Ink Review: Lamy Bronze

Lamy Bronze drawing

Lamy Bronze is the limited edition ink Lamy released in 2019 to accompany their Lamy AL-Star Bronze pens. I’m going to clear the air right now and say this should be renamed Lamy Orange. It’s a lovely orange. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination be called Bronze. I checked the swatch I made last year from the cartridge I received and that cartridge was a little darker but the bottled ink proves otherwise. I’ve been messing around with the ink for a week.

Lamy Bronze Swatch

I did some really questionable illustrations (no judgement, okay!) using the ink on different papers to see how the color behaved and no matter what I did, the ink was orange.

Lamy Bronze collage

This is the collage illustration I did. I wasn’t going to share it because I thought it turned out really wonky. Bob convinced me to post it anyway. I combined the Lamy Bronze with my favorite black ink, Platinum Carbon Black.

Lamy Bronze writing sample

My AL-Star Bronze isn’t really Bronze anymore but I inked it up anymore — in the spirit of consistency. It has an EF nib on it. That’s not really what you want to know about though, is it? It’s my EPIC urushi sparkly, shell pink Carolina Pen Co custom Lamy AL-Star. Whatever you do, don’t ask for one of your own. It’s one of four priceless urushi Lamy Safari/AL-Star fountain pens he has ever created and will probably ever create.

Lamy Bronze comparison

When compared with other orange inks, Lamy Bronze is very similar to Montblanc Lucky Orange, Monteverde Topaz, Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin, Sailor Jentle Kin-Mokusei, and Robert Oster Pen Addict Fire on Fire. It’s similar in price to Topaz but the other inks are more expensive so Lamy Bronze is a good alternative.

Lamy Bronze drawing

I did discover the perfect use for Lamy Bronze: painting a portrait of our newest rescue cat, Ollie. Thee drawing is based on his first adventures on the couch. He is all legs and very orange. I don’t like the water droplet under his chin though. Sigh, my drawing mojo is WAY off this week.

In the end, while I would like Lamy to be a little more experimental with its limited edition inks like the Petrol, this specific color is a nice addition to the Lamy line-up.


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  1. And another great review hits the Well-Appointed Desk’s blog. I’ve been wondering about the bronze, but I think I’ll pass since it’s just another orange.

    But I do love your custom pen. It’s amazing and I am so glad you have it!


    1. I had a cartridge too and it was much darker too. I wonder if the bottled ink formula ended up being different?

      1. Boy what a disappointment that would be! Which is the true intended color I wonder? Odd for Lamy!

  2. In your estimation, is this a good match for Lamy’s Copper Orange? I missed getting Copper Orange in the T-52 bottle by about 6 months. Argghhhh! I love the color as a cartridge–the shading and the sheer vibrancy of the color is amazing, as is the sheen you get in heavier applications.

    It is the yardstick, the gold standard against which I measure all orange and golden yellow inks. In your pictures here it does look like a good match and being Lamy, a 50ml bottle won’t cost an arm and two legs. 😉

    Thank you for such a lovely review! I think I’m going to have to invest in a couple bottles of Bronze now. Even if it’s not a match for Copper Orange, it looks yummy.

    Besides, your cat convinced me to buy it–he really is a beautiful orange. ^_^

    1. I think I have some Lamy Copper Orange in cartridges. I will swatch it up and post it on Instagram in the next day or two. Thanks for reminding me.

      1. You’re welcome and thank YOU for swatching the cartridge up for everyone. I’ll check IG for your post. ^_^ Thank you again for your wonderful review!

      2. Your blog is amazing and one of my favorite emails in my inbox. Um, please … Lamy Copper Orange swatches? Thank you!

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