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Every week, I think I won’t have anything to write for the introduction of Link Love and then something will pop into my links, my life or my head at the last minute and I feel compelled to type a paragraph or two to share with you.

This week the link on Baum-Kuchen’s blog about education could not have been more perfectly timed. Next week, I begin my second semester as a college instructor, all while teaching remotely via Zoom. Even though I have yet to teach a college course in-person, I have previously worked with interns, new hires and fellow designers in-person. This has allowed me to look at their work — be it analog or digital — as they are working and provide input as needed. Teaching remotely, especially for art and design, is especially challenging both for the instructors and for the students. Reading Frido’s post about how he has changed and adjusted his teaching methods for remote teaching is invaluable to me.

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(Link Love artwork created in Adobe Illustrator by calligrapher and lettering artist, Chris Purcell)

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