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Ollie Mail

First, I have to point out that Ollie got mail this week. And it was AWESOME (it’s the postcard above with the evil kitten on top of the demon)! I get lovely mail regularly (like the postcard above on the right) but this is the first time one of our felines got mail. He may be a chair-stealing, crappy intern, but he is pretty dang cute and even you all seem to agree. My students have even started to call him my TA because he sleeps on my work table behind me so he’s on camera for our Zoom class every day (photo below) and sometimes even “helps me” draw.


In other news, the USPS is raising postal rates for the holidays which will require many small businesses to raise either their shipping rates or their products prices or both to absorb the costs. Below is a list of the price increases. Supposedly, these prices will come back down in January.

October 18th–December 27th USPS temporary rate increase:

  • First Class Package: 25 cents/package
  • Priority Mail (including Flat Rate, Regional Rate, and Cubic): 40 cents/package
  • Parcel Select Ground: 40 cents/package
  • Priority Mail Express: $1.50/package

On a more (plug-the-firm side), we’ve made some under-the-hood updates to shop this week. We have added Stripe to our payment options. Doing this expands how customers can pay and means you do not have to have a PayPal account to make a purchase. It also means that you can now use Apple Pay (if you are using Safari and have it set up on your phone, iPad or computer). This is all in preparation for our restocking ALL the Col-o-ring products which we are manufacturing now. So, if you are waiting for new Col-o-ring, Col-o-dex, OVERSIZE or DIPPER, hold tight! They will all be listed on the site in the next two weeks or so.

All Col-o-ring Products

In Link Love news, Mattel released a Day of the Dead Barbie this year which absolutely tickles me. Years ago, Bob and I went to every thrift store for miles around and bought up Barbies, dipped them in white, house paint and then drew Day of the Dead designs on them. Then I think we participated in a Barbie Art Show with more refined versions of the Day of the Dead Barbies. So, to see these available for sale warms my  former Albuquerque-dwelling heart.

It’s starting to cool off here in KC so the knit-related links are increasing including one of my favorite YouTube knit vloggers, Constance, who was featured on Fancy Tiger Crafts this week. And of course, it wouldn’t be Link Love without at least one Star Wars link (season two trailer for The Mandolorian) plus a ton of creative and design links, ink, pen and paper links. No pencil links this week but I can say with some authority that progress is being made on the next issue of Plumbago (I did some illustrations for the new issue) so hopefully there will be info in the upcoming week about when it will be available.


Art Supply Posse is swiftly approaching its 100th episode. If you have been a regular listener of the podcast, or even an occasional listener, would you record a message of support, congratulations or praise to Marcus and Kim for keeping it afloat? Record a message and tell them if you learned something new, were inspired to try a new supply, or maybe mention who your favorite guest was.

You can record a message using the voice recorder on your phone or the built-in microphone on their laptop or computer. Then they hit the share button and email it to

(HINT: You may want to listen to episode 100. I have it on god authority that the special guest is a fan favorite.)



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  1. I don’t know whether to be really glad or really sorry that the Desk Store now accepts Apple Pay! It almost makes it too easy. 🙂

  2. some people would say that I’m too old to have my (small) collection of Jellycat stuffies, but I love every single one I have. Linus the Bashful Llama is currently sitting on my desk helping me work.

    1. I think that’s awesome. I think the plush pencil and clementine might come hang out at The Desk soon. We are never too old for toys.

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