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The past week has been an adventure in stray cat rescue here at Desk HQ. I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with fountain pens but it has occupied a good deal of my time and brain space. We had a stray cat living on our back porch for the last few weeks that we were finally able to get into the vet. He received a clean bill of health and all his shots. Then he had his neutering surgery and needed to be kitty quarantined for a couple days as well as being introduced to indoor life and three sisters. Now he’s attempting to explore the house and not collide with two out of three of his sisters.

So far, he’s discovered he really likes the couch.

Ollie on the couch

He’s about a year and half and we named him Ollie, short for Oliver as in “Please, sir, may I have some more.” He eats a lot.




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  1. Aww. Welcome Ollie! My old cat Griffin looked a lot like Ollie and he was also a stray. I found him in a dumpster when he was probably 10 weeks or so. He had a notch in one of his ears that I always said was from fighting rats for food. Looks like he’s gotten used to being an inside kitty fairly well. 🙂

  2. Kudos to you for taking in such a beautiful boy; welcome, Ollie! And yes, you may have some more. 🙂

  3. What a handsome beast! Late last year, we were adopted by an orange tabby who entertains us with his repertoire of meowings. He studies everything, is a quick learner, and works hard for our affectionate approval. I hope Ollie brings you every bit as much joy!

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