Sending Postcards to Voters

Recently I’ve been doing A LOT of writing. I’ve been sending postcards to voters about the upcoming US election at the rate of 10-15 per week.

The upcoming election in the United States is a very big deal. Never have the two candidates been more divergent, and given issues like public health, the economy, immigration and more there’s a lot at stake. And I’ve felt like I needed to get involved in some way.

So I’ve been writing postcards to voters. In today’s day and age (and in the US) we receive tons of pre-printed direct mailings about which candidates to vote for. But how often do we receive a handwritten postcard encouraging us to do our civic duty? My intent in simple: encourage people to vote because their voice matters.

And so each week I’ve been sitting down with my Ink Joy Gels (who doesn’t love a little color?), some USPS pre-paid postcards, and writing to people I don’t know to encourage them to make their voices heard.

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  1. Laura, is it still possible to join this project? I thought all the postcards had been distributed to volunteers like you weeks ago but I want in if I was wrong. (And yes, I will vote – early, wearing a mask and probably gloves, and in person!)

    1. Barbara – There are a variety of postcard writing projects to join and it sort of varies by what your political belief and issues are. I’ve been working with (which is Democrats writing to Democrats) and I believe they’re still accepting volunteers. They just keep getting more granular. For instance, this week I’m writing about Ohio Supreme Court Judges (last week it was Senators in GA and before that in KY).

  2. This is really cool! How do you find folks to write to, random addresses from the phone book? Or is there a list somewhere? That’s a great idea.

  3. Love this post.

    Doing ones civic duty – everyone who is willing and capable should do this however small the contribution should be.

    Regarding elections I volunteer as a “Polling Clerk” in my district (UK).

  4. Laura, thank you for doing this. One reason our country is in the situation we find ourselves is the lack of participation in our civic duties like voting. I’m spending 3-4 hours a week making calls to my fellow voters here in NH for the same reason.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I joined a send a letter to voters. But it wanted to have them printed out. I need ink for the computer, but have bottles and more bottles of fountain pen ink.

    So I might try your link, or get computer ink.

  6. Yay for doing this! I wrote 150 for Postcards to Swing States, but now I’m done. If there’s still time to do some, I’ll jump into the one you’re doing!

  7. Me, too! Well, my post card writing has been volunteer work for the local Democrats. I just sent out 50 to strangers on subjects ranging from a proposed tax bill, to just getting out the vote for this election with information for rides to polling places, candidates, and the importance of putting hope into action. 🙂

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