12 Days of Inkmas: Callifolio Sepia (Day 9)

Today, I wanted to warm up with some hot cocoa, gingerbread or a peppermint mocha. So, I chose an ink that reminded me of all those things — Callifolio Sepia.

Callifolio Sepia

Callifolio Sepia is a warm brown ink that is reminiscent of chocolate, gingerbread and all those warm beverages that keep us toasty during these long winter days.

Side note: For an in-depth analysis on sepia, check out our post, Let’s Talk About Sepia Ink.

Callifolio Sepia

Callifolio Sepia

Callifolio Sepia is a lighter, less saturated ink and definitely puts me in mind of milk chocolates when looking at a writing sample.

Callifolio Sepia

Amusingly, every time I tried to write Callifolio, I wrote “caffeinated” by mistake. Clearly the ink reminds me of coffee and chocolates or I am in desperate need of caffeine.

Callifolio Sepia

Compared to other brown inks, like shown above,  Callifolio Sepia is a lighter, albeit more neutral brown. Diamine Gingerbread, from the 2019 Diamine Inkvent calendar,  is much more golden and Diamine Roasted Chestnut has a more orange-y tint. J. Herbin Café des Íles is probably closest in tone though more saturated.

Callifolio Sepia

When lined up, from top to bottom —  Callifolio Sepia, J. Herbin Café des Íles,  and then Diamine Roasted Chestnut and Gingerbread — the difference in hue is clear to see.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, warm brown ink, Callifolio is an often overlloked option. This particular shade is a little lighter than I anticipated but might be suitable for you. Regardless, Callifolio is a great brand of ink and one of my favorites though it’s not mentioned often.


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