Giveaway Winner: Lamy AL-Star Vibrant Pink

Just in case you think we don’t read the comments, we do! I wish I had multiple pens so I could send many of you something special this week.

First there are the poets in the house who get honorable mentions: Adam and Steve.

Then there’s Kit who says she’s spending this year writing letters to older folks who are stuck at home during the pandemic. I’m terribly sorry for the recent loss of your mother-in-law, and I think the idea of writing notes to her care givers is so thoughtful. They are working under such difficult circumstances, and I’m sure your note would be well-received.

Many of you said that you would give the pen as a gift to your dearest ones, either to introduce them to the hobby or to give them something they’d love to write with.

Really I wish I could send everyone a pen, but sadly I have only one Vibrant Pink Lamy AL-Star from Appelboom for this giveaway. So without further ado, the random comment picker has picked:

Congratulations Louie and I wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Thank you for the honorable mention. I wasn’t expecting it, especially since I was stealing Steve’s idea. 😛

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