Shop Update: Stickers!

Pen Flush Stickers

On the subject of stickers, we have new stickers available in our shop.

Pen Flush Sticker

First, label those Pen Flush containers with our new Pen Flush stickers. Packs of 3 are available for $2.50!

Col-o-ring Sticker Pack

Next, we have our Col-o-ring Love Sticker Pack.We include free stickers with every order from our shop but many folks have asked for extra stickers. So, we are now offering sticker packs for anyone who wants more stickers. Get all 3 stickers for $2.50.

For both sticker sets, if ordered alone, the stickers will ship in a standard #10 business envelope for minimum shipping charges.

If you order Col-o-ring stickers with other items, there is no additional shipping and these stickers will be shipped in addition to freebie stickers already included with every order. If you order the Pen Flush Stickers with other items, there’s no additional shipping and you’ll also get freebie stickers in your order.

There’s no such thing as too many stickers, right?

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