Giveaway #7: Pen Addict Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66 Fountain Pen

Pen Addict Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66

You know you have good friends when you have an anniversary party and your friends don’t offer to bring a six-pack, but instead they dig in their mysterious stationery cupboard and uncover a rare collectible Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66 limited edition fountain pen with an EF nib for your giveaway. Yeah… that’s a good friend.

Wait a minute… I don’t get to keep the pen!?!?! I get to give it to one of you, lovely readers!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me something amazing a friend has done for you. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Thursday, June 11, 2020. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Friday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear, but I am sending your address to Brad so if you don’t want him to have it, don’t enter this giveaway. If winner does not respond within 5 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Brad is shipping these from Pen Addict HQ and says he’ll ship anywhere on Planet Earth that has a shipping address. Seriously.

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  1. My wonderful friend Lisa made me a big, bright, happy, yellow paper “sun” when I was going through a hard time, so that I would always have a sunny day to look forward to. That was years ago, and I still have it hung in my drawing space; I cherish that sunshine!

    1. I was a sophomore in high school and both my parents worked, so I couldn’t get to summer band practice on my own. One of the seniors drove 20 minutes out of his way to take me. I miss that guy

  2. I knit a sweater/jumper for a friend so she nominated me for a prize and I won! I was quite surprised as I was knitting it to object to a large company ripping off a small designer. It wasn’t something I’d wear but I offered to knit it for someone else.

    1. Its a little silly but a friend invited me to a hiking day out before the pandemic. I really needed to get out of my schedule and I’m terrible at setting those things up. Hoping we can restart when things open back up.

      1. My dear friend Corinne has been my champion as I have navigated some major life changes! I’m blessed to have her in my life.

  3. My birthday was in April and my friend surprised me with a pen and inks from Pen Chalet. I was very confused about receiving a huge package that I had no recollection of ordering, but for someone who does not know much about pens, she did a pretty good job. 🙂

  4. My amazing friend has sent me snacks when I was struggling to afford healthy snacking materials. She has sent fuzzy socks after I lamented how much issue I was having keeping them warm. She has also sent me spoons in a refrence to spoon theroy. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

  5. A friend of mine gave me lots of fp friendly paper when I started using fountain pens.

  6. So cool I can pretend to be Brad!!!!

    My friend gave me a bunch of his leftover lumber as he knows it is the hardest thing to get to make anything. Now what to build?

  7. I had a friend who used to write me all kinds of surprise notes on stickie notes, loose paper, what have you when they could tell I wasn’t at my best. I always found a way to keep those notes and they brighten my day every time i see them.

  8. Just yesterday, a friend shared smoked pork with me. Over the weekend he smoked a pork butt and asked me to swing by his house yesterday if I was out. I had a grocery pickup scheduled and was able to oblige. Truthfully, I’d have left the house to pick it up. So tasty!

  9. My friends have been really supportive of my small fountain pen business.

  10. My friend Caitlin brought me a lemon tree after I had surgery so I had something I could take care of when I felt like I was utterly useless! I’m looking forward to those lemons in some cocktails later this summer!

  11. A friend hired me to work in the book store she managed, which led to my best job and meeting many other wonderful people!

  12. It’s silly but when we were first told to shelter in place I was a nervous wreck. I’m considered a vulnerable individual so I was worried and scared. I was nervous cleaning and my mop gave out. A friend and coworker actually went to the store for me and bought me a new one since I shouldn’t go out. I appreciated that so much.

  13. I was on travel and was missing my kids. My friend was flying out also for work and brought one of my kids with her!

  14. Okay this was not a friend per se. Rather a total stranger. I was in my late teens traveling alone by train across the continent (late 70’s) and had an hour stop-over in Winnipeg. I went for a walk to stretch my legs and wandered into a department store. I was admiring some pens under the counter and trying a nice gold-coloured Schaefer–priced at the time, way outside my reach (the insane price of $25). I happened to mention jokingly to the sales clerk that it was my birthday (it was). Another customer standing at the counter stepped in and bought the pen for me with a simple happy birthday. I was soon back on the train with the glimmering instrument and never had a chance to say more than a bewildered thank you.

  15. My friend always reminds me to have fun, look at the bright side of life. Never give up even when nothing is going right. I cherish my friend.

  16. Ok this one is very revealing of my nerdiness…
    A friend of mine went swimming (literally swimming) in a swamp to recover a rocket of mine.
    I do high power rocketry, and one went, apparently, into the swamp (that’s where the tracker was indicating it went). I marked it off as a loss ($200-$300 worth of rocketry stuff) because these things do happen, and this was my first time losing a rocket in many years, so it seemed an acceptable loss. My friend Glen… He took out his phone, wallet, keys, etc., found a good line to walk/swim, and just went in after it despite my pleading. 90 minutes later I literally thought he had died. 30 minutes after that, he finally started returning my shouts. He emerged 15 minutes later, covered in swmap goop and holding 4 rockets: 1 was mine, 2 random rockets, and 1 he had lost in the swamp two years prior.
    THIS is what a friend is for… Helping out and laughing at. Swamp Thing lives on, I tell ya.

  17. My first fountain pen was a Parker 21, gift from houseguest, one to me, one to my brother. 56 years ago. Part of mine cracked almost immediately; I knew my. Either would never use his so right away I had a replacement part with a lovely coordinating color. Every time I look at it, I think of my brother with love. Thank you, John!
    And thank you Brad and Ana, for this opportunity!

  18. A couple years ago I moved from one state to another. The house we were moving to was significantly smaller than the house we were in. Thus, we had to purge A LOT of stuff. We sold what we could and gave away what we could but still ended up with a 1/2 a garage full of junk that needed to go to the dump. A good friend with a trailer knew of our need and just showed up to take all of our junk away. It was one of the most loving gestures I’ve ever received!

  19. A good friend, one I just met two years ago but feels like a life-long friend, gave me a much better understanding of empathy and compassion. We met at a particularly difficult time in our lives and quickly found out that we had a lot more in common than tragedy. I have learned and continued to learn so much from this person. I’m truly, honestly, embarrassingly grateful for this friendship.

  20. For my 40th birthday, my friend flew me to New York, took me to 21 for dinner, I saw La Boheme at the Met, got to spend a night at the Waldorf and so much more. Now, that’s an amazing friend!

  21. During these crazy times, a friend of mine has made it a point to FaceTime with me every week or so, to check up on me and my family.

  22. My dear friend Dominique helped me to leave my narcistic and abusive husband and start a new life with my 7 year-old son. I met her at my university 8 years ago. She is always in my heart even tough we haven’t much time for each other.

  23. Not just a friend, my brother gave me a gen 1 iPhone because he thought they were so cool, and I was the only one he knew who would really want one. I was blown away!

  24. Because of my Virgo friend J I can manage exams and recitations better, get into ~social situations~ without always wanting to leave immediately, and enjoy stationery unapologetically.

  25. My friend Carol has been known to lend me a spaniel to take for a walk because I can’t have a dog of my own.

  26. A friend from long ago recently helped me to see things a bit differently and encourage me to take a new course that I had not been brave enough to do.

  27. My husband was transferred to a city across the state. We were young and poor so we moved our belongings in a rental truck. New city and no friends. We pulled the truck up to the apartment building and started to unload. A young couple saw us, introduced themselves and started helping us unload. We have been good friends for 45 years!

  28. Years ago, I had a coworker who wrote a poem about me for my last day of work. I still have it and it still fills me with joy.

  29. After I finished my graduate degree overseas I had to return to the States. I couldn’t afford to go back for graduation, even though it was the proudest moment of my life. My best friend bought me plane tickets to go. She said that pursuing my dream of a graduate degree changed me and I was more confident than I’d ever been and I deserved to celebrate it. We’ve been friends for 38 years and she’s always supported me.

  30. I bumped into an old friend on the street. He encouraged me to apply for a job at his company, and the next four years there were great

  31. When I had torn my Achilles Heel it was difficult to get around, much less eat at a restaurant. I had a friend, who not only picked me up and drove, but dropped me off at the front of my favorite restaurant! He also made sure I was comfortable and even grabbed the check! He is an amazing friend and I hope everything goes well for his business venture!

  32. The week I was diagnosed with MS 26 years ago my best friend came over with an old Parker pen of hers and a blank journal. Journal is long gone. Friend still best friend. The pen and my eyes and hands are still working!

  33. I’ve been friendly with this guy since we moved to CA and our wives met while waiting for our boys who were in pre-school together. He owned a small but innovative software company w 7 employees. I was between jobs and he coerced me to join his company to help with sales. Although I wasn’t convinced it was a good fit he talked me into trying for 6 months. That job led to an amazing career that I just retired from. I have many other friends but none that can top that one. 🙂

  34. What a cool pen.
    My friend offered to take my husband and me to the airport for a very early flight. We accepted.

  35. I didn’t bring my own lunch one day and didn’t want to buy food from the school because honestly, the cafeteria food is unhealthy AND garbage tasting. I was going to just skip lunch but my friend shared their food with me. I’m also grateful to all my friends just for being my friends and talking to me – maybe helping me with assignments if I need it.

