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Today, I am spending the day watching the Adobe 99U Conference: The Creative Self. Usually, the conference is held in NYC but because of this year’s pandemic, the conference was held online and Adobe opened it up for free to anyone who wanted to participate. There is so much uncertainty in the creative field (there’s a post below suggesting a loss of 20% of all creative jobs in the UK) as tis true in so many other fields. Many of the topics deal with staying creative and fighting burnout which can apply to anyone whether you work in design or another field. We are all creative thinkers so check it out.

Strangely, there are two disappointing pens in the pen review section. We, as pen reviewers, tend to like most pens but we also know that it’s important to let readers know when pens are not good. Both of these pens are not one-off cases. I’ve seen other reviews of these products that suggest that these were not isolated incidents. I hope that both manufacturers are seeing this and planning to redesign and retool these products.

We will continue to post about both Black Lives Matter and the pandemic as it crosses our path and seems relevant and important. I want to see more BIPOC in the creative and pen community and getting more recognition for their contributions. The pandemic continues to effect our economy globally as well as our health and our communities (both digitally and in the real world) so I’ll include links where it seems appropriate.




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    1. I think I had heard something about that. It is so sad when you find out that your childhood heroes held beliefs you cannot accept. I think a lot of us are coming yo terms with similar realizations with J.K. Rowling over the last couple week as well.

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