Well, I have never drink champagne and perhaps I never will. But the bottles look nice. I have no Decimo, I just have Pilot MR, because that is also expensive here. First time here!

  163. I am not a champagne drinker, but I have lived in Champaign if that counts for anything! And I have never owned a decimo or VP, but they are next up on my list of pens to buy.

  164. Definitely a champagne drinker. Fingers crossed that I’ll win a pen to match my drink.

  165. Thanks much for your contest! I’ve always disliked champagne and never really saw its allure. However, I’ve had a green Vanishing Point for about 20 years — and definitely find ‘its’ allure!

  166. I’ve been known to share a bottle of champers with my better half, but to be honest I prefer the fizzy reds available from Australia! Nothing quite like a beautiful pen and a blank sheet of paper to complement it.

  167. Had it at a wedding. It was good, so I think I’d drink it if offered!

  168. I do not drink champagne. But I AM a big fan of ginger ale as a disguise for toasts.

    I do not own a VP or a Decimo. But man, would I love to!

  169. I haven’t had much champagne. I’m a big fan of Prosecco though!

    I do own a Decimo with a medium nib. It’s an extremely smooth writer, would love to try out the fine nib.

  170. I drink champagne (that was easy!). I don’t own a vanishing point, but they are intriguing.

  171. I’ve been known to enjoy a good bottle of champagne, especially when it’s part of a French 75! Not fortunate enough to have a Decimo, though. Would love to be able to try one out!

  172. I love the VP; though, I’ve never tried the decimo. My favorite VPs are the ones with wood barrels. They have a little more girth than the standard VP. The grip and balance are excellent.

  173. I don’t think I’ve ever had champagne but I like the sparkling wines I’ve tried. I prefer the sweeter stuff!

  174. I don’t drink champagne, nor do I have a capless/decimo/vanishing point!
    I’m not a huge fan of champagne, but I am a fan of the idea of a well made clicking fountain pen!

  175. I LOVE champagne! Every New Year’s Eve, we open a bottle to toast the new year. He has 1 glass; I usually finish the bottle.

  176. I love champagne! I don’t own a vanishing point but it is high on my wish list.

  177. Congratulations on your ten year site anniversary! I hope you drank some champagne to celebrate it (or something else nice that you like). I do drink champagne sometimes, on special occasions. The last time was a little weird, it was to “celebrate” the finalisation of my divorce which was not that easy. I hope the next occasion will be a little less complicated. Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous pen!

  178. When the times are good, I drink champagne. When the times are bad, I drink whiskey.

  179. I don’t drink champagne, however this is a stunning pen, that is champagne colour. I don’t own any pilot pen. It would be awesome and make me super happy if I get this fountain pen!

  180. I do drink champagne usually in a mimosa. I have never had a Decimo. I used to have a VP that I traded to Nik as part of a deal to get a PFM IV.

  181. I do drink champagne, but typically only on special occasions. My favorite way to drink it is as a champagne kit! Coincidentally the kits are close on color to this Decimo!

  182. Champagne is great for mimosas at Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’ve wanted to try a Decimo – I do have a VP.

  183. No champagne. I have owned a Pilot Vanishing Point in Blue Carbonesque for a number of years. It’s currently in for repairs because the nose piece cracked right next to the pocket clip. Probably because I’m left handed and torque it differently than someone who is right handed. Two nibs – F and M; the M is custom ground to be LH.

  184. As Rupert Holmes once put it – “I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne…” I own a black vanishing point it has been the envy of my daughter who is gotten into fountain pens – and a Decimo has been on her wish list for sometime and that is where this Decimo would go.

  185. Yes, please, to champagne – to drink, and also the color of my first car.

    The Decimo has been on my “some day” list for a while, but I simply could not resist the siren call of the VP in Blue Carbonesque, a recent splurge. It has a Fine nib, but I’m already dreaming about an italic nib upgrade.

  186. I enjoy a nice brut on Saturday mornings when I can. Pilot Capless in Matte Black was my 1st purchase in Japan, at Morita Pen Shop in Osaka. Forgot it is not called the VP there, but the shop owner was very helpful.

  187. What a beautiful pen! I do enjoy champagne and all things bubbly 🙂 Sparkling wines are the best.

  188. Never tried alcohol as I’m not 21 as of yet. Which means no champagne sampling for me currently.

    As for the decision between a Pilot Vanishing Point or Decimo, I’d go for the Blue Carbonesque Vanishing Point with a fine nib. The finish of the Blue Carbonesque reminds me of the vast ocean. With shimmering crystals bouncing back rays of sunlight.

  189. Yes, I do indeed drink champagne, though not often. Once I had a whole glass! But even better is a nice bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.