  36. I had a wonderful friend who works for the Port A Authority of New York and New Jersey. When 9/11 hit, he was working for the port authority at LaGuardia airport. Because he Was a Port Authority employee, he had access to a lot of the wreckage from the fall of the towers. He knew that I had lost friends in the fire department on that day. He had a cross made from one of the steel beams from the north tower, And gave me this cross as a gift. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see this cross and remember his kindness and thoughtfulness. It also helps remember those we lost on 9/11. It is truly a wonderful gift that says more than the material item itself. I had to sell my entire pen collection of about 500 pieces back when I got a divorce, and I have been slowly trying to build it up in a very meager fashion.I would love to win this pen, tell the monkeys that!

  37. Franklin drove down from New York to have dinner with me when I was on the East coast, and drove back that night. I had no clue he of course coming, and it was an amazing evening among friends.

  38. My amazing friend is also my husband (lucky me) who daily cares about and for me and our 2 four-legged children (dogs).

  39. That thing your friends do when you have a newborn and they bring you food so you don’t have to cook? Amazing.

  40. I had a friend cut up an oak tree and split it up for me to use as fire wood. He did the majority of the work.

  41. My wonderful partner fetches me coffee whenever I’ve drained our supplies (again). I’d be a zombie without her.

  42. the husband of our GameMaster always cooks us delicous meals on game nights! (of course, we’ve had to skip game nights for the past couple of months…)

  43. When my mother passed, several friends made an impromptu visit to attend her memorial service. I am still touched to this day.

  44. A friend drew a picture for me when I was promoted as a manager to let me know that she was confident that I could lead the team.

  45. I have a friend who lets me tag along with her on all her world travels. It’s the thing I’m missing most right now. I’d love to be able to write about my trips with this amazing pen!

  46. A friend brought me a casserole when I was under the weather so I could take a break from cooking.

  47. The amazing thing my best friend did for me was once for my birthday, she purchased a sterling silver fountain pen, EF nib (my preference), and had it engraved with my name…and she knows nothing about fountain pens. All she knew was pens are my passion and she wanted to get me something that was special and all she knew was from listening to me talk about them. Really special!

  48. I moved away from one of my best friends, and he flew in and surprised me for my birthday.

  49. We have a friend that constantly drops bags of groceries on our front porch! Needed items and fun (on sale) items – what a blessing!

  50. My wife (and best friend) gave me a subscription to a monthly ink flight–a perfect gift for a fountain pen enthusiast. We look forward to each new box and share the samples.

  51. Got me in touch with AA & NA, led to me being clean, just for today, by the grace of God 611 days.

  52. My friend Kim has made sure my husband and I have everything we need to stay home during this virus. My husband is immuno-compromised so we have to be extra careful. She checks on us daily and shares anything we may need. She is the best!

    1. My friend are my journals. They offer me a way to destress and carefully think how I should express my thoughts in a healthy manner.

      “Paper is more patient than people.”
      – Anne Frank

      However, a college professor was like my friend in the moment. She was the one who kickstarted my journaling a couple months ago. She gave me a Bieffe journal and a Pentel Energel.

      Afterwards, I just kept on journaling to my heart’s content.

  53. When I was stationed at the now-defunct Ft. McPherson near downtown Atlanta, I jumped on the wrong long distance bus to get home and they wouldn’t let me off no matter how much I begged and pleaded. I went all the way to the other end of the city, about 1-1.5 hours away from my house. I was able to get a train back downtown, but all the buses to my side of the city had stopped at that point. So, I called a buddy who lived downtown, Danny, asking if he could drive me out to my house 30 mins away. With no hesitation, he came down to get me (and my bike) and drove me all the way out and back home hisself. I think of that often and reach out to him to say thanks every now and then.

  54. Texting me every day just to let me know they were thinking of me while my mother was dying in hospital with Covid-19. ❤️

  55. Near the end of January I was in a very dark spot. I was at the end of my rope dealing with my addiction to opiates. I had reached the point where it was time to either step up to a much stronger & cheaper opiate (heroin), or to take my own life.

    A friend I had been in a romantic relationship with that ended (life circumstances had gotten very difficult for her, I relapsed a few weeks after the relationship ended) reached out & called me. I was still very much in love with her. She knew I had relapsed & had taken a firm but caring approach with me previously, almost like tough love. She had seen me starting to hit bottom & was very concerned. She called & stayed on the phone with me after I sent her a very dark & bleak text message when she had asked how I was doing. She knew I was in a tough spot but hadn’t realized the severity of it. She then took a very soft & caring position with me when she called & stayed on the phone with me for an nearly two hours. She was very caring & I was very honest with her about how I was planning to escape the pain I was in either via dope, or suicide. She was the one person I would listen to about getting help. I had thought I was a lost cause. She convinced me to go to detox & then to a dual diagnosis program that saved my life.

    I used to be an atheist. That phone call not only saved my life but opened my eyes to spirituality. I believe now that god acts through the people in our lives. That she was in my life to save it ultimately. I truly believe that she was the only person on earth I would listen to. I had ignored or pushed aside everyone else’s attempts to help me. Had she not shown me the compassion, & sympathy that days I do not believe I would be writing this comment to win a fountain pen. She single handily made me believe that my life was worth living, not to give up on myself, & that I was worthy of being loved. I’m grateful she is still my friend, & I have come to terms that a relationship beyond friendship is not in the cards for us.

    I’ve already won a giveaway so I don’t think I’m eligible to win this prize (I wouldn’t turn down a FC pen though, lol). I saw the prompt & had to tell this story. The kindness & love that we receive from others can save us, sometimes from ourselves in my case. I hope that anyone who is in a dark spot with either addiction or depression can find the strength to persevere, & seek the help they need, even if it means relying on another person to help you get there.

  56. So pretty!

    My BFF brought me a huge basket of homegrown tomatoes. That’s love.

  57. The most amazing thing my amazing friend has done for me is to help and support me when my Dad died and they they helped me take care of my ailing mom. It was a huge sacrifice for them to support me and my family. It was the most cherished gift I have ever received.

  58. A good friend gave me a kidney. He didn’t tell me where he got it and I didn’t ask.

    But seriously folks, I got a text that I should peek out my window. A friend had driven into my driveway just to wave hello. A simple thing. Silly how powerful it felt after being socially isolated for weeks.

  59. When my father passed last September, the folks I truly consider to be friends were all very supportive. They were there for me in the immediate aftermath, but, more importantly, continued to check in during the weeks that followed. I owe them much!

  60. The most amazing thing a friend has done for me is to be there when you need someone.

  61. The most wonderful thing a friend has done for me was in high school when a friend did a speech in our speech class about why I am unique and fun to be around. I was quiet and didn’t mingle much, so it really made me feel good.

  62. My friend Tim held my mom’s hand with my brother in the hospital when she died – I was five states away and he was there for her and me.

  63. A friend once rescued me in his tow truck after my engine blew up 25 minutes from home!

  64. My best friend, who also happens to be my husband, used to travel some for work for a few years. Each time he would leave for these week long trips (which only happened like twice a year) he would order me something as a mid-week surprise to help cheer me up while he was away. It really helped, especially when he was multiple time-zones away and it was hard to find the time to talk.

  65. An amazing friend just sent me everything I need to practice yoga at home during the shelter in place!

  66. I’m having a rough go at work as of late. My girlfriend has been wonderful in just simply listening to me. It has helped more than anything else. Congratulations on ten years Ana!

  67. A friend of mine brought back small-shop stationery and notebooks from Hong Kong last year after he had spent the year in China teaching.

  68. Good friend told me:
    Really? stop lying to yourself.

    And I did, for the better. Was exactly what I need to hear.

  69. My friend listens. Not just to the heavy important stuff, but to the dumb irreverent things I often think up. Also about pens. I talk about them sometimes. She doesn’t quite get it, but she listens.

  70. It seems small, but it always means a lot when my friends invite my wife and I over for board games. The mixture of socializing and playing is really nice.

  71. Aw what a wonderful giveaway!
    One thing my friend did for me was back in 2018 she insisted we become roommates! I was at a difficult point in my life and her reaching out helped me out of a really bad funk.

  72. Oh my gosh I just recently put a Franklin Christoph on my mental wish list of pens!!! I have an amazing friend who is a veterinarian and she drove 3 hours to come and literally save my old Shetland pony’s life. He is still with me 4 years later, still old, and still the love of my life thanks to her.

  73. When I was studying in Rome in 1976, a friend gave me a number to call an old friend of his who was serving at the Vatican that year. I did call, visited him at the Vatican, and spent an afternoon being shown all the parts of the Vatican that visitors do not get to see, like the train station and the art restoration studio. Like the two Franklin Christoph pens I already own, that memory is a treasure I plan to keep close.

  74. I have an old buddy that I text with almost everyday. Helps keep me connected to other perspectives while being hunkered down.

  75. I can’t think of a specific instance, but I’m so grateful for my friends just being there for me (and me for them) through tough times, okay times, great times – just standing with me through everything that life throws our way.

  76. My old roommate got me a signed shirt from Donald Glover/Childish Gambino when he played at his venue.

  77. A friend gave me my first fountain pen, getting me into this hobby in the first place. I repaid the favor by giving them an Esterbrook LJ, sending them down the rabbit hole of vintage pens.

