Ink Review: Stipula Calamo Deep Blue

Review by Laura Cameron

In my ongoing quest to review more classic blues, I decided to give Stipula Calamo Deep Blue (70mL for $20) a try.

This time around I’m a bit frustrated with my camera because I don’t think it captures all the bits of Stipula Deep Blue that make it different from other blues in my collection.

Stipula is a blue that leans a little bit periwinkle or purple, especially in its lightest parts. It immediately reminded me a bit of Pilot Iroshizuku Ajisai. Deep Blue is also quite close to Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire.

In writing applications, I found that Stipula Deep Blue was somewhat lighter than other blues, although in ink drops and darker applications it is a rich, yummy blue. I think this one would be a nice shading ink.


I’ve also included a shot of my “blues” page in my Col-o-Ring “Oversize.” I’ve been using this notebook to keep tiny swatches on the same page. I feel like this will be particularly useful when shows start up again so I can see what I have. I’m also endlessly fascinated by how different the shades can be and I find this a quick way to reference the spectrum!

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