GIVEAWAY: Shibui Leather Stationery Cases

In case you missed it, last week Ana reviewed some Leather Stationary Cases from Shibui. This week we’re excited to offer two of those cases for giveaway!

We have one of each of the following, and each will go to one lucky winner:

3-Pen Case XL (₱2,350, approx. $48.50USD)

The Shibui 3-Pen XL case is designed to hold longer and/or larger pens, the ones that many standard 3-pen cases can’t accomodate. Featuring a Pull-Tag detail, snug leather loops and an interior pocket.

Shibui 3-Pen Case XL

Life Organizer A5 (₱3,995, approx. $82.60USD)

An A5 case with a sturdy plastic zipper and pull tab. Room for a notebook, interior pockets (large enough to hold a standard credit card!), pen loop, and smaller zippered compartments.

THE DETAILS: Two lucky winners will be selected from the comments on this post to win their choice of either the 3-Pen XL or the A5 Life Organizer.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell us which case you’d prefer to win and what you would put in your new case! Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

If you have never entered a giveaway or commented on the site before, your comment must be manually approved by our highly-trained staff of monkeys before it will appear on the site. Our monkeys are underpaid and under-caffeinated so don’t stress if your comment does not appear right away. Give the monkeys some time.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by midnight CST on Friday, April 30, 2021. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Saturday. Winners will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 7 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge for the purposes of this giveaway. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. The three pen case… Inside would be my Estie with the jourrnaler nib, my little purple Schon and my Hello Kitty Kaweco, with a little TR notebook.

  2. I really love the 3-pen case XL. I will use it to store my Ranga 4C, Lamy 2000 and Monteverde Ritma fountain pens.

  3. I would prefer the Life Organizer A5. Inside would go a Clairefontaine A5 notebook, a Pilot Prera pen, some benedryal, and my Starbucks card. That way I would be all prepared for meetings and taking the notes that keep my mind from wandering.

    1. The Life Organizer – I hate carrying a purse and with this one I can throw in whatever pen strikes my fancy that day, any notebook I like, some index cards, my ID and credit card and GO!

  4. Prefer the 3xl case. Would be able to store my Birmingham pens in it without issue. I would probably use them more too!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  5. I would love to win the Life Organizer (I could definitely use a bit more organization in my life!) — I’d put my BuJo in there, pen and tuck some stickers & washi in the pocket.

  6. My choice would be the Life Organizer A5. I like the color and the pens I have aren’t real expensive if the zipper head scratched or dented one. But that would just add character to my pen with a story to tell too which would lead to writing a short story with my platinum preppy. My Black, Blue Black, and Green Preppy Fountain Pens would be happy in this green case. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  7. I would definitely use the Life Organizer A5, put the StudioNeat Tote Book into it, and have my great grandfathers Parker Pencil and WA Sheaffer fountain pen (filled with Noodlers 54th Massachusetts) sharing the loop. It would be cool to unite past with future, as both of the writing instruments are nearing 100 years old and still work fantastically.

  8. I’d prefer the A5 as I don’t normally use large pens. I’d keep one pen in it, with a sketch pad, and maybe a bit of willow charcoal in a plastic bag in the pocket.

  9. I’d love the life organizer A5, I’d store my Stalogy A5 there, which I use as a journal, and my Clear EF Pilot Kakuno, which I love to journal with!!!

  10. Having small hands, I would go for the A5 size.

    First of all, it’s a standard size, and I love that. I would bring my Kaweco Sport Brass, a Fabriano dotted Ecoqua Notebook, 4 Preppy with different ink colors, a graphite pencil with an eraser, and a ruler.
    In the credit card compartments, I would store a Victorinox Swiss Card Classic, in the zippered compartment a couple (or more) SD cards.

  11. The Life organizer looks amazing, the color and the layout would be great for travel and for meetings.

  12. Ah yes, the A5 case would be something I like to try. Currently I’m schlepping around a lot of components for analog life but I would love to try this. May be as a combined pen/notebook/phone case.

  13. The Life Organizer would be my new best friend. I would try to house my Nolty Listy in it although the Nolty is an A5 slim.

  14. Both are intriguing but I think I would get more use out of the Life Organizer. I’ve been meaning to put together a little travel kit for when we can travel again and I think the Life Organizer would work well for that.

  15. I have been considering the 3-Pen XL in the past for my really big pens. I would put my two Opus 88 Demonstrators and my Noodler’s Boston Safety pen because they don’t really fit well in my standard cases. One is too fat and the other is too long!

  16. Although I prefer the darker color of the A5 I think I’d use the 3 pen case more. I would probably put in a TWISBI ECO, PILOT VP, & Waterman Carene or whichever 3 I’m using using most .

  17. I would prefer the 3 pen case XL as I have several larger pens. I don’t currently have a pen case this size so it would be very useful. I would put an Esterbrook, an Edison, a TWSBI plus a small notebook and a paper bill in it.