  78. My lovely husband threw me the best surprise party when I turned 50. At first I thought it was such a weird coincidence my brother wound up in just the bar in Chicago we happened to walk into! Yeah, I’m a little slow on the uptake. He’s still my favorite and best friend. (Ooh. Yellow! My favorite color!)

  79. My friends introduced me to the huge world of board games. They (married couple) know what I’m going through, and before the pandemic, they would ask me over to play games, for a respite.

    Otherwise the game nights were/are all about playing games and having fun.

  80. I had a great friend growing up that would always work or swap days I needed off. Questions where never asked. If I need a scheduled day off for some reason they always swapped or just worked that day for me.

  81. Just this week my friend, Liz, hosted a socially distanced outdoor birthday party for me and another fellow Gemini. I was so happy to see friends in person during this pandemic era.

  82. I consider my little brother one of my absolute best friends, so I’m gonna use him for this one. A few years back when he was still living with my parents and I had moved out, we all went on a family camping trip. At the time, my main passion was loose leaf tea. Primarily Chinese and Japanese teas brewed gong fu style. When I got to the campsite, my brother showed me around what the family had set up, and he gave me a box with one of my favorite teas and a way to brew it. It’s something small, but it really showed me just how much he thinks about me and pays attention and makes sure I’m taken care of in the smallest of way. By far one of the most thoughtful things a friend has done for me, especially since we weren’t hanging out like we did when I lived in their house.

  83. A friend of mine once let me stay at their house for a week because I wasn’t in a good living situation. They helped me find a new place, helped me move, and refused to take compensation for any of it.

  84. A friend, who knows nothing of my stationery habit, slipped me a gift of a Passport TN at a time I really needed a boost. It was in thanks for something I did years before, and was just perfect.

  85. When I moved cross country for work, my friend took days off and flew to the destination to go apartment hunting with me. With my limited budget, we came across some major seedy places, but she still looked over every nook and cranny with me! Good friends are such a sweet blessing.

  86. One of my friends has provided late-night pediatric phone consultations for my family over many years. Priceless.

  87. A friend gave me my very first fountain pen, little knowing just how deep is that rabbit hole…

  88. My friend Tim is an amazing guy and has done a lot for me, but probably the most impressive to post was when I moved in to my house he borrowed his father’s pickup truck and trailer and moved my large furniture for me. That was huge, no pun intended.

  89. My friends got together to do a video for my birthday when Covid killed the in person party we were planning… it was awesome!

  90. Years ago, an old friend from another era of my life found me via Facebook and said hello. I was delighted to hear from him. After we exchanged messages a few times, he sent me an unexpected email offering a large sum of money. I was going through difficulties that moment, though I hadn’t did much about it. But my friend read between the lines and made the offer.

    I didn’t understand and was going to refuse him, but he said that when he had known me long ago, I had changed his life and gave him a path into the future. And he wanted to show me his gratitude now that he had found me again, especially because I needed the money a lot more than he did. I had no idea that I had been anything but a friend to him all those years ago. Eventually I accepted his gift, and it was a huge blessing in my life. Even more was the understanding that we truly do not know what effect we have on the world, good or bad. I thank my friend for showing me such light and compassion.

  91. One of the most coolest things that ever happened was after I had run my first 50K race. My girlfriend and I were driving to join the organization that we work with to help the homeless and as we were just about there she said to me do you have a 50K magnet / sticker for your car yet. Since I had only recently accomplished this feat I said no. And with that she reached to the seat behind and presented me with a 50K magnet for my car. I was totally gob smacked. I had not been expecting that and literally said why are you driving around with a 50K magnet in your car and she said that she had gotten a group of magnets for when she and several of her other girlfriends had done their 50K but one of the other ladies had gotten one for herself already so did not need the one my friend had purchased. So I was blessed to receive this extra 50K magnet for my car.

  92. I am divorced. No children. My beloved pug died just shy of 18 years old. A couple male friends of mine sent me flowers. Then to top it off, they sent me flowers about 2 years later on what have been my 20th wedding anniversary. Very sweet of them

  93. I have a friend who tirelessly educates me and others on issues of racial justice and equality and also equally tirelessly keeps an open and supportive stance even when I have done nothing to deserve patience or support.

  94. I like to think of Brad Dowdy as a friend so I’ll tell a Brad story. I went to the 2019 ATL pen show for the live podcast, and I won a door prize: $25 Dromgoole’s gift card. The problem was that it was literally a Larry Dromgoole business card with “$25 gift certificate during ATL show 2019” on it (which I know for sure because I still have it). I didn’t realize this… until I looked at it at home the next day, 3 hours away.
    So I DM’d Brad and asked him for some help, to which he agreed immediately even though he was still working at the show for Nock. He was able to help me get my first TWSBI, and then shipped it to me. We can’t ask for a better representative for our community than Brad. And, it’s a great pen.

  95. My friend took my wife and I in his small float-plane for a flight up over Vancouver and the Gulf Islands. We waved down to hikers just “topping out” on The Black Tusk and landed on secluded Phantom Lake – only accessible by air – to spent a peaceful couple of hours paddling in the glacier-cold blue water. Very grateful indeed!

  96. My friend sent me a lockdown gift of a box of biscuits in a musical carousel box. Food and music. Play on..

  97. I had a friend just get on a WebEx call and help me fix my wifi at home so that we can work better from home. I owe him one.

  98. A friend’s grandfather passed away and as they were cleaning out his home they found a like-new vintage pen. The friend gifted it to me for “no reason” knowing that I would appreciate the pen more than anyone in their family.

  99. At the moment, I’m thinking back to encouragement I’ve received during difficult times. A few years ago, a friend gave me words of comfort while I was facing a huge personal problem. It was an intangible gift, but it made a world of difference to me, then and now.

  100. A friend of mine dropped off a “lockdown survival kit” with coffee, snacks, games for the kids, and flowers. So very kind!

  101. last year our house burnt down, tough on the kids and on us. First weeks you try to get a grip on reality, realizing we lost a lot of stuff & memories. One of my friends searched the 2nd hand market for comics, dvd’s, puzzles and board games. In the 3rd week we were at our emergency appartment (too small for the 5 of us), he came with this huge amount of stuff (we did not have room for it) but that evening laughter was again part of our lives. We slept well that night, knowing we had a very good friend indeed.

  102. I like to write letters and the best thing about the COVID-19 crisis has been the network of friends corresponding with one another. It’s been a wonderful way to lift each other up and stay connected.

  103. I’m coming to the end of my four-year degree now, but when I was in the middle of high school – in between second and third year – I moved across the States. It wasn’t something I was taking well.
    I had spent the first year and a half of high school relatively uninvolved, but out of the blue a few months before the summer I joined the theatre program. Our school was putting on Grease; I didn’t know much about the production but figured why not.
    Big mistake. I got in. That was the first school activity I really got into and I grew so attached to the cast that by the time 15-year-old me had to leave, I was despondent.

    On the last night of the show, after we finished, I asked a friend to drive me to the cast afterparty. She dawdled and took several wrong turns on the way there but I hardly noticed. I was deep in a funk. I was still trying to shake that melancholy when I opened the door and stopped in my tracks.
    Every single member of the cast was waiting in the entryway with a hug and an oversized poster they’d made, and every one of them had signed it with something personal and a promise to stay in touch – a sort of dramatic, sappy, one-person yearbook, if you will. It was ridiculous, sure; it also made me cry happy tears. Turns out that was exactly what I’d needed. There was a lot more going on in my life outside of high school (a divorce, messy court proceedings, a breakup) and even though it might seem mundane, I guess that display of affection was just what I needed.

  104. My friend Jeffrey brought me a cup of coffee every Friday morning at work for a year. I never asked. He just showed up with it. I didn’t “need” it every day, but when I did it really went a long way. It was a small gesture that I really appreciated. Thank you Jeffrey.

  105. My husband once surprised me with a thoughtful gift during a trip home to his parents for the holidays. Context: their home is VERY small, built for Hobbits, and I am more human-sized, so my feet would always hang off the edge of the beds, etc. (not the most comfortable of ways to vacation) We fly in, then make the 3-hour drive in the middle of the night, and I’m groggily paying attention enough to notice that we drive right past their street. I look at him… “whu?” And he says, “WE are staying at a bed and breakfast this year!” and he proceeds to drive 20 minutes up the road and walking me up to the door of a huge and beautifully-decorated Victorian house, most of which has just become ours for the holidays. Best Christmas gift ever.

  106. My running buddy Kayla always has my back. Surprising me by dropping off goodies. Always encouraging me on my runs. She is the nicest person I know.

  107. My friend Gina has gradually gone from “almost burning the house down” to “expert baker” over the course of the pandemic. She sent me some amazing cookies so I could also reap the benefits 😀

  108. My best friend recommended me for a job at his company and it has been a great blessing to my life.

  109. It gets dark early here in winter in our little French hamlet of about a dozen houses…

    …about seven in the evening, we heard hallooing in front of the house, and there was someone in our garden in the dark waving what looked like a mace or a machete above his head…

    It was our friend who goes hunting. He’d got a whole leg of wild boar for us!

