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We are all anxiously awaiting our holiday package deliveries but, to quote Douglas Adams:


If your shipper sent a tracking number, you have as much information about the status and location of your package as the sender. If you don’t think you got a tracking number, remember to check your spam folder in case it got shuffled off to the email DMZ. Then, contact the sender and ask them to send (or re-send) your tracking information.

As a seller, I have customers who have been waiting 10+ days to receive their package and, as a recipient, I have waited 18+ days for a package. You are not alone and, by now, most of the world will understand if their gift is late. Just take a screen grab of the item, print it out and tuck it in an envelope. If you want to really play it up, put the photo in an appropriately sized box and wrap it and stick it under the tree.

There’s a link below with more detailed information from the USPS and an article from the Washington Post about some of the reasons they see that has caused the delays and bottlenecks. I hope you have a panic-free holiday.



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  1. I’m planning to place an order from your shop, but since I’m buying for myself and not for Christmas I decided to hold off until after the holiday rush subsides. I don’t want to stress out either you or the USPS!

    And this post seems as good a place as any to say how much I appreciate your consistently excellent posts and reviews. I’m looking forward to another year of wonderful reading in 2021.

    1. Thanks so much for reading the blog and I am sure the postal service appreciates a small respite from the barrage of parcels.

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