Link Love: Friends, Fiends & Spuds

Link Love

This week, I want to send a shout-out to my friends. These are people who have supported me, bought me drinks and held me up when I drank too many of them so it’s only fair that I show them the proper amount of love and respect. First up is my “other sister” Madeline who designed this amazing “Vote” sticker for Souvenear ($4 each).

Vote Sticker by MAdeline Tompkins

Then there is the amazingly talented (and humble) Mike Allen at Woodshed Pens who launched a new Kickstarter campaign to purchase a new CNC router machine for his shop so that he can make even more of his amazing custom resin fountain pens. His campaign has already met its funding goals but it sure would be cool to see him blow the roof off his funding goals. He has some amazing color options and his pens are truly lovely and well-crafted. There’s about two weeks left to back this project so don’t delay!

Woodshed Pens Kickstarter

And once again, I totally missed left-hander’s day. Sinestra. Fiends. The Devil’s Hand. Three-Fifth’s of The Desk writing staff. Sorry, ladies. We are lefties everyday. United in smudge!

National Potato Day

I’ll make it up to you. Today is National Potato Day. Spud love. You’re welcome.




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