  110. Just last week one of my friends brought us a few adorable little loaves of sourdough bread (their starter is named Pete Bread-igieg). They were so delicious.

  111. Orange is my favourite colour. What a beautiful pen! I’d thank my friends for tolerating my pen-nut-ery

  112. My friend Ana (not you) sold me my first Vanishing Point at the Chicago Pen Show a few years ago. Just kidding, it was totally you!

  113. My sister helped proofread and check my citations in my dissertation. It was a huge job and a huge help.

  114. A very sweet friend of our is making fresh lasagna noodles from scratch and is dropping them off at our house tonight!

  115. It was just the other day when we went to another family’s home for one last meal together as friends before we both move away. For dinner, they fixed dry aged ribeye they had been drying in their fridge for 2 months—so good! Just a meal, but still a generous gift from good friends.

  116. A good friend, who I haven’t spoken to in a while because of geography (we’re an ocean apart), reached-out to see how I’ve been faring during this tumultuous times. I’m constantly amazed by the thoughtfulness and empathy of others. I hope that our tremendous human strength of being empathetic to others can transcend our family, friend, and social groups and extend to every human brother, sister, and person in society.

  117. When we became ill in March and had to self-quarantine for a few weeks, the produce guy at my local grocery store brought us our groceries every few days. He took the time to take my list and get us everything we needed and delivered it. On his own time. And he wouldn’t let me pay him for gas or any extra. I was only allowed to reimburse him for the actual groceries. He told me I was a part of their store family. I cried. And am so very, very thankful for him.

  118. My brother, who is one of the closest friends I’ve ever had gave my wife and I a wonderful gift just last week. We had to put our beloved dog Phoebe to sleep back in March. She was at least 12 years old and it was just her time. My brother found a place that can transform photos into digital prints that look like water color paintings. It was a beautiful gesture.

  119. My current job is because a friend gave me a chance 13 years ago this month! Still going strong!

  120. I have a dear friend who sends amazing impromptu care packages–they always arrive at just the right time

  121. During one of my many recent hospital stays, a dear friend came to visit me with her Ukulele and we sand songs from the Bible. It was so refreshing for me, as I have been in the hospital every month since 1-1-2019, to this month. I even recorded our songs together on my iPad, and play them back from time to time.

  122. I, too, have a fresh food story.:) I was feeling cooped up, the weather was hot and sticky, and my eldest child made me a pick-me-up treat: homemade gelato with fresh strawberry jam! So rich you can only eat one scoop at a time, but wow!! More rich than the gelato we had in Rome (once upon a time and in a different life)!

  123. My friend has been the person I can be completely honest with about how I am doing during the pandemic – she just makes me feel validated and I treasure that.

  124. I have a friend who is always offering to help me when he notices me getting stressed out. He very kindly offers to lighten the load, right when I need it most.

  125. My birthday was in March, but one of my dear friends had a baby and forgot about my birthday. It wasn’t a big deal to me, but she is so thoughtful and generous, she wanted to do something for me. She doesn’t know much about pens and ink except that I love them, so she messaged a pen friend from my instagram to ask what inks I like, and ordered me some Robert Oster samples and gave me a gift certificate to Vanness. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

  126. My friends always make me feel valued and seen — most recently by buying me two raspberry Talentis instead of just one

  127. Something amazing a friend did for me? Got married and had a child with me!

    But seriously, my best friend (my wife) does so much for me on the daily.

  128. My friends are amazing because they call me out in the most supportive ways. They are great at keeping me motivated even when I start to give up on myself and in turn, I do everything I can to support them.

    This may not be amazing to many, but knowing that you are part of a group that unconditionally supports each other through the tough times is one of the greatest feelings one can have.

  129. I work in a hospital and have direct contact with patients, so this pandemic season has been rather stressful. I mentioned to a new pen-friend that we were experiencing shortages in PPEs and she graciously offered to give me a couple boxes of N95s and gloves she had at home (acquired during the previous wildfire season). It was very, very kind of her to do so because she could have chosen to keep it for herself, but she didn’t. I cherish my pen-friends!

  130. Hi Ana,
    My life long childhood friend called me the other day. That’s it that the whole story. I know that sentence doesnt sound like much but… I am so grateful for having a lifelong friend. To have a friend that’s known you your whole life…its hard too put words to how lucky I feel about that. So, she called me the other day and I’m just grateful for the gift that she is. 🙂 Jen

  131. This pen is phenomenal! I love F-C and this would be perfect in my collection hehe! My best friend is amazing – she’s been there for me thru everything – our graduations, our weddings, the birth of kids, passing of both our moms. She’s my lifeline. This year my birthday was during our StayHomeStaySafe orders and I’d resolved myself to laying low with my family. But my best friend showed up at my door with an orchid, balloons and hug! It was amazing. It was what I needed to brighten my day and my month. The memory of those few moments together and her warm embrace stays with me!

  132. My friend and coworker (an avowed fountain pen fan) gave me my first fountain pen over 30 years ago for no other reason than he thought I should have one. It was a Schaeffer 444 that I still use today, currently inked with Noodler’s Bernanke Red (I’m a lefty).

  133. My best friend has been my best friend since kindergarten. She’s been my partner-in-crime and therapist for almost 40 years now. She’s more a sister than a friend.

  134. When my grandmother died, my friend noticed African violets in her memorial pictures. She gave me an African violet and I learned how to propagate it and was able to give one of its “babies” back to my friend.

  135. My friend unexpectedly gifted me with a patch for my camera bag which reads, “please stop expecting things from me.” Fitting for someone who would prefer to be left alone when taking his landscape pictures or writing in his journal.

  136. Just before I went through chemo, I wanted to donate my hair before it all fell out. My friend Isabel drove me to the hair stylist and joined me in cutting her hair super short so she could donate her hair too and I would have company. Then, knowing how much I loved my stationery, she gifted me a journal so I could document the ups and downs of my journey.

  137. A good friend of mine & I used to send surprise packages to each other & talk on the phone for hours. Oh! How I miss her dearly!!! XOXO

  138. In my efforts to avoid hand strain from writing notes in my clinic psych grad school classes all day, I bought my first fountain pen, a TWSBI ECO, vowing that it was absurd I would pay $20 bucks for any pen let alone one I didn’t even know if I would like. Well, it worked; hand pain gone. But in the second week of using it, a classmate, Connor, came over during a class break and said “oh wow! That’s a TWSBI Eco, right?!” Stunned, I responded: “Actually, yeah it is! How the hell did you know that?” He showed me the three or four fountain pens he carried with him all the time, introduced me to Retro 51’s…. you can see where this headed. A month or two later: “hey. You like podcasts, right? You should listen to The Pen Addict!” One of the first episodes he recommended was a gift guide episode to learn about the lots of different types of pen products. And it even featured you, Ana. It must have been 2015 holiday gift guide episode. Needless to say, I have many fountain pens, ink, notebooks, notepads, and all sorts of pens and stationery supplies thanks to Connor. The nice thing he did for me was also encouraged me to dive deeper into the hobby where I found a lot of healing in writing and journaling; and, I suppose, a pretty great lifelong friendship! (Sarcasm implied) Last summer, I was even the best man in his wedding. And yes, the speech did include a reference to our initial bond over pens and ink

  139. I loaned a book on the history of books to a good friend, and he returned it to me in a slipcase he made!

  140. The best thing my friends ever did for me, was help me revise parts of my master’s defense presentation on short notice–by which I mean, 5-10 minutes before the presentation. I was having a meltdown, thinking it was too long and awfully written, and they helped me work through the knottiest parts. I passed my exams and got my degree, so it must have done the trick! I was very grateful to them.

    (In case anyone’s interested, I got my first Pelikan as a gift when I finished graduate school. It was a Pelikan M600 Souverän in Violet-White, fine nib. It’s one of my go-to pens, along with my Lamy Safari Dark Lilac and my Edison Collier in Persimmon Swirl. I would LOVE to add a Franklin Christoph to that line-up! I don’t have any, having stopped most fountain pen purchases due to lack of a steady income.)

  141. Recently, after two small setbacks at our house, several friends showed up with trays of food. We never asked for the food, but it case anyway, and it was delicious and appreciated. Not only did it feed us, but it showed us exactly how we should behave when others are going through a hard time.

  142. A few years ago we lost our dachshund of 15+ years. The night before she passed they brought her white castle sliders to eat and what she termed a “grieferole” for us to eat for a few days. Better friends could not be found.

  143. My friend Sabrina took on all of my work for about ten days so that I could care for my father during and after his open-heart surgery, so I would not have to take unpaid leave. She is a saint.

  144. A friend of mine bought me a special pen that he thought matched my personality. It was funny and accurate, and appreciated.

  145. My best friend is my wife, who is constantly doing amazing things for me. One example is I lost my daily carry fountain pen, and I felt so silly for losing something so important with me. With no prompting, my lovely best friend researched fountain pens with no previous experience and surprised me with a new pen! I am forever thankful for all she does.

  146. Well, this isn’t heart warming as all those friendly stories might sound like, but the academy is a cold world. A friend typed in a huge chunck of my thesis, I gave her the manuscripts that were ready ages ago, because I was dealing with some very unfortunate life events.

