Link Love: Never Enough Stationery

This week’s title is inspired by the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine and their newest volume, No. 48, which is all about  stationery and paper goods and the lovely design on the back cover which expounds “Never Enough Stationery” in a lovely lettering design. If you’ve never purchased anything from Uppercase or subscribed, Janine is offering a special end-of-year deal. Use the coupon code brightspot for $15 off subscriptions, gift subs and renewals until the end of 2020. I am not being paid to say this. I am just a fan.

This week, we have a plethora of pink inks, more year end wrap-ups and people planning for 2021. Stationery nerds are nothing if not optimistic about the future with our pile of analog tools and empty notebooks, ready to be filled. To a brighter, healthier, happier future!




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