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This weekend, Bob and I watched a film called Booksellers which is a documentary film about the antiquarian book dealers and the antiquarian book world. Amusingly, there are a lot of parallels between the book world and the pen world. So much of the book world has changed in the last 20 years as a result of the rise of the digital age and ebooks and the internet. In the same way that the stationery and pen world changed in the same 20 years or so. But the people who collect vintage pens or are excited by the history of these items are similar to the people in the book world. There are good things and bad things about the collecting culture in both worlds and the resurgence in interest in the physical object. I recommend this film for all of the lovers of tactile, analog experiences. (Available on Amazon Prime)




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  1. Thank you for telling me about “The Booksellers.” It looks like it’s also available for streaming on Kanopy.

  2. Thanks for including the game Townscaper on the round up. This is one of the most beautiful, immersive games I have played.

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