  147. The first thing that came to mind are friends that look after our animals when we go out of town. Thanks!
    What a great giveaway!

  148. A friend gave me the gift of craft, after showing me the basics of lapidary & stone cutting. Elevated the work I already did in silver.

  149. I once took a nighttime greyhound bus to visit college friends who lived several hours away. It involved what should have been about a thirty minute stop, changing buses, and arriving in their town just after midnight. The bus I was on was delayed, the bus I was supposed to transfer to left before we got there, and I was stranded in an unfamiliar city by myself in the middle of the night. There was another bus that I could take, but not until around 3am.
    I called my friends, who by then had seen the bus that was supposed to deliver me leave (and had actually tried to chase after it), and I told them I was stranded at the bus stop, about an hour away, and no, other than “bus station in (City)” I couldn’t actually tell them where I was(this was before everyone had smartphones and gps). About an hour later, they pulled up at the station, piled out of the car, proclaimed that they had somehow located Narnia en route, and loaded me and my bags into their car.

  150. During a time when I was hospitalized because of severe depression, only one of my friends came to visit and when he visited, he didn’t try to fix me or tell me anecdotal nonsense, he just listened to me talk and he was simply there for me everyday that I was hospitalized. I’ll never forget that.

  151. A friend gave me my parents. They were introduced at a dinner and two dates later he proposed .They eloped and the rest is history.

  152. I helped to organise an event with our motor club and my friend and his wife knew that it was really stressing me out and getting me down. On the day of the event, I was in the closing car, which involves going around the different locations, picking up the paperwork and sorting out any problems. When I got to the test that my friend was marshalling on, he handed me a box wrapped in pink tissue paper with a little note of support on it from his wife. It contained Tunnocks Dark Chocolate Teacakes (American friends may have to Google these) – my favourite biscuit. It was still a horrible day, and I still had a lot of stress, but that little pink wrapped box of goodness made me smile. It’s still making me smile now!

  153. No matter how far I have moved over the years I have a friend that whenever we contact each other it’s as if we haven’t been separated.

  154. I was having a hard time and feeling alone and a friend drove across town and bought me ice cream without my having to ask.

  155. I had a new IG pen friend who first sent me a Tomoe River Journal that was exquisite. We wrote to each other and she sent me the most gorgeous handmade pen I’ve ever seen. My first handmade pen and she sent me up a step in my pen journey. Absolutely amazing woman and I believe she has given random gifts to others as well

  156. My husband is my best friend and has loved me for over 36 years even when I’m not lovable.

  157. My friend abseiled into the apartment block next door using an electrical cable when we found ourselves stuck on the roof with no phones in the freezing cold.

  158. The best thing a friend has ever done is tell me when I’m wrong when I think I’m right- and help me to actually be right…..and tell me I’m right when I think I’m wrong and being terrible. I’m very lucky to have friends who have done both of these things.

  159. My best friend growing up has been there for me through the past year in an unbelievable manner. I unexpectedly lost my mom, and while we have always kept up with each other, she has been my rock through this all. I really appreciate everything she’s done for me.

  160. I had a friend randomly offer me a notebook from Amazon without telling me. He knew I liked pens and paper and when he saw a cool one he just sent it to me. It was a nice surprise and really brightened my day when it showed up.

  161. My friends took me for a girls day when I was going through a stressful week having to try to balance school and work and my social life.

  162. Some friends in high school came straight from one of their baseball games to visit the funeral home when my father died.

  163. The best thing my closest friends have done for me isn’t necessarily one big thing, but their being constant in my life. They’ve shown up time and time again, in seasons of want and plenty. And some of them even send letters!

  164. Several years ago, my best friend got me a stuffed Tuxedo Sam toy and a copy of my favorite childhood book (FLAP YOUR WINGS) for my birthday. It was the most specific and maybe the kindest birthday present I’ve received. I was speechless after I unwrapped the book – I had tears running down my face.

  165. My friend taught me to play guitar. He continues to give me the gift of music and creativity regularly throughout all these 22 years we’ve known each other.

  166. My two closest friends help me make major life decisions and then support me through them both when I can pretend I have control and when I have to acknowledge that I don’t.

  167. My friend are my journals. They offer me a way to destress and carefully think how I should express my thoughts in a healthy manner.

    However, a college professor was like my friend in the moment. She was the one who kickstarted my journaling a couple months ago. She gave me a Bieffe journal and a Pentel Energel.

    Afterwards, I just kept on journaling to my heart’s content.

  168. Out of the blue, a beautiful leather journal cover arrives. Gift tag indicates it was from my friend. Why? Because he thought of me. How cool is that?

  169. My friend is currently helping me find a new apartment because I will be moving very soon to a place I’ve never been, but where they lived for four years! He’s a fellow pen addict.

  170. Robert Reich got me the hell out of a terrible year in a horrendous central Massachusetts town while I was completely crashing his campaign party when he ran for governor 20y ago, so he’ll always be a friend of mine.

  171. One of my friends who was a nurse came and stayed with me when I brought my husband home from the hospital. He had lymphoma and could not walk. She was a wonderful help and support as he began his recovery. It took a year, but he finally did walk again and lived for a number of years after that. I’ll always remember her support during that difficult time.


  172. What is it with this run of absolutely fabulous giveaways?!! YAY! An amazing thing that a friend did for me? She invited me to attend the Academy Awards one year, when I was just starting out and trying to earn my place in the Writers Guild. I was so disheartened and exhausted, I was ready to quit — but that little burst of Hollywood glamour picked me right up and refilled my heart. She’s the reason I kept writing…and still earn my living at it to this day.

  173. My daughter who is one of my very best friends helped me make a wonderful garden full of flowers and vegetables while we have been staying home.

  174. After both my parents passed away within 3 months of each other last year, a pen friend whom I have never even met in person commissioned a handmade pen for me and had it sent to me anonymously. I figured out who it was, though! I will never forget her kindness.

  175. My bestie for the restie recently sent me a care package to help with a mixture of personal & work stress and homesickness because of the pandemic. The package included a purple fleece blanket, a 3lb bag of fun-sized mixed chocolate bars, and a swear words coloring book. It is the best care package I could imagine receiving!

  176. I would love to have this beautiful pocket pens… my hands are small and pocket pens are my jam. Thanks, D.

  177. I’ve been lucky with friends and grateful. The love, support, and empathy has been amazing. One thing a friend did to cheer me up after a break up was to invite me to see then President Obama on the Jon Stewart show. It was in DC and wow, what a production but one of the most fun evenings I’ve had in years.

  178. My friend gave me a bamboo pen with a medium nib that writes quite nicely. I filled it with Waterman Mysterious Blue.

  179. My friend is responsible for some of my greatest pen acquisitions. Most recently is my Beatles Montblanc.

  180. Brought me a cake when I wasn’t expecting it! Who doesn’t delight in a surprise cake!

  181. My friend Kenny gave me an exercise bike when I started having blood pressure problems during the lockdown so I could exercise.

  182. My amazing friend brings me a cup of coffee out of the blue just when I need it, or a small gift to let me know when she’s thinking of me when I went through a rough health scare.

    1. We have a good friend who invited us to use their beach condo for a number of years. They have lost a son and wanted our 3 boys to experience the joy they had at the beach with their son. Those times at the beach were when our boys were little. We have so many wonderful memories of playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean. The walks on the beach – talking about life’s great joys. My children are grown now and We will never forget those days or our friend’s Generosity.
      Thank you for having this give away. I have always hoped to get a Franklin-Christoph pen. I am a NC native and would love to have a pen made from our state. Happy 10 year anniversary!

  183. What a lovely pen, thanks for the opportunity! Something nice a friend has done for me recently is send over a quarantine care package full of stationery goodies

  184. A dear friend of mine brought me pencils from Italy. “Quite frankly, it’s a little baffling to me but look at the smile on your face “

  185. I gave a friend a freshly baked loaf of sourdough (because baking is apparently all I do during quarantine), and she gave me the most beautiful bread bad with “sourdough fairy” embroidered on it. I will treasure it always!

  186. A well-know blogger friend of mine gave me an amazing orange Franklin-Christoph pen!

  187. I’m the friend that loves to send out snail mail, because that makes me happy. So, I was super surprised to receive a card from my best friend; her love language is showing up with flowers and sweets, so to receive that card was so thoughtful because she knew I would love it.

  188. A friend knew how much I love and artist and contacted the artist to buy the original watercolour done as a demo I watched. Shipped from England for Christmas. That is a friend.

  189. My best friend took care of me today when I was having a rough day. Made me food, listened to me talk and vent and cry, and took me for a nice walk to help me feel better <3

  190. A good friend allowed us to use their beach home when our children-twins – were young. It was a wonderful place to build memories with them. Playing in the sand, looking for little fish and crabs in the shallow waters. We will never forget those days!! Now I love to write down these memories and the many new memories in my journal. Writing with a fountain pen is such a pleasure. I have always wished for a Franklin-Christoph pen. I am from North Carolina and would love a pen made in my home state. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! Your site is so helpful.

  191. Simultaneously both understated and totally extra my friend sent me a card which read “To a lovely soul” and they dashed a quick “made me think of you” as a message. Which is an understated lovely gesture. The watermarked ivory envelope closed with a wax seal of their family crest however was pretty extra.

