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As I settle in to my new teaching schedule (5 hours a day, two days a week– all on ZOOM!) blended with freelance design work, blogging, and shop upkeep (shipping, inventory, new designs, etc), I find that it’s easy to get distracted by the new shiny releases that have been trickling into view from the pen community. The first big announcement was the early reveal of the Lamy Safari Limited Edition colors for 2021: Savannah Green and Terra Red. These are both reinterpretations of the original Safari pens released in 1980.

Savannah Green and Terra Red

Original 80s Lamy Safari
Original 80s Lamy Safari

But some astute person on Facebook made a unique observation. I can’t find which of the many pen community boards it was posted on but the gist was… do the 2021 Lamy Safari pens remind you of anything?

Vintage Tupperware
Photo from Etsy listing

Yeah, me too.

New Pilot ParallelNext, is the release of new Pilot Parallel Pens in 3.0mm and 4.5mm widths ($10 each). These new sizes feature new body color (white which looks like it may be updating the whole line) and cap colors (pink and teal) as well. If you are a fan of Pilot Parallel pens, I feel certain these new additions will get added to your collection too.

More pen news next week.

Onward, to the links this week!

I included the “9 Best Fountain Pens” from My Modern Met just to rile you all up. Feel free to rage at the ineptitude of the recommendations. I certainly did.

After you cool down, there are lots of paper reviews this week from people who actually know a thing or two about what they are talking about as well as gobs of new ink reviews. There’s some joy to be found in “Other Interesting Things” like floral Lego collections, a Maya Angelou Barbie, Sisters with Transistors and Lava Lamp internet security. Then, you can roll your eyes at the sheer volume of mail that the USPS had to process in 2020. What a mess! (I do not blame postal employees. Upper management had to have seen this barrage coming and didn’t plan accordingly.)

Okay, onward. Enjoy!




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  1. Hey Ana,

    Thank you kindly for including my link in your weekly link-love!! It means a lot to me that you would include me and I appreciate it. I love your reviews and writing style!


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