Pen Review: Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen (0.5 mm Olive Body)

Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen in Olive

Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen in Olive

I’ve been binging on the TV series Endeavour on Amazon Prime the last few weeks and I immediately noticed that Inspector Morse continually uses a Parker Jotter to make notes in his not-entirely-period-accurate pocket Moleskine. Regardless of the slight period inaccuracies, I was getting itchy to use a classic Parker-style Jotter. Along comes the Ohto Rays Flash Gel Pen in period appropriate avocado green with a 0.5mm gel refill. For the extremely reasonable price of $3.90.

To get a taste of the vibe of 1960s Oxford, check out the set decorator Anita Gupta’s photos of the sets. See the appeal?

Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen in Olive

The Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen features a metal knock, clip and  end section and a plastic body.

Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen in Olive

The ink delivers on its promise to be quick drying, even on slick, smooth Rhodia paper (A4 blank pad, $13.75) and creates fine lines that work with my tiny handwriting.

Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen in Olive

Compared with an actual Parker Jotter, the Ohto Rays is a bit longer in its overall design. The tip of the pen is strengthened with a metal cap.

Ohto Rays Flash Dry Gel Pen in Olive

Inside, you’ll see that the Ohto Flash Dry refill is a standard Parker-style refill. So, if you already have a Parker Jotter or another knock pen that uses a standard Parker-style refill, you could always just invest in this sweet gel refill ($1.90).

Either option is a no-brainer. No matter how much we love fountain pens around here, sometimes you need a ballpoint or gel pen and this is a great option.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning Endeavour’s period-inappropriate notebook. I tweeted about that during the (disappointing) most recent season, but the responses I got were from Endeavour heads and not stationery obsessives! I feel seen.

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