  192. I don’t have a Franklin-Christoph pen but would love to own one. Thanks for the chance.

  193. My wife is one of those in the vulnerable category for the Coronavirus. So I have been very careful not to expose myself to bringing it home. I can’t go into stores right now. A friend told me in an online chat about picking up succulents at a grocery store and I mentioned I would love to grow some and maybe I would order some online. The next day she sent me an online message to look on my porch. There were four little succulents, a beautiful pot to put them in, a terra-cotta saucer under it, and a bag of cactus mix to pot them with. She called it a succulent kit for Kit. This isn’t the first generous gift on my porch she has left for me. She’s crocheted a big round bag for me in bright colors, left it on my porch with a huge loaf of her banana bread in it, and now the bag sits on the floor of my office beside my desk. I love it. And I love my friend Lisa.

  194. Thank you so much for this giveaway! My best friend Kara has been their through thick and thin with me for over 30 years now! It’s impossible to pinpoint only one thing she has done when I look at the fabric of our friendship, woven of shared happiness, consolation in moments of sadness, and reality checks applied as needed. I’m lucky to have a friend who has become my sister. I moved across the country a few years back, and was lucky enough to stop in her city for a few days on my way there. It was a delight to go see Depeche Mode with her in a throwback to our teenage years, go for a nice dinner, and decompress at a very stressful time. She is a rock!

  195. A bad breakup had me leaving California with 3 days’ notice, and a friend dropped everything, took time off work, drive out to meet me, help me pack, and help drive all my stuff back to Colorado.

  196. I’m a high school teacher and I suffer from allergic asthma. Two years ago, after walking about a city block from our other school building and as I was heading to my classroom, my coworker and friend Miguel, came to my rescue as a suddenly had an asthma attack in the hallway. Thankfully, he was able to walk me back to the main office nearby. I was given oxygen but, had to miss 1 month of school. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to start my 26th yr. as a teacher come this September.

  197. My dearest friend was there with me when my first child and my 3rd child were born. She sat near me during labor and was a huge moral support thru the whole thing!

  198. My friend Christina always supports me when I’m feeling down. She knew I had been down for awhile and surprised me with lunch and excellent conversation.

  199. A pen friend and neighbor recently helped me ease confinement by inviting me over for tea and pens. Though confinement is technically over in France, I am still isolating as much possible. Spending time together all while staying safe was simply magical.

    Thank you both for this amazing giveaway !

  200. I ran a half marathon with my friend and she made sure I made it over the finish line.

  201. My dear friend actually gave us a virtual tour of the apartment we’re currently in. It was really helpful at that time.

  202. I was real bummed post breakup and one of my pals used to drag me out of the house to go to shows. It was really good for me and I’m so grateful for it.

  203. A friend traveled to Kobe and was kind enough to pick me up one of Nagasawa’s custom pens – I think I’m probably permanently in their debt as a result!

  204. My brother who has always been a good friend, left his truck at the crusie ship port so we would have a vehicle when we got odd the ship. It was a 6 hour drive each eay for him. He is just a good guy.

  205. My friend and neighbor decided to buy my family a year of Disney+! Which is awesome!

  206. The latest is going shopping for us while we’re stuck at home because of covid

  207. A new friend I met on IG learned that I have no wax seal stamps. As she owns a custom wax seal shop, she sent me two wax seal stamps as well as tons of ephemera and stickers to get me started with my journaling. I am so touched by her generosity and wishing her all the blessings.

  208. A good friend of mine once missed a show she had been looking forward to for months, because I came down with a bug and she stayed home with me and watched movies instead. I’ll never forget how kind it was!

  209. A friend of mine showed up at my newly moved into house uninvited early one Saturday morning. Old sweats and 2 gallons of primer paint. Looked at me and asked where she should start! Amazing gift and a great day.
    (I hate painting!)

  210. Last Thanksgiving our dog started having seizures just days before our family was to leave to visit extended family for the holiday. It was decided my wife would stay home with the dog while the rest of us would go on the trip. On Thanksgiving I get a call from my wife telling me to come pick her up at the airport, she had just landed and I could come get her ASAP. I learned that a close friend of ours had a bunch of unused airline miles and he gave them to my wife so we could be together for the day. It was a very special gift to our family. Btw, The dog is doing fine now!

  211. When I was in highschool my friends planned a surprise sleep over party for my birthday. The problem was, they didn’t do a good job keeping it a secret though. However the host’s Mom came to the rescue. She sent everyone up stairs, and when I knocked on the door acted surprised to see me, “No, (her daughter) wasn’t home she was at the library studying and wouldn’t be home for hours, she took me to the kitchen for a snack and to try and call my Mom to come get me. By this time everyone had snuck down stairs, and shouted surprise! It ended up being a great party!

  212. My best friend knew I was having a bad day and made a special stop to get me a chocolate chip cookie with caramel and sea salt that he knows I love. Instant pick me up!

  213. My best friend who lived in a different state planned a surprise sweet sixteen party for me. It was a low-key get-together for nerds–perfect and exactly what I wanted.

  214. My best friend and I have been texting and calling to check in on each other during covid. It’s always great to know that I have someone that’s there for me and willing to check in on me during these stressful times.

  215. My best friend got me through the worst year I had, which was last year. My mom went into a coma so our family was deep in debt and we had to miss days from work and school, but my best friend took turns looking after my mom in the hospital, she even paid for my tuition that term and attended the classes that I missed. I love her so much, I wish I could give back as much if not more than everything she has done for me.

  216. I have a couple of good friends that understand me even though I am a tough friend to have. I get caught up in my work and my close family and very rarely do I have the energy to reach out. But these two people have known me for many many years and they let me be me. They let me do my thing and then, every once in awhile they reach out and we visit and make sure it’s all good and they let me know they haven’t given up on me and I let them know how much it means. They know that I’d drop everything when they need me, and I’ve proven that. And I know they know my heart, they’ve “known me when”, and that thread keeps us bound together through my crazy dedication to my work and devotion to my family. It’s a blessing and I cherish them for their understanding and patience.

  217. While in the hospital last winter for pneumonia one of my girlfriends came in for a visit with a plush pink throw blanket, small pink neck pillow, and a couple of word searches with several different pink pens. Just having her know my favorite color without me telling her touched my heart so much. Made it quite easier staying there.

  218. I have someone who checks in on me, they always seem to know when I need it.

  219. My friend gave me a shoulder to cry on when I had to bury a dead cat that was killed on my street. She came out and gave me support when I needed it.

  220. My friend help me with groceries everytime she went for her own during this pandemic

  221. They say you really know who your friends are when you’re in the hospital or going through a tough time, and my friend drove two hours to visit me in the hospital a few years back when I desperately needed to see a friend and needed someone outside of family to talk to.

  222. I have many good memories of my friends, but the best thing about them is that they are always present when I need them.

  223. Hello, a friend I hadn’t seen in forty years helped me in the very difficult situation. The other current friends went up in smoke.

  224. my friend came over every day with home cooked meals while I was recovering from surgery!

  225. My group of friends approached me after a bad breakup and welcomed me into their friend group, now I’ve got 5 best friends and they are amazing!

  226. What a wonderful pen — and what truly outstanding friends so many of us have!

    Here’s my story: about a dozen years ago, I had to make a choice that meant letting of my plan for my life and disappointing myself (and to be honest, others) in a devastating way. I called my particular friend and, while sobbing wildly, told her what had happened.

    “Do you want me to come over?” she asked.

    I insisted that I did not: “NO! I don’t want anyone to see me like this.”

    She said, “I’m coming over” and hung up. And come she did.

    She knew better than I what I needed. She still does.

    It gives me hope for this world that so many of us have people in our lives who keep us going, during this pandemic and whenever we need them.

  227. I have an amazing friend who surprised me with two bottles of ink that were on my to buy list. After many surprise gifts between the two of us, we’ve finally called a buying truce.

  228. I was having a rough time at work and a friend listened to my issues and gave me some great advice. Now I’ve turned a corner and even landed a promotion I’ve been working toward for over a year!

  229. Il y a 30 ans, mon amie américaine, m’avait offert pour mon anniversaire un marque page qu’elle avait fait graver, je suis tombée dessus récemment.

  230. A pen friend gifted me a Sailor 1911L with a music nib as I had never tried one and it didn’t work too well for me. It’s still one of my favourite markers …. eh …. pens!

  231. My friend once gave me a tub of my favourite ice cream – mint, with little brownie bits in it – when I was having a bad day. It’s a small thing, but it’s the little things that help

  232. This is about my friend, Paul Godden. He allows me to write anything I want as a guest writer on his blog. He invited me to write on his blog, “Writing for Pain and Pleasure,” after he read some of the many comments I leave on blogs such as this one. He recently allowed me to write what some might consider to be a controversial article about the murder of George Floyd. I really needed to vent my feelings about that, so I am very grateful to him. Also, I’ve always dreamed of being a published author, and he has helped me fulfill that dream. Anyone who helps someone fulfill a dream is a true friend.

  233. Each time we had to move in a new house, friends of mine offered a rose tree. Always beautiful perfumed ancient roses. This is delightfull.
    Thanks for this giveaway, this pen is lovely!

