Eye Candy: Papier Plume Desire (New Orleans Collection Fountain Pen Ink)

This week, Papier Plume released a new ink in their “New Orleans Collection” fountain pen ink line: Desire ($10 for 30ml bottle). Inspired by the legendary Tennessee Williams play “A Streetcar Named Desire” and the passion and desire of the characters, this ink captures their interpretation of a New Orleans Desire.

Papier Plume Desire

The ink is a red violet which reminds me of a wine or delectable fruit jam. It’s the color of velveteen curtains or a satin gown.

Papier Plume Desire

There is lots of shading and a range of hues in the shading from lavender to deep purple.

Papier Plume Desire

This ink is not a sheener but the shading is delicious.

Papier Plume Desire


Papier Plume Desire

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