  18. I’d like the Life Organizer A5 for notes and the daily agenda. It’s a good size for a small FP and field notes.

  19. The three pen organizer for sure. I can see my Sailor 1911 Compass, TWSBI, and Montblanc in there already. And smell the leather.

  20. I’d fill the A5 Life Organizer with … my life! Specifically?
    * Current Seven Seas Crossfield, 480pg
    * 2nd A5 Grid Journal, 64pg (if it fits)
    * Muryo tracking sheets
    * Pilot 2020 Limited Edition Vanishing Point
    * Various templates, memories, etc

  21. I would love the Life Organizer as I’m finally planning on leaving the house for the first time in over a year to attend a summer music event. I’d be putting the music event schedule, my personal daily schedule on index cards (I know, old school), room key, and a few cards in it to carry around the event. I think it would fit nicely in my sheet music bag! 🙂

  22. The 3 pen XL for sure. I like my pens on the larger side and it’s tough to find a safe case to put them in when I travel.

  23. Either would be fine. I would carry a small notebook to write ideas for my TTRPG that I run for several friends, and however many pens to go with it, usually a pigma micron .25 for quick notes, and one or two of my in rotation fountain pens.

  24. The Life Organizer would be nice to put my A5 Midori MD notebook in along with some business cards and my ever changing pen of the day.

  25. The pen case looks very useful – I think I would gift it to my husband to store his grandfather’s FP along with a couple more expensive pens that he doesn’t use very often.

  26. I would pick the 3-Pen Case XL. Inside I would put my Waterman Carene (using right now), a mechanical pencil and a vintage Esterbrook, plus a notebook if I have one that fits in that other side.

  27. I would like to win the A5 Life Organizer. I could keep my list book and my checkbook all in one place.

  28. The A5 organizer looks yummy–t’would hold some Tomoe River paper notebook and my new Sailor Blue Green Nebula–I think that would be a nice match. Happy reading to the monkeys–maybe stop for some caffiene with that bananna!

  29. Definitely the A5 Life Organizer because … well, the title kind of explains it. I have to spend a lot of time in waiting rooms and could really use something to pull the pens, paper and little things together.

  30. The Life Organizer would hold space for the Pilot Falcon I dream to replace, along with a mixed media visioning notebook! Ahhhhh!

  31. A5 Life Organizer! I need to be more organized. After a year of overwhelming life changes, I really need to have a way to carry my notes to my appointments, and a way to keep it all together. No more losing slips of paper or cards under the car seat, in the car door, or the ones that slide into the center console. I would really love something like this.

  32. The A5 Life Organizer would be most helpful now as organization is something that is truly needed after receiving a cancer diagnosis. From organizing all the appointments that one has now to a place to gather one’s scatter thoughts completely endless.
    Thank you for your generosity in having such wonderful giveaway.

  33. Hm… tough one. On balance, I think I’d prefer the notebook cover to keep my Rhodia notebook and a suitable pen ready to “pick up and go”. Probably one of my thinner metal pens – Parker 25 or even Jinhao 35 to avoid the “bulk” problem i read about in the review. The colour looks really rich in the photos too.

  34. I don’t have a preference as to which one I would prefer, I just would like to try something by a new brand. Thank you for having the giveaway.

  35. I would pick the A5 Life Organizer. I would use it to carry my journal and the pen du jour. It would be perfect for keeping all of the stuff I stick in my journal from falling out when I carry it around.

  36. I’d love the A5 Life Organizer and I’d put…my life in it! With a TWSBI Diamond pen with some ink to match the deep green (turquoise?) leather and a homemade pocket notebook I’d bet set 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I’d like to win the 3-Pen Case XL. I could carry my three favorite pens….a Karas Decograph and two Jason Neil Penworks pens.

  38. I love the Life Organizer (boy, does my life need it), but I would happily take either of these. Thank you for the opportunity.

  39. The A5 Life Organizer would be perfect for a sketchbook, fountain pen, meeting notes, and business cards… everything to keep life organized 🙂

  40. My preference would be the Life Organizer, which would be a good place to kept my notes from the books I am reading. I think, though, winning such a planner would warrant purchasing another pen to specifically join that planner.

  41. I love both of them, and I can never have enough cases and covers, however I would likely get more use out of the 3 pen case.

  42. While they both look amazing, I would prefer the Life Organizer. I’ve been wanting to start a knitting project journal and this would be perfect for holding everything I would need. Plus, it’s green!

  43. It’s a tough choice, they’re both beautiful! I think I’d choose the 3 pen case XL though and fill it with the TWSBIs I have filled for sketching (2) and one for taking notes.

  44. I’d go for the A5 organizer as that’s my favorite size. It would be perfect for my gratitude journal. I like to keep a few stickers sheets, washi, and a couple of fountain pens with it.

  45. I love the Life Organizer A5! I would put my favorite journal and my favorite pen and carry it with me as 1 of my EDC’s!!

