Link Love: Planner Optimism and End-of Year Wrap Ups

Link Love

The end of the calendar year is a busy time for the stationery community. We are inundated with last-minute product releases (which is probably true for most retail businesses) plus the final selections of planners for the coming new year. Add in the requisite end-of-year wrap ups, best of’s and top ten lists and there is a flurry of activity.

This week’s Link Love shows the start of the end, so to speak. There are top ten lists for books as well as inks. There were lots of wonderful animal posts so they got their own category this week. And finally, there is a wonderful Tiny Desk Concert by Dua Lipa that might brighten your afternoon. Even if you are not familiar with her music, it’s joyful and she is kind to her bandmates. It put a smile on my face.




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