  234. My asthma was occuring when we have holiday, and unfortunately i didn’t bring my inhaler. My friends that noticed my asthma rushly brought me to drugstore and bought me asthma medicine.

  235. When I went to college and knew nobody, I met Sue, who, being local, knew everything there was to know about the area and better still, had parents living nearby. On particularly lonely or hungry weekends she gathered up a number of us and took us home to her mum who fed us and listened to our woes as if we were her own kids. Happy memories!

  236. Ahhh! This is perfect! A pocket pen and it’s YELLOW. It’s going to make me cry!

  237. So when I got into fountain pens, I met some amazing people, and two very special people (you should know them) took me under their wings and introduced me into the magical world of fountain pens. They also gifted me several fountain pens (modern and vintage) and also loads of stationery and books for me to experience and learn. I am still in awe to this day about their generosity and helpfulness. That was and still is a beautiful thing! And also thank you so much for this awesome giveaway and also congratulations for the anniversary. And thank you for everything you do!!!! You are amazing!

  238. One of our first dates was a motorcycle ride along country roads. It was January, and it started to snow. Unfortunately, I wasn’t dressed warmly enough for the conditions. When he realized I was shivering on the seat behind him, he stopped the bike. He got off, removed his boots and thick wool socks, and put his boots back on. He then tenderly removed my boots and thin cotton socks, placed his wool socks on my feet, and slipped my boots back on. Reader, I married him. (We’ve been together nearly 34 years.)

  239. I had to hand in a paper but started way too late.
    Word didn’t exist yet, only Wordperfect but only nerds knew about that.

    My friend invited me to his house and I could dictated my paper which he processed with his commodore 64.

    Thanks again Raoul !

  240. Well, once I came here asking for advice about a replacement for a discontinued notebook and a dear person who did not even know me found one that she had in her stash and SENT IT TO ME. That simple kindness still stuns me. She (and you know who you are) had no motivation for doing this, but there it was, in my mailbox, with a happy-inked note as well. That is a friend I hope to meet some day.

  241. Two friends came and sat with me in the hospital while my husband was undergoing cancer surgery. They didn’t know each other but they brought games and puzzles, and took copious notes when the doctor came to speak to me, knowing my brain would be mush.

  242. A friend has not just gone the “extra mile” but 100 extra miles to reach out to me and help me along a tough piece of Life’s Path A treasure in human form.

  243. My friend knows and speaks to the side of me others cannot reach. It’s better than it sounds.
    Also: how did I not know about the existence of this pen?!

  244. I had a friend who “pressured” me into buying a small sailing boat with him, needless to say it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.
    Afterwards I told him about fountain pens, so now we are even 😉

  245. Years ago, four of us had a college class together. Two of them always say so that the third one and I were next to each other. You guessed it, they knew we were ‘meant for each other’ before we did. Still happily married, and our kids are grown. Thanks, Laurie and Cathy!

  246. My friend does at least one nice thing for me every single day. That’s why I married her ; ) .

  247. My best friend is my fiancé…he is always doing nice things for me, like today, he covered my feet that were sticking out of my blanket while I slept.

  248. What a beautiful pen!
    I had an absolutely wonderful professor who got me through college as an anxious person who was also finally embracing my queer identity. She turned into a very good friend who was always ready to cheer me on in all aspects of my life and help hold me up when I needed it. Can definitely say I wouldn’t have made it this far without her.

  249. After my grandfather pass, a friend just sat with me beneath a tree. I didn’t have words, and they didn’t push me to talk. It was, in that moment, exactly what I needed- just someone to be there. It was grand.

  250. My best friend flew from Los Angeles To Boston with a 4 foot tall stuffed minion (Of despicable me fame) as his carry on to bring it to my kids. While I assume it was in the overhead compartment I prefer to think of it sitting in the seat next to him.

  251. One of my friends was kind enough to pick me and my husband up two hours away from his house (last minute at 4:30 am) after we got caught in a thunderstorm while on a bike ride…so selfless!

  252. The best thing a friend has ever done for me is be with me when I gave birth and the father was MIA. She travelled 6 hours after a 12 hour hospital duty to be with me. She taught me how to change diapers and how to burp a baby. During the time I was in labor (26 hours) I also met a new friend, the resident assigned to me. She regularly checked up on me when I was still in the hospital. I will always appreciate those things and I will never forget what they did for me.

  253. A friend asked to “temporarily” shelter a stay cat she’d just had neutered so it could heal before being released again. That cat is still with us fifteen years later and an important part of our lives.

    1. My friend recommended me for a spiritual formation course that he’d been on. Not only did he send me the application forms and badger me to apply, he spoke to the director behind the scenes and persuaded them to offer me a full bursary, plus travel. Literally changed the course of my life.

  254. Wowee! Birthday surprises are probably the most amazing things my friends have done for me – parties (not currently, obviously), FB albums with pictures of friends from around the world with birthday wishes, that kind of thing. I have some great friends!

  255. Though nothing as grand as the gift of a limited edition pen, I’m grateful to my friends for caring and express interest in my stationery hobbies (and other analog obsessions), even though they are not necessarily pen folks themselves.

    It’s a little thing in the scheme of our relationship, but it means a lot.

  256. She married me with all my weirdness! And she has accepted the fountain pen enthusiasm.

  257. This prompted me to think. I can’t think of a single thing, largely because I can’t think of anyone who is a friend rather than an acquaintance. Isn’t that sad.

    Thanks for the posts and congratulations on making it to 10 years! Here’s to many more.

  258. I am a rather reserved person who often feels awkward, and so it was a struggle for me to meet new people. My freshman year of college, I would pick up carry out using my meal card and eat watching video streams in my room.

    I made an amazing friend during my sophomore year that pulled me out of my comfort zone and helped me to meet a group of people with whom I still hang out! It is amazing how persistent and thoughtful she was then and remains now; she is the kindest person I know, and is the glue of our friend group for sure. Here’s to you, Kaitlyn!

  259. I have an old soul and have always wanted a vintage typewriter… after looking at thrift/antique stores, I had never quite found the perfect one. When my husband and I first moved into our house and all of our friends came over to help, it was a really exciting occasion… we were so tired from moving everything and the commotion, but as everyone was eating pizzas, my husband told me that there would be a surprise… and he pulled out a gorgeous typewriter for me as a housewarming present!! It turns out it actually belonged to his grandfather. It was so heartwarming and sweet 🙂

  260. I recently had a friend give me some lumber to build a second raised bed garden. The lumber yard had sold out of all the larch that I used to build the first, and he had some in his backyard he didn’t know what to do with. Got the bed all built, and finished planting the garden this weekend.

  261. A friend offered to invest in a startup of mine. Except the much needed funding, that vote of confidence carried me a long long way in times of self doubt.

  262. I work at a library and have seen a lot of people come and go using this as a starter job from high school through college. One of these people became a good friend of mine and I realized, the more we worked together, that we was into the pen thing like I was. So, my mission was to get him hooked on fountain pens. Let me tell you, I did just that and more. Our love for pens blossomed together and it was so exciting to have someone in the workplace that understood me; we compared purchases and thoughts about new releases etc. Fast-forward and it came time for him to graduate college and move on to a great new job. As he was moving from this job to the next we said our good byes and promised to keep in touch about pens. The day after he was gone I found a present in my cubby at work with a note. It was a massive bottle of Diamine Oxblood he bought and gifted to me to remember him by; it was the ink we were both head over heels for at the time. I am STILL working my way through that bottle and love it even more for its memory now 🙂

  263. Just one thing? It’s so hard to decide. I had a friend who wined and dined me, we went to the theater to see Dear Evan Hansen and then traveled to this small town and saw a bunch of sea lions super up close. It was just really sweet and kind, and I was having a rough time at that moment, so it meant a lot.

    I’m fortunate to have some really amazing friends in my life, but that’s one story of one of my cool friends.

  264. A friend got me into this wonderful fountain pen hobby & community. And cost me a lot of money along the way!!!!!!!!!!

  265. Well, I have a friend that supports my passion and comes with me in every single stationery store I spot. And he doesn’t really mind stationery. He undergoes this torture every single time. So or he really likes me, or I destroyed him psychologically 🙂

  266. Before heading off to college, I was nervous and worried, they came over with food and we played games and hung out for the rest fo the night. It was great!

  267. Was the only one to ask me if I was doing OK, when I definitely wasn’t.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  268. My wife had some serious health issues last year, and many friends took turns making dinners for us. We also had friends travel halfway across the country to help out around the house when my wife was recovering from surgery.

  269. I have a friend who made goodie bags for all of the church staff every week during this time, which was a blessing and an encouragement.

  270. Last year around my birthday, I was in incredible pain waiting for my surgery date to finally arrive. My 2 regular states during that time were high on pain meds. or a little more clear headed but in agony.

    6 months later, and thankfully healed and pain free, I still maintain that the only reason she was able to do this was because I had had a permanent brain fog during that time. Anyway, she convinced me to go out to eat at a restaurant she knows I like. There’s more to the story, but the gist is I walk in and see all my favorite people waiting for me to join them and celebrate my birthday. My friend went out of her way to organize this and top previous birthdays.