  46. The Life Organizer is so cool!! It would definitely become my daily go-to all-purpose notebook and carry-all!

  47. I would probably say the three pen holder because all my pens find their way to the bottom of my purse & I’m always searching for them. I’d switch out my pens every week, so it’s hard to say which ones will go first.

  48. Beautiful cases!
    I would definitely have to go for the 3 pen version as I DESPARATELY need something safe and secure to carry my Nakaya Piccolo Cigar, Caran d’Ache Ecridor Retro and Pelikan 250 fountain pens as they are currently held in somewhat flimsy fabric holders at the moment as I have not found anything that is deserving of such fine pens… and I love the look of the sliding leather strip to “clamp” the pens in place regardless of the size of them 🙂

  49. I think I’d prefer the three pen case. As for what to carry I’d say the Pelikan m450 Honey Tortoise, the Pelikan m405 Silver and White and the trusty Lamy 2000. Though the A5 does look nice I already have a A5 case. Love your site by the by and the fact that you love Gaimon is pretty awesome too (though I would have talked Sandman not novels, but that’s a trifling point).

  50. I’d love the Life Organizer. It would be my carryall for work to house my work planner, FP of the week, business cards and whatever I need for meetings. Thank you for this giveaway.

  51. The Life Planner A5 – I’m working on a new position at work at that would look sweet holding my planner on my new desk in my new office

  52. As we get back to functioning outside of the home, this would be a wonderful addition to the work wardrobe. Thanks for your generosity!

  53. I think I would prefer the A5 case. Now that going out to a coffee shop to read and write my thoughts in my favorite journal is possible, that is what I would use it for. As always, thanks for doing the giveaway.

  54. Ooooo, I’d LOVE the A5 “Life Organizer.” It’s my fave color!! I’ve been looking for one like that to carry my Leuchtturm Bullet Journal. With this, I’d probably carry my Lamy Vista with it. <3

  55. I’d love to win the three-pen case. I’d put my Vanishing Point, My Leonardo Momento Zero, and my TWSBI 580 Prussian Blue in it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Oh Gosh! Gawjuss. Lovely cases. Have to be the A5 life organiser for me. My Esties would look lovely in it.I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  57. the three-pen case would be awesome! it has just enough space for my karas kustoms ink, black levenger l-tech 3.0, and my tactile turn gist.

  58. I would love to take home the three-pen case. Right now there are a few pens I take back and forth between work and home, and I carry them in a Kaweco tin, but I still worry about dropping it and sending them flying.

  59. Inspired by the exhibition of David Hockney drawings at the Morgan Library in NYC, I recently revived my old practice of plein air sketching with a rapidograph pen. Hockney is a master, but art belongs to everyone – even me. I step out with one pen, one Mnemosyne notebook, a credit card, a bit of cash, keys in my pocket. The Life Organizer A5 would be a perfect fit.

  60. I would go for the pen case. I have several Lamy Safaris that I could rotate in and out for easy carry.

  61. I’d love to win the A5 case! I’d put my Muji A5 high quality paper notebook in it, post it notes, and my fountain pen of the week: TWSBI eco, Lamy vista, Faber Castell ambition, or Sailor mini! A perfect item to carry everything I need for a work meeting, once we’re back in the office. Thanks for the great review and for your wonderful blog!

  62. I would like the 3 pen case! I would probably include my pilot decimo, the big i design click pen, and a sailor pro gear

  63. Both look beautiful! Having to choose only one, my choice would be the “Life Organizer A5.” While we live in a digital world, we all need a portable tool for the physical things we need to have at all times.

    We all need something to write with and something to write on. We all need a place to hold our driver’s license and a couple of credit cards.

    We shouldn’t have to choose between beauty and functionality. The Life Organizer A5 offers both. It’s something I would have with me all the time.

  64. The Life Organizer A5 would be perfect for my new-found love of fountain pens! I would keep a travel journal and my favorite pen inside to take on my (not yet, but soon) adventures.

  65. I’d put my Opus 88, Diplomat Aero, and my Pilot Heritage 92 in in the 3-Pen so I could move them around with my Leuchtturm journal.

  66. I would like the 3 pen case and would load it up with my Pilot 74, 92, and Falcon, the three pens I take with me everywhere.

  67. The Life Organizer A5 Would be great for my love of pens and paper.
    You all need a pen and paper. In the picture of the 3 pen case
    what kind of pens are those?

  68. I would want the 3 pen case and I’d put my TWSBI Vac700r Iris, Ensso Italia, and Kaweco Sport AL Rose Gold in it!

  69. I would use the Life Organizer A5 to organize my life! I’m a beginner just getting into the pen game, so I would store my Lamy Safari Candy Mango!

  70. I’d prefer the three pen case because I already have a very nice A5 folio. I would put different pens in it every day that I was leaving the house (I remember what it was like to leave the house) and maybe a little Write notebook on the left side for scribbling.

  71. You can never have too many pen cases! … so please Sign me up for the 3 pen case! .. and thanks!

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