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Ennso GIRO

Ensso has designed and developed several different pens through Kickstarter. Their latest release is the GIRO Titanium Ballpoint Pen. The design is reminiscent of the PIUMA Fountain Pen with a cigar shape and similar dimensions.

Ennso GIRO

The GIRO features finely grooved, textured, aircraaft-grade titanium body and has a flattened end cap. The pen uses a twist mechanism to reveal the refill using a custom tooled mechanism by Ennso. The mechanism has a rubber gasket for a virtually silent open and close. When the refill is fully retracted, there is a gap between the twist mechanism and the the barrel of the pen. When the refill is fully exposed, the seam is almost invisible.

Ennso GIRO

The overall length of the GIRO is just 4.8″ (122mm) considering it weighs in at a hefty 43gms. Even in terms of width, the GIRO is over 13mm (0.54″) at its widest point and 11.5mm (0.45″) at the grip. Comparatively, the average Retro51 is 5″ (127mm) in length and 27gms with and about 10mm (0.4″) at its widest point and tapering down from there. OF course, Retro51 pens are not made from titanium so that will definitely alter the weight difference.

Ennso GIRO

The GIRO accepts any Parker-style refill so there are lots of options available for refills. It will ship with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000.

Ensso will be offering the GIRO without the clip. I suspect requesting the clipless version will be in surveys after the Kickstarter is completed. If you have more questions about it specifically there is a thread in the Comments section on the Kickstarter post.

The Kickstarter campaign has a little over a week left and there a few early bird rewards still available.

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  1. Today I received the extra Giro pen I ordered. (Ensso released about 70 extra for sale after Kickstarter fulfillment. Interestingly, I got the extra one before the one I ordered through Kickstarter.) The pen has a very nice weight and balance. I like the solidity of the redesigned clip better than the prototype (almost leaf-spring) design. The pen feels quite good in the hand and the texturing of the barrel feels nice and makes for a good grip. I am glad I got one with and one without the clip.

  2. When the pen is retracted, keep turning the knob in the same direction. It will unscrew the knob unit and it will come out completely. You can then swap out the rollerball cartridge.

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