12 Days of Inkmas: Krishna S Series Paakezah (Day 12)

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Today is our final day of Inkmas! Thanks for following our crew as we have shared a fun bunch of inks.

On day 12, I’m presenting a fun new ink that is beginning to show up at various retailers – Krishna Paakezah. This ink is a bright blue with slightly turquoise undertones and medium-high sheen. The sheen shows up more in the writing than it does in large swatches which surprised me. Usually I find the opposite.

The accompanying ink well is what sets Paakezah apart from other inks. This package has the ink well inside a can surrounded by foam (it was tough getting it out – I recommend removing the foam with the ink well first, then separating the two) and the ink is packaged separately – this is to ensure that if there is accidental breakage, the ink won’t make that a disaster. An eyedropper is included to help get the ink into the ink well. I will be reviewing the ink well separately later on.

I’ve compared Krishna Paakezah to some highly sheening inks so you can see that, while the sheen is definitely present, it isn’t overwhelming the main ink color. The base color is close to Robert Oster Blue Sea.

I did notice how close Paakezah was to Parker Penman Sapphire. No one would mistake one for the other, but both are a beautiful jewel tone blue.

I am thrilled to report that Paakezah showed no signs of smearing that are usually present in sheening inks. I did allow the ink to dry for 10 hours before I tried to smear it in this case, however. In tests where I let the ink dry only 1 minute, I could get it to smear slightly on Tomoe River paper, noticeably on Cosmo Air Light paper and not at all on Bank Paper. (For the smear test, I rubbed the ink as hard as I could with my finger for about 10 seconds)

Sheen on Tomoe River Paper:

Smearing on Tomoe River Paper

Sheen and (no) smearing on Bank paper:

Sheen on Cosmo Air Light paper:

Smearing on Cosmo Air Light paper:



DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were purchased with my own funds. Please see the About page for more details.

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