    I do have a couple Vanishing Points, one of which my mother got me back when they were a new concept. I don’t know if any of my Vanishing Points drink champagne though. Truth to say, they strike me as more chardonnay types.

  190. I LOVE CHAMPAGNE! Also sparkling wine, because well actual champagne can be expensive. I’ll accept any excuse to pop the top on something bubbly, because really life is better with bubbles. I don’t own any capless fountain pens but have been looking at this exact model!!! The champagne color is gorgeous, and I agree it has a rose gold vibe to it which I dig.

  191. I sadly can no longer dri k champagne (or any alcohol) due to a chronic medical issue 🙁

    As for VPs, I had a yellow VP that I sold because it was too heavy for me. A decimo would be a good alternative!

  192. I drink champagne on special occasions. Hopefully we all find something to celebrate soon with the way 2020 is going. I have never owned a pilot decimo or vanishing point before. I’ve been obsessively researching this pen because it looks so sleek and the clip function for fountain pen seems quite unique.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  193. Champagne is for special occasions and making cocktails. As for a VP, I do not have 1 yet. Really eyeing the 2020 SE Black Links but would love to try it out in advance.

  194. I don’t really like champagne. Would love to own my first vanishing point, tho!

  195. Yes! I love sparkling wine, whether from Champagne or other places…cava, Prosecco, even vinho verde, which is good because it’s less complex, it’s also lighter. I resisted the VP for a long time because of the clip issue but finally succumbed when the metallic colors from a few years back when on sale. I got the purple one with a wide nib because I don’t have many pens with wide nibs, and who doesn’t need more purple pens? It writes beautifully but I’d probably use it more if it were a fine. And I love all the colors, both subtle and bright.

  196. I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought champagne, but I’ll drink it if it’s around. I have never owned a Vanishing Point or Decimo.

  197. Although, I’m a sucker for any kind of sweet champagne, if the champagne is in any way dry, I tend to run the other way.

  198. I drink champagne occasionally. I do not have a Vanishing Point but one day hope to have one!

  199. “Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life.” Charles Dickens

    Today, June 9 is the anniversary of Dickens’s death, and so I remembered that he had said this about Champagne. And though he did not write with a Fountain Pen (he used different Quill Pens with different “nib” sizes, I do, and I would love to write with a decimo, which I do not currently own.

    As always, thanks for the opportunity.

  200. Verve Clicquot is my favorite bubbly. I have several of the Vanishing Points, my favorite is the Twilight. But have never gotten a Decimo yet!

  201. What a gorgeous pen. To be truthful, I am not a big champagne fan..other than for wedding toasts of course.

  202. I enjoy champagne sometimes. Just in special occasions, so it feels fancy hahahaha

  203. Yes, I drink champagne, although I prefer a nice dry red. I used to have a champagne Corolla. I don’t own any retractable fountain pens. They are fascinating, but intimidating. I’d love the chance to play around with one. Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for the giveaway!

  204. I love Champagne, but usually just drink Cava because it tends to be drier than other sparkling wines. My favorite Cava is Segura Viudas Brut because it is really inexpensive and very available in local liquor stores.

    I have never used a capless fountain pen, but would love to try the Decimo.

  205. I don’t really drink Champagne or any other sparkling wine. I do have a VP; it’s a standard blue/rhodium model that I use all the time for when I’m walking around my building at work (so I don’t have to fiddle with a cap). Thanks for the giveaway!

  206. When they make caffeinated champagne, it’s ON. I don’t have a vanishing anything, except maybe my youth. 🙂

  207. I drink champagne socially. Opening a bottle at home would be wasteful because I wouldn’t drink enough before it went flat.

    I have a dark red Vanishing Point with gold trim. I love it, but think a decimo might fit my hand better.

  208. Hey! I only drink champagne on special occasions. I like celebrating, but I don’t like champagne. : ) And, alas, I do not have a Vanishing Point. : (

  209. I do drink Champagne, occasionally even the cheap stuff which gives me a headache. I do not have any vanishing points

  210. No champagne for me. I like the taste but it doesn’t like me. I would love a Vanishing Point pen as it would make my year.

  211. I don’t drink champagne because I don’t like the bubbles! But give me a good glass of wine any day. I have a Pilot Decimo in blue and I looove it. Getting another is on my wishlist.

  212. Oh I’m a bit addicted. I have 3 in different nib sizes and they’re always inked. My white Decimo is always loaded with Fuyugaki but the others rotate colors.

  213. Hmm i only drink champagne during special events… i do own a matte black vanishing point, but have been looking at this exact decimo as the vanishing point is a little too big for me!

  214. We should all be drinking champagne to celebrate your 10 years of the Well Appointed Desk! I have 2 of the older VPs, one came in the Namiki packaging, so it’s rather special.

