Link Love: Say Hello to Dave

This morning, this delightful calendar popped up in my email.Dave 2021 Calendar

Dave is the shop cat at my “local pen shop” Wonder Fair. Dave is Ollie’s doppelgänger so if you were hoping for an Ollie Calendar this year, this is as close as it gets. That image in the bottom center? Ollie sleeps just like that, paws curled in. Every time I see the images I do a double take because the similarity is strong. Ollie has more of a white beard but otherwise… twinkies.

If you’re fascinated by doppelgängers, there’s a link in “other interesting things” about human doppelgängers called “Identical Strangers”.

Keeping this week’s Link Love a little freeform, here’s a cool video:

As if we all needed any of reason to want a new Aurora pen, this lovely “How it’s made” video from Appelboom was recorded from inside the Aurora factory from design to packaging.




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  1. Just like my Ginger was, my lovely cat. Except Ginger had a freckle on his nose and a white tip to his tail. Still missed so very much!! xx

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