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We are  in the middle of our second week of our tenth anniversary celebration and everyone has been so kind in joining our giveaways and sending us kind words and congratulations. It still feels a little weird to celebrate in the middle of a pandemic and while there is so much hurt and frustration throughout the US and the world right now.

This past week, more and more of the pen community stepped up and spoke out against racism and publicy supported the Black Lives Matter movement. We are all trying to listen, learn, do more and educate ourselves. There are links in the section below to learn more. Johnny Gamber at Pencil Revolution and John Oliver at the are powerful. All the links are educational and powerful but those two…Also, the Harlem Renaissance stamps are wonderful. Really, they are all worth a look.

There are more links related to the ongoing pandemic which will continue to touch our lives for months to come.

Of course, there are wonderful ink reviews, The Gentleman Stationer wrote about the Platinum slip and seal cap, and links to my guest appearance on the Pen Addict podcast last week. So, in some ways, things are familiar here… and in some ways, we are going to keep reminding ourselves that things must change.

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  1. Thank you for speaking up too. People who reply all lives matter just don’t get it. I read a post where the white man writing it understood the simple things he can do freely that others can’t, like walking down the street.

  2. I am also very grateful for your links and your continuing to devote time and effort to keep us aware and educated about Black Lives Matter. It’s meaningful that you didn’t post one list and then consider your job done.


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