    Side note: Everyone who came to my surprise party was musically gifted, and I doubt anyone in the restaurant had heard a lovelier rendition of “Happy Birthday” than they did that day.

  271. This one is tricky to quantify but at a very difficult & critical time in my life a couple I was friends with casually stepped up and really cared for me. They were a support to me in whatever I needed and didn’t allow it to estrange us rather we drew closer. They have become my pillars, genuine friends who were really there for me and we continue to be close in the years since. Sincere, genuine, balanced, stable friends, a true gift.

    On first glance this pen reminded me of Brad since we share a love of all things Orange. I have yet to try an FC and would treasure this particular model. You have no idea how happy this would make me! Thanks to both of you for the opportunity.

  272. I have amazing friends….. One day my mental health hit a crisis point; they took turns sitting with me, looking after my kids, cooking, and even visiting when I was hospitalized. They each brought pieces of their lives into mine that changed my life. And they still do. They’re amazing.

  273. When my wife was in the hospital last year, our friend Tiffany was a huge help trading shifts with me so I could get some sleep and take care of the kids. We’ll always be grateful for her.

  274. My dearest friend, Helga, helped me plan my daughter’s wedding last year. We did almost everything ourselves, and I could not have done it without her! ❤

  275. When I was homebound and couldn’t drive, a friend took me on a photography outing to a state park. We both got some great nature shots. Wild turkeys, soaring eagles, and Native American rock carvings.

  276. One of the nicest things a friend did for me was stand up for me against some kids that were making fun of me in 5th grade. I was in the USA and spoke no English. Thanks to him I was left alone

  277. Love the color, love F-C, and I know which Brown ink I’ll be using in it.

  278. It may seem less monumental than some of the gestures other peoples’ friends have made, but I have been in long term letter contact with a close friend of mine, which I loved and helped me get through some rough parches, even when we weren’t in quarantine. Since then, it has been a wonderful way to stay engaged and keep from being lonely during the quarantine when many other friendships have fallen off.

  279. When I went to a new school in ninth grade, right away I met a girl who became my best friend. We did everything together. Because of her, I never had to worry about not having a partner or not having someone to sit with on the bus, which had been a source of stress in middle school (where I had often been a third- or fifth-wheel). The peace and security of having a friend I could count on during high school was a great gift to me (and still is, many years later)!

  280. After health problems, a good friend let me move in with her. It’s worked out well.

  281. Children and husband count as friends, right? This past Christmas they set up an elaborate ruse and surprised me with a pair of bonded kittens!

  282. Years ago a friend put together the most amazing care package that included all my favorite snacks from home and some facemasks for some
    much needed pampering. The best part of it tho was a soup mug and some miso soup packets. It was the perfect comfort item, because to me a hot bowl of soup is nearly as good a hug.

  283. The most recent example is a friend/mentor who bought me Atomic Habits by James Clear and the accompanying journal from Baron Fig. Beautiful journal.

  284. I was working overnight shifts at a local hospital during college and worn out and not doing much with friends. A pair of good friends saw I was just dragging and said that they had an extra ticket for a Prince concert in Boston and that I should take it before my overnight shift started. It ended up being an amazing night that I’ll never forget.

  285. It’s hard to just pick one time or event or even one friend. But I will, Darcie has been there for over 40 years just being by my side.

  286. Our friend took our dog and cared for him for a week with almost zero notice – we had to leave town in a hurry due to my mother-in-law’s unexpected death. We just called him and told him where the key was, and he took care of everything. Very grateful.

  287. My best friend and I share so many interests. It is great to have someone to enjoy them with.

  288. I met an amazing friend when I went to Tokyo last time, he recommended some stationery stores to visit and invited me to a pen meetup as well. Not only that, he even offered to grind on my TWSBI 1.1stub to a oblique, which I’m using right now.

  289. I moved cross country and didn’t have a car for a few weeks while it was being shipped. A friend picked up and drove me to his house where he handed me the keys to one of his family’s cars for me to use while I waited.

  290. My dear friend who I sadly live far away from now regularly sends me delicious tea from her area. It’s the highlight of whatever day it comes.

  291. Friends threw me a surprise birthday party while were all attending a convention, including cake, balloons, and other decorations.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways.

  292. If you can include sister-in-laws, mine have gone above and beyond to help me through many rough spots when my boy was a baby. They came through with a helping hand right when it was needed.

  293. My best friend Mike saved my life. While out hiking during a High School trip, the ground underneath me crumbed and I was about to fall down a steep hill. Just at the right moment, he grabbed my arm and pulled me up. It is a moment I will never forget.
    My friend Mike sadly passed away before his 30th birthday. We all miss him so much.

  294. I once had a friend give me a car. It was old and needed work, but it was a make and model that we both loved and that he had been holding on to in the hopes of fixing it up some day. Once I got it running it served me for years while I was in graduate school. The car is long gone now, but I still talk to the friend every week.

  295. When I was at a job that was grinding away at my soul, my friend Mike helped me get a new position that led to bigger and better things!

  296. My sister’s boyfriend surprised me with a brass kaweco sport when I turned 40. This was a huge surprise since I think we had only talked about pens in passing and is a gift I will really cherish.

  297. A friend of mine helped me finish a difficult home DIY project! I bought a plan and the lumber for a backyard shed, but I could not make sense of the plan. My friend came over and helped me get unstuck and we spent the rest of the weekend building the shed.

  298. My friend Dave recently organized a ‘social distancing picnic’ so that a group of neighbors could get out of their homes and social safety.

  299. I have a great friend in my older brother. We have, independently, found similar hobbies while living thousands of kilometres apart here in Canada.

    We found fountain pens independently of each other, and both discovered our love and passion for pens were different and complimentary. During the last year, we started to correspond by mail (gasp!), and increased that during the lockdown. It really helps when I get a letter from him…

  300. Several years my family and I we’re not going on vacation… And a buddy of mine reached out to me and asked me to go to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Typically, I did not like going to the beach growing up but that trip was a life-changing event.

  301. My friend wrote out the lyrics to my favorite song, long ago when it was radio only. It took her several days because she had to wait for the song to come on, make sure she had a pen and paper, and write as fast as she could. I remember being so humbled by her thoughtfulness, and the effort she put in.

  302. My elderly mother was stuck at a train station. although he had never met her before, My friend drove an hr to pick her up, then drove another hr to drop her off at her destination, then drove home.

  303. My best friend helped my move into a third floor apartment in the summer in Texas without an elevator. That is real friendship.

  304. One of my good friends pushed my wheelchair across campus through a foot of snow so I could take a final

  305. Back in my undergrad days, there was a couple from church who would invite me over to their house every single week. I never ate breakfast then, and because of long days in the lab, I almost never had time to eat until dinnertime. So every Wednesday evening, I would take the train to their house and eat the warmest and most delicious home-cooked meals (more often than not it was my first meal of the day), get to play with their extremely cute kids, and have some fellowship and singing to supply me for the rest of the week. Thus fed and happy, I would take the train back to campus and start studying again. Those are some of my most cherished memories!!

  306. The most amazing things that my friends can do for me is to just put up with my crazy…which isn’t easy!

  307. i had a good friend named taylor. i told him about fountain pens, and he actually got interested in them. most people give me a funny look that says ‘why would spend more than 70 cents on a pen?’. not taylor. he was a good enough friend to listen and understand.

  308. My friend was made Moderator of the Church of Scotland (figurehead for a year). Out of the very many ministers he knows he chose me and another mutual friend to be his Chaplains. A once in a lifetime honour…that’s a friend.

  309. I have a good friend who takes the time to design handmade cards and have them delivered via snail mail- always puts a smile on my face and brightens my day…

  310. One friend let me stay in his house for a few months after I accidentally lit the kitchen on fire and caused a lot of damage in my rental apartment. Yeah, Paul, that was very nice of you.

  311. I am blessed with great friends! One of them gave me a brand new computer for Christmas and my birthday! It was awesome because the old one took about 10 minutes to fire up. She’s very special.

    Although I am from NC, I have never purchased a fountain pen from Franklin-Christoph! We’ve been gone for 20 years. My friend still lives there and we keep saying we have to go check out their pens. What a great enticement to get us to go. Thank you for this giveaway.

    Much joy on your 10 year anniversary and may you have loads more!!

  312. There was a book I wanted to read that wasn’t easily available in the US. My friend had her penpal in England send it to her for my birthday!

  313. My best friend is also my wife. She often brings me a bourbon while I’m slogging through a late night meeting with my coworkers in Asia. My favorite gesture was when she picked me up late at night after officiating a hockey game to drive me 3+ hours through the night so I could attend a seminar the very next morning. Oh yeah she drove me home at the end of the day too.

  314. I have to give a shoutout to my best friend whose Mother in Law had bought the entire family tickets for Hamilton shortly after opening on Broadway. When a family member dropped out, my best friend immediately offered me the ticket. I used to want to make theater and I have a very complicated relationship to it as an artform, but watching Hamilton with her that day reminded me of why I had once loved theater in the first place. We left the theater weeping in search of single malt scotch which is a tradition with us. I used the Scotch we drank that day in my novel.

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