  215. Actual Champagne, from France, I’ve had once or twice I think. the ‘generic’ Sparkling Wines, i’ve had more often, but still usually New Years. I tend to prefer hard ciders for alcoholic carbonation, and my wines red and still (and sweet!!)

    I don’t have any retractable fountain pen, and I don’t think I’ve even tried one out…

  216. I would drink Champagne if offered some but only in a very small amount since I truthfully do not partake in drinking spirits too often. I am not blessed of to have a Decimo and I find the colour of this one so lovely.

  217. I have had champagne, but it has been a long time. I still have the cork from the bottle my wife and I shared the night we got engaged all those years ago.

    I bought myself a Vanishing Point in Black Carbonesque as a graduation present. I liked the look of it in photos, but unfortunately I like it less in person. The gray crosshatching on my pen is very bold, and it looks more “wicker basket” than “carbon fiber.” It is still a great writer, though.

  218. I drink champagne. I prefer it over wine most of the time. I do not have a Decimo.

  219. Not often, but I do enjoy a glass 🙂 No Decimo or VP for me but would love to have one.

  220. I do like champagne . Usually have Mimosa’s for holiday brunch. Don’t have any capless pens but a Pilot would be one that I would like.

  221. I do t drink champagne (not do I drink anything else for that matter). I also don’t have any retractable fountain pens. They seem so magical to me!

  222. I like champagne, I love rose gold, and I do already own a VP — green with gold trim. I keep it inked up with Noodler’s Eel Gruene Cactus. I tend to match the ink to the pen. Oooh — if I am the lucky winner, I’ll have to find the perfect pale ink ink to go with this pen!

  223. I do drink champagne. I’m always reminded of how at weddings, the waiters grab the glasses as soon as the toast is over, so no one gets more than a sip. What a waste! I don’t have a Decimo. What a beautiful pen.

  224. Champagne is basically the only alcohol I do drink — almost exclusively as a sip of congratulations at weddings. I don’t own any Pilot FPs and this looks like a great place to start.

  225. Technically I drink champagne. It just has been a LONG time. I don’t have any vanishing point pens – a gap I have been contemplating resolving for some time. This Decimo would fill that gap in a lovely way.

  226. I love to drink champagne (or non-French bubbly) for celebrations. I don’t have a VP/Decimo yet, but I’ve tried a few at pen stores (back when one could go to a pen store), and would be delighted to add the champagne to my collection.

  227. I will drink champagne if I am attending an event where it is served, but I don’t buy it for myself. Love the color of the Decimo, though!

  228. Maybe champagne once in a while but it’s not a standard beverage (like coffee). I have zero retractible fountain pens so a Decimo would be cool.

  229. Champagne’s good but prosecco’s better, at least to my uninformed palate.

    I’ve a black VP but am very much intrigued by the size of the Decimo.

  230. I don’t drink champagne except the ritual toast on New Year’s Eve, and sometimes not even then. I have 2 Pilot Vanishing points – 1 silver with medium Masuyama stub and 1 gray with matte black trim with broad masuyama stub.

  231. I do not drink champagne, but my wife does and is afraid to open the bottles so I have to pop all the corks for her which I really enjoy. It’s a win-win. But I do not own a pilot VP…yet

  232. I drank champagne one time. I have the Vanishing Point in blue and did not like the girth, and wanted to try the decimo.

  233. I USED to drink champagne. I actually love it. But now I’m on a medication (to prevent migraines) that doesn’t allow me to consume alcohol. It’s not a huge sacrifice for me. I was never a big alcohol drinker, but a really cold beer on a hot summer day – I wish I could still do that. As for the Vanishing Point – it was one of the first gold nib pens I purchased over 25 years ago. I have only one: the black carbonesque. I want another – either a VP or a Decimo.

  234. I like champagne. Back in the mid 80s when I used to work for an import company at Port-Elizabeth, NJ, I had an opportunity to try many of the top champagnes in the world. Some bottles back then we’re about $2000! and yes, you could taste the difference. No Decimos here. I do however have, the bigger brother, a Red and Gold trimmed VP….cheers to The Decimo!

  235. Not really into drinking champagne. I do have a vanishing point (matte black), but I’ve been thinking about getting a Decimo, as I’m wondering how the slimmer size would feel in my hands.

  236. I do enjoy drinking champagne and I love the champagne color of this pen! I own a Vanishing Point, but I think it is too big for my hands and it does feel a bit heavy. I think the decimo will be better for me and I am hoping to try one soon! Thank you for this giveaway.

