SPONSORED Fountain Pen Review: Ensso Italia

Ensso Italia Fountain Pen

Ensso Italia Fountain Pen

The Ensso Italia Fountain Pen ($129 for stainless steel and $189 for Titanium Nib) is titanium fountain pen limited to just 200 units. The titanium design with greek key cap band is a blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

Ensso Italia Fountain Pen

The pen features a #6 stainless steel Bock nib and a Schmidt ink converter. Of course, the Italia will also accept a standard international ink cartridge. The titanium makes the pen a bit weightier than a resin pen.

Ensso Italia Fountain Pen


  • Capped & filled: 44.8 gms
  • Uncapped: 29.2 gms

Pen Weights

Overall length: 139.5 mm / 5.49″
Uncapped length (with nib): 125.5 mm / 4.94″

Ensso Italia Fountain Pen comparison

When compared to other pens, from left to right: Wing Sung S (similar to TWSBI 580), Opus 88 Koloro, Karas Pen Co. Fountain K, Ensso Italia, Aurora Optima, and Sailor Pro Gear Slim.

The Italia is close in size to the Opus 88 Koloro. It’s a large pen but not gigantic. The Italia is about twice the weight though. The ends of the Italia are pointier too.

Ensso Italia Fountain Pen comparison

The same pens as shown above, uncapped and posted.

The Italia Fountain Pen is a good, pen with a reliable nib and reasonably priced. If metal pens are your catnip, this one might be for you. But hurry, there aren’t many left.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Ensso for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I bought a matte black Italia on Kickstarter and was disappointed by the machining – the threads joining cap and barrel were really rough and difficult to align. (There’s a word for that, similar to “scraping,” but I forget.) I kept it, thinking I’d try some silicone gel on the threads. I gather from other reviews of this model that this problem has been resolved. It is an elegant design, with the Greek Key band and generous nib.

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