  237. I do enjoy drinking champagne and I love the champagne color of this pen! I own a Vanishing Point, but I think it is too big for my hands and it does feel a bit heavy. I think the decimo will be better for me and I am hoping to try one soon! Thank you for this giveaway.

  238. Hi, thank you for this giveaway, french reader typing here…
    I love champagne, actually my husband was born in the Champagne area and there was a champagne producer in my mother in law family! I don’t have even try a pilot vanishing pen in my life but I love japanese fine or extra fine nibs.

  239. I generally have a glass of Champagne on New Years, but sometimes it’s sparkling cider. Does that count? No? Then on to the pens question. I don’t have a Vanishing Point or Decimo (but I’d like to).

  240. I drink champagne when my wife wants to. She loves it and I think it’s “fine”. Haha. I prefer it in mimosa or Bellini form.
    I don’t have a vanishing point or decimo yet but am on the lookout for my first!

  241. I do enjoy champagne, but only really drink it on special occasions or on New Year’s Eve. I have a black matte vanishing point, but am very interested in trying the Decimo because I think it would be a better fit for my hands.

  242. I enjoy drinking champagne, when served as a mimosa. I am interested in trying either the Decimo or Vanishing Point at this time, given how my days have been “decimated” managing schedules and my time is “vanishing”.

  243. I am a champagne spritzer kind of gal; add some mango, pineapple, or cranberry juice, and I will help myself to some sparkling wine! As a teacher on the last of a very strange school year, I may have one tomorrow evening…

    I am a lover of the vanishing point, and have been seriously waffling on getting this exact pen for a year now! I love this shade of pink and find it is underutilized in the fountain pen world.

  244. I don’t drink champagne (beer, bourbon and scotch) and don’t own a pilot yet.

  245. I never miss an opportunity to drink champagne and prosecco and cava and bubbles! I heard you can drip some champagne on oysters just before eating for sensational flavors. I also heard that the Decimo might just be my grail pen. Love it!

  246. I drink a little when it seems like the type of event I have a normal VP in Medium and I love it. This color is stunning

  247. Yes, it’s a sensory explosion that adds a bit of celebration! The cork popping, fizzy filled flute, the smell, the taste, all enhanced by the happy bubbles!

    I don’t own either pen, but this one would be a great way to bring celebration into the everyday!

  248. I’ve only had champagne once, and it was really good. I do love the sparkling wine from one of my local wineries. It’s called Bubblecraft. I don’t own a Decimo or VP. I’d love to, but I can’t swallow the price.

  249. I’ve never had champagne! I know, right? But at least there are other lovely people on this board to keep me company. As far as hooded nibs go, the closest we have in this house to Pilot’s Vanishing Point is a Lamy 2000, and it isn’t even mine. ☹️ I’d love to try this one though. The point on a Pilot nib has to be tried to be believed. Best of luck to all!

  250. I drink champagne but not enough to have a favorite. It’s mostly bourbon for me.

    My only Pilots so far are Metropolitans and Kakunos but a Vanishing Point is definitely on the wishlist.

  251. I’ve never owned a vanishing point. I was always concerned they would leak. Ready to try this gem.

  252. I indeed drink champagne on the right occasions… like if I were to win this lovely pen- cheers!

  253. I rarely drink champagne, certainly not enough to remember the brand let alone have a favorite. I also traded my Vanishing Point for a bunch of ink and vintage bottles.

  254. I don’t drink champagne or sparkling wine on the regular, but I do love a good mimosa or a peach bellini with a delicious brunch.

  255. I don’t drink alcohol so no champagne for me! Thank you so much for this giveaway – I have had my eye on this pen for a while and would love to try it out!

  256. I don’t drink champagne, no, but does sparkling grape juice count? I recently purchased a light blue Pilot Decimo with a gift card given to me for my birthday. Oh. My. Goodness. The Decimo is amazing. It writes like butter. I absolutely love it! I even joked that, were it not for the price, I’d love to get one in every color!

  257. I do, I do, I do drink champagne! Well, I don’t know that I’ve ever had real Champagne, but I love a prosecco, or any sparkling wine, really! The bubbles are just so FUN. Makes anything feel like a party. Speaking of a party, how about that gorgeous pen?! I’d love to try that beauty. Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  258. I’m not a fan of Champagne, or wine. I do however, occasionally fancy myself a glass good whiskey. As for fountain pens, I have only recently gotten into the hobby of collecting. I don’t own the Décimo or vanishing point, but I do see the appeal. Wonder how well they glide across paper.

  259. I will drink champagne in social settings if that is what is being served, but otherwise, I find it to be uninteresting. I really prefer a ‘big red’ wine.

  260. I am not a fan of drinking champagne. I prefer sparkling water! I don’t have the VP nor the Decimo, but both have been on my